Best keyboard piano reviews


Top keyboard pianos in 2018


A growing number of people love hearing music from keyboard pianos, especially if played by skilled hands. This is a pretty unique musical instrument, gathering new practitioners with each passing month. There are many types of keyboard pianos available on the market, some better than others. Discovering the right one requires time and access to professional guides. We started testing 30 of the most popular pianos available for purchase in 2018. After one week of tests on sound clarity, design, musical modes and sound systems on each model, we managed to attentively draft the best keyboard piano reviews.


Yamaha YPG-235 76-Key Portable Grand Piano


Best keyboard piano reviewsWhen it comes to high quality keyboard pianos, people can always trust Yamaha products. As a result, we recommend the YPG-235 Grand Piano from Yamaha, a musical instrument which creates beautiful notes. It includes 76 piano style keys and unique graded soft touch! This elegant grand piano uses advanced Master EQ technology in order to easily manage different songs. The package contains a pair of headphones, AC adapter and keyboard stand. It is good to know that the portable piano includes 30 built-in songs and also 70 more on the included CD-ROM for an enhanced learning experience.

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Casio CTK-2300 61-Key Premium Portable Keyboard


The current best keyboard piano reviews underline the smooth efficiency of the CTK-2300 from Casio. This special keyboard piano offers 61 piano-style keys and access to over 150 rhythms. In addition to the user friendly design, the keyboard comes with 110 built-in songs which can expand the overall musical creation process. The user will also use unique Nady HP03 closed back studio headphones that allow better control over the song. This portable keyboard includes aAD5 power supply and also a sturdy World Tour SXKS keyboard stand. Musicians will have all that they need to create beautiful songs worth sharing with friends and family members!

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Huntington KB61 61-Key Portable Electronic Keyboard


One of the best keyboard piano in 2018 comes from Huntington, the KB61 portable electronic keyboard. This unique musical instrument is very easy to play and offers amazing tone quality! It includes a wide range of functions and special features that recommend it as great instrument for beginners and intermediate musicians. This piano has 61 soft touch keys with music features like 16 volume levels, 100 voices and 100 rhythms! Furthermore, it is perfect for teaching due to the 8 stereo demo songs, A and B guides and special 32 tempo settings. With this keyboard piano, musicians will be able to reach their full potential!

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DirectlyCheap 61 Keys Silver Keyboard


For thousands of keyboard players control over the entire musical process is mandatory for smooth results. This is why so many beginner and intermediate players use the DirectlyCheap 61 Keys Silver keyboard these days. What makes this particular model so special? Regarded as the best keyboard piano in 2018, this model comes with 8 rhythm chord volume levels, 100 rhythms and 100 voices. It can also be used as a teaching piano keyboard due to the 8 panel drum presets, 8 stereo demo songs and 32 tempo settings. The model also has a LED display for proper control over musical creative process!

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Spectrum AIL 438 Black and Silver


With a top rated keyboard piano in 2018 musicians will be able to create beautiful songs without any restrictions whatsoever. For a meaningful musical experience, we recommend the AIL 438 electric keyboard from Spectrum. This stylish musical instrument features 54 notes and unique features like: 10 tones, 10 rhythms, 6 percussions and 8 demo songs. Furthermore it comes equipped with tone controls, volume and special record and play features that enhance the overall musical experience. It also features a couple of accessories lie sing-a-long microphone, E-Media introductory keyboard lessons and a beautiful music holder. The keyboard features all that a person would need to create music!

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