Best knife sharpeners under $50


Top rated cheap knife sharpeners


Every kitchen has one or two knives which need to be sharpened from time to time in order to enhance their functionality. Improving the quality of the knives prevents you from buying new ones and thus saving significant money. Fortunately, the market is filled with professional and high quality knife sharpeners which can improve the functionality of the kitchen or other blades within a short period of time. How can you find an efficient knife sharpener? Well, it is important to consult some of the current best knife sharpeners reviews in order to find the most model, suited to your daily sharpening needs.


Presto 08800 knife sharpener


Best knife sharpeners under $50It is very important to have in your kitchen a professional and advanced knife sharpener which can enhance the quality of your knives. You can use one of the best knife sharpeners under $50, 08800 from Presto, a two-stage sharpening system which safely and precisely sharpens most of the present non-serrated blade in order to obtain positive results. Use with confidence this knife sharpener, comes with guides position in order to deliver the right sharpening angle. This model uses Sapphirite sharpening wheels which represents the same ultra-hard material like in the current professional shops. Quality sharpening is at your disposition!

“I absolutely hate a knife that goes blunt and is not sharp enough to cut what I want, so this is why buying the Presto 08800 knife sharpener was a good idea from my point of view. The price I have paid for it was really cheap as well, so I saw no reason why not to get it.” – Dan Porter

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Smith Abrasives Edgeware knife sharpener


In order to ensure that the quality of the knives you own is enhanced not diminished, you need a professional knife sharpener. Today, housewives and handymen use with confidence Edgeware knife sharpener from Smith Abrasives. Considered one of the best knife sharpeners under $10, the model is portable, easy to use and can be placed on the countertop or table with no problems whatsoever. This powerful knife sharpener is equipped with carbide blades and also crossed ceramic rods that offer a wide range of pre-set sharpening angles. In addition, it is completed by non-slip rubber feet and a precise edge honing.

“I got this knife sharpener because it was simple to use and effective, plus it was cheap as well. My knives are all nice and sharp now which really pleases me and I don’t have to go through using a knife that doesn’t cut properly.” – Rachel Gray

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Lansky PS-MED01 knife sharpener


When it comes to knife sharpeners the sheer number of models makes it difficult to find the most efficient one, suited to handle your home blades. Today, one of the best knife sharpeners under $15, is PS-MED01 from Lansky, a model which is lightweight and durable. It is made out of Tungsten Carbide which means that only 3 or 4 strokes on it will restore the health of your knife. In addition, the knife sharpener has ceramic sharpening rods for extra precision in sharpening the blades. The model was specially designed to deal with the smallest of serration actions.

“I just saw this knife sharpener in a supermarket and I thought why not have it, the whole thing was cheap and it seamed a very useful thing to have around the kitchen. It the time I have had it, this sharpener has proven just that and I am really glad I came across it.” – Jessica Peterson

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Smith’s CCKS knife sharpener


Some people want to sharpen their knives with a small device, easy to carry around and use at any time. Upon reviewing the latest knife sharpener reviews, we came to the conclusion that Smith’s CCKS delivers the best results, being able to handle any type of blade. It has crossed carbide blades that maintain a precise edging setting while the crossed ceramic rod delivers a sharping edge. You should know that the sharpening knife comes with various preset sharpening angles which permit you to polish with greater ease any knife. Use it with confidence and increase the lifespan of your knives.

“The Smith`s CCKS knife sharpener is really easy to use and does a very fine job of sharpening all my knives in the best way possible, so I don’t have any problems when I cut my food. A simple and useful device which any kitchen should have in my opinion.” – Alice Green

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Zwilling J.A Henckels Twin knife sharpener


If you want a pro efficient knife sharpener suited for all types of knives that you might have around the house then you should consider investing in Zwilling J.A Henckels Twin duo model. Regarded by many people as one of the best knife sharpeners under $50, this particular model can accommodate with ease the particularities of any blades. The device contains 2 modules, one that delivers coarse sharpening and the other one for fine sharpening. It also comes with a rubber feet that diminishes skidding on the counter top, any time you use the device. If you you’re a lefty or right handed it doesn’t matter at all.

“The knives in my home have never been sharper than after I bought the Zwilling J.A. Henckels knife sharpener. I really recommend getting it because it is so cheap and also so effective. Everything about its design works to make my knives sharp again.” – Thomas Rey

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