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Everyone needs a personal computer that can reunite the latest developments in media entertainment and thus create the proper context for smiles and joy, irrespective of the location. This is why millions of people are now searching for a high quality laptop that can be used anytime anywhere. Fortunately the market is packed with laptops of all sizes and with various features, which can capture your interest. Which is the best laptop in the present? Well, in order to answer this question you’d have to read some of the current best laptops reviews which can point you in the right direction.


Samsung XE303C12 laptop


Best laptops under $500Designed to handle anyone’s technical requirements and daily needs, Samsung XE303C12 Chromebook is a stunning laptop that would make you happy to have it. This model weighs only 2.4 pounds, runs for around 6.5 hours and is 0.7 inches thin. It has a superb 11.6 inches display which helps you see movies, TV-shows and documentaries in high definition. Considered one of the best laptops under $300, this model is powered by Samsung Exynos 5250 Dual Core processor which allows you to handle multiple applications at the same time, without having to worry about lag. Easily connectable to the internet due to the built-in WiFi 802.11a/b/g/n, the laptop will keep you informed with the latest news.

“My quest for a reliable laptop ended when I came across this model from Samsung which has proven to be very realiable. I am especially impressed with the huge battery life which I couldn’t find in other laptops with this price range. It has also a very cheap price.” – Frank Burns

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Dell Inspiron i15RV-6190BLK laptop


Everyone knows that Dell Inspiron Series reunite efficiency, high quality and a great operating system that impresses every time it used. To this extend seeing i15RV-6190BLK model among the current best laptops under $500, is a normal example of technical performance. The laptop is powered by a powerful Intel Pentium Processor 2117U of 1.8 GHz which keeps the applications running smoothly. This model has a roomy 500 GB rpm hard drive which allows you to store with ease everything you want. On the 15.6 inch screen you will be able to see all of your favourite movies, shows or games in high definition!

“I didn’t want a laptop for which I had to pay a small fortune and for me this DEL laptop with its balanced features was enough. The 500 Gb of memory space give me a lot of opportunities and I can only recommend this laptop as a great affordable solution.” – Patrick Russel

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HP G6-2235us laptop


One of the best laptops under $500 is HP G6-2235us, a model that runs on Windows 8 and delivers a vibrant multimedia experience. Featuring the Next generation AMD A6-4400M 2.7 GHz which can reach 3.2 GHz, this laptop permits you to run multiple applications and play high demanding games without worrying about lag or technical limitations. It has a solid 750 GB with a 5400 rpm speed hard drive where you can store all of your files. The hard drive is also protected by HP ProtectSmart that keeps the files out of third parties. On the 15.6 inch diagonal HD BrightView LED display where you will see movies and games.

“This laptop from HP is really something and the thing that impressed me most about it was its huge 750 Gb memory space, which in this price range you can’t find in anyother one. The Windows 8 software which comes with it is also great.” – Andrew Hunter

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Acer C710-2487 laptop


If you want a high quality laptop in your life that also doesn’t take too much money from your pocket, then you should get to know Acer C710-2487. This laptop features an impressive 11.6” HD widescreen CineCrystal LED display which transforms every movie or game into something special to behold. The model runs on Google Chrome operating system and is powered by Intel Celeron Processor of 1.1 Ghz. In addition, with the 4 GB DDR3 memory and the 320 GB hard drive you will be able to enjoy a complete multimedia experience. It also comes with a built-in HD webcam and also 2 built-in stereo speakers.

“The Acer C710-2487 has had untill this point some excellent performances being exactly like the reviews said it will be and in one word I can describe it as being reliable. Also the very affordable price was another reason for why I chose to purchase it.” – Emma Lafferty

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Asus VivoBook X202E-DH31T laptop


If you want high quality and technical precision then you should get Asus VivoBook X202E-DH31T laptop, a model that features an 11.6” LED backlit HD touch panel. It runs on Windows 8 Home Premium and is powered by a 3rd Generation Intel Core i3-3217U processor that brings multimedia essence in the palm of your hands. On the 500 GB HDD you can store all the files you want and due to the Super Hybrid Engine II technology you won’t have to wait a long period of time for the laptop to start. In addition, the laptop comes with Asus SonicMaster technology that maintains a solid audio experience.

“Getting this Asus laptop was a great idea from my part and I got it after I had read a couple of reviews which had a very good impression about it. The 3rd generation processor from Intel makes a huge difference, even allowing me to play games.” – Ryan Stoner

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