Best Kettlebell Reviews

Top Kettlebells in 2017


As a kettlebell enthusiast, I have searched for the best kettlebell reviews on the net.  Although I already own about 20 kettlebells, my fascination with kettlebell training has made me want to add more pieces to my kettlebell collection. I simply enjoy the kind of combination training I get for strength, cardiovascular and flexibility through kettlebell routines. Kettlebell exercises build endurance in the shoulders, legs and the lower back while increasing one’s grip strength. After interviewing fellow kettlebell professionals, I have finally found the five top brands of kettlebell in the market.


Stamina Versa-Bell 36-Pound Adjustable


Best Kettlebell ReviewsWhat makes the Stamina Versa-Bell the best kettlebell in 2017 is its adjustable functionality. This kettlebell comes with six weight-levels that you can modify in four-pound increments. It comes with a base-and-pad holder in square shape. The patented weight adjustment system lets you adjust weights from a range of 16 pounds to 36 pounds. The rounded base of the Stamina Versa-Bell is sturdy, so you can use the kettle bell in doing push-ups. The handle grip is of cast-iron material. You can use this kettlebell for two-handed and single-handed hold when you do your exercises.

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Cap Barbell


The CAP Barbell kettlebell deserves a slot in top rated kettlebell reviews thanks to its clean black enamel finish and solid cast iron material. This kettlebell is especially useful when you want to tone your core muscles and develop endurance in your lower back. You can use the CAP Barbell kettle bell for a wide range of strength-building and cardiovascular routines to get optimum physical results. This kettle bell is made durable and sturdy for years of use. For extra durability, the handles are reinforced with steel.

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GoFit Contoured Single Vinyl Coated


The GoFit kettlebell has a contoured shape that allows you to comfortably rest it on the forearms before you lift it high up.  That unique characteristic has enabled the GoFit Contoured Kettlebell to get noticed in the best kettlebell reviews. Doing presses and cleans becomes more comfortable because of the contoured design. This unique shape also gives you an easier grip even when your hands are sweaty.  Because it is vinyl-coated, the kettlebell won’t create heavy damage to the smooth surface or wood flooring of the area where you do kettlebell exercises.

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Xmark Fitness Premium Vinyl Coated


To maximize a full body workout complete with intense cardiovascular training, have the Xmark Fitness Premium Vinyl Coated Kettlebell in your fitness repertoire. Coated in top quality vinyl, the Xmark kettlebell helps you do your kettlebell lifting exercises without damaging the floor or producing a heavy noise when you lay it down. You can easily burn fat and lose weight, as this kettlebell has enough heft to help you burn nearly 300 calories in just 20 minutes of kettlebell exercise. With the Xmark kettlebell, you can curl, lift and swing your way to a well-sculpted body.

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Reebok Kettlebells


The Reebok Kettlebells integrate weight imbalance into their construction, which lets you increase your own balance and flexibility. The handle is thick and smooth, made for an easier and better grip. This handle also lets you engage multiple muscles simultaneously. In our opinion, the Reebok Kettlebell is the best kettlebell in 2017 owing to its perfectly flat base that allows it to sit securely on the floor. This kettlebell’s shell is given a thick vinyl coating so your floor is protected from the impact of this exercise and fitness tool.

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