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If you’re here just  to find the best lawn edgers and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered a lot of information about the best lawn edgers on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites and sales figures. Out of the products we have looked at, the BLACK+DECKER LE750 appears to be the best you can find right now. Powered by an 11 amp motor that allows you to get rid of even the most stubborn overgrowth, this unit will help you achieve a great clean look for your trenches, just as you like it. A nice feature worth mentioning is the pull up edge guide that lets you convert your edger into a landscape trencher. A handful in the garden, this unit comes with a blade that can be adjusted to three different depths, in order to achieve the best results with minimum effort. This way, you are in total control, and your garden will look exactly how you want it to. If the BLACK+DECKER LE750 is out of stock, you could also consider the GreenWorks 27032 as the second best option.



What to Consider When Buying a Top Lawn Edger


A nicely manicured lawn is not possible without trimming the edges, and that is why you need to purchase the best tools in order to keep your lawn looking sharp. No matter what kind of landscaping you choose, whether you have flower beds, or you go for a minimalistic approach, you will need your lawn to be well cared for. This buying guide is focused on providing you with all the information necessary for purchasing a good quality lawn edger. By reading the best reviews on the subject, we boiled down to a few important points all that is to keep in mind when shopping for this kind of tool.


Electric powered or gas powered?

The type of engine employed on your lawn edger is very important and it should be the first on your list when you are shopping for this type of gardening tool. There are basically two types of lawn edgers, electric and gas powered. Electric models are preferred by those who do not want to spend a lot of money on a lawn edger, and they are quite a good fit for small lawns. You can choose between battery powered models or lawn edgers that come with their own electrical cord that must be plugged in an outlet. The latter may be a bit inconvenient, but, for small spaces, they can do a fine job with ease. The best cordless lawn edgers are capable of trimming your lawn with perfect results, and the main advantage is that you do not have to stumble on the electric cord all the time. Great mobility recommends these lawn edgers in particular.

The other important type of lawn edger is the one running on gas. These usually work with a two cycle or four cycle engines. The higher you go, the more powerful the engine is, and the more lawn surface you will be able to cover. Lawn edgers working on gas are more powerful than electric models, so they are better suited for larger yards. In case you opt for a model with a two cycle engine, you should keep in mind to be stocked on gas and oil, while four cycle engines are more fuel efficient, although they tend to be more expensive. Don’t hesitate to look for models that sport some extra features; for instance, a model that is gas powered with throttle control offers more benefits than a model without such a feature, and it allows you better maneuverability.


Top 5 products:


ProductPower SourceCutting width (inches)PriceOur ratingSee more details:
McLane 4G-7-P
Best Lawn edgers reviews
Gas9$$$$$A+Full review
Black & Decker LE750
Corded electric7 1/2$$AFull review
GreenWorks 27032
Corded electric7 1/2$$B+Full review
Worx GT WG151
Cordless electricN/A$$$C+Full review
Earthwise ED70012
Corded electric1 1/2$$BFull review



Locomotion type

Handheld edgers are quite popular with homeowners because they allow a wide range of operations to be carried out in the backyard, but walk behind lawn edgers offer better results, because they tend to be more powerful. Handheld models are often preferred because they are portable and they do not take up a lot of space in your tool shed. For women, these units are best because they are easy to carry and to handle. Still, you should keep in mind that these are particularly a good choice for small properties. Walk behind models can either be manual or fuel powered (the two available options have been described above). Those that are fuel powered can have a three or four wheel configuration. Pick the model that works best for you and for the size of your lawn.

2.GreenWorks 27032


The cutting mechanism is very important when shopping for a lawn edger. You can go for a straightforward model that comes with a straight blade, if you are not looking for anything fancy. At the other end, you will find models available for sale that are equipped with all kinds of angle settings and positions for blades. The latter are designed for more elaborate landscaping projects. One option for the blades is the flat rectangular design with plain edges; these are ideal for leveled surfaces, such as driveways. Flat blades with scoop cut edges are a good fit for working with flower beds, so that you do not splash around debris, hurting the flowers. The last common type is represented by star shaped blades that are used for lawns bordered by sturdy walls or fences.


Now that you know more about what things to keep in mind when you are shopping for this type of gardening tool, get ready to meet the best lawn edgers, selected based on the consumer reports available.



Top Lawn Edgers in 2018


Some people are perfectionists and want their yard and drive way to be separated at all time. No blade of grass is allowed to grow over the line that separates the two. For this purpose they use a lawn edger, specialized for this task alone. If you want to invest in a state-of-the art model, then you should feast your eyes on the best lawn edgers reviews. They will give you the best examples of the most reliable machines. You lawn and drive way will look much better after you have started using one.



Black & Decker LE750


Black & Decker LE750 is fitted with some top features to ensure that your yard and drive way look in order. One option that sets it apart from its rivals is the 3 position depth blade adjustment which will allow you to have excellent control over everything you do with it, even when you are not using it in a straight line. Also its motor is pretty powerful managing to develop 2-1/4 HP, allowing the blades to easily cut any type of grass. Many consider it as one of the best lawn edgers in 2018.




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GreenWorks 27032


GreenWorks 27032 has the full backing of the best lawn edgers reviews because it comes with a complete package of features, which ensures a smooth and precise operation. You lawn’s edges will be cut with excellent precision with the help of its 12 Amp motor. It spins the 7.5 inch double edged blade to get job done in a jiffy. The wheels are backed by a spring, so you always get the best blade depth. Also, you will have a steady grip on its ergonomic handle, to always keep a straight line and to make sure it doesn’t slip out of your hand.



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Worx GT WG151


This device from Worx has the great advantage of working both as a trimmer for your garden and as a edger for your lawn. In both roles it operates with great precision, so you cut everything down to the size. The tilting shaft can be adjusted to 90 degrees and this will give you excellent trimming possibilities on slopes. Because it weighs just 5.3 pounds you won’t get tired when you will use it extensively. The 2 year warranty is also something to look forward to, proving that Worx have created a reliable model.



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Earthwise ED70012


Another option which will help you take care of your lawn easily and with pinpoint accuracy is the Earthwise ED70012. The motor is able to spin the blades of the edger at 4200 RPMs so no blade of grass will be left uncut. The blade cut line indicator will make sure you are always going in a straight line. The guide wheel is another feature which won’t allow you to deviate from your course. The adjustable handle makes sure you will be very comfortable while working with it. We conclude that this model deserves to be a part of our top list.




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McLane 4G-7-P – Not Available


Best Lawn edgers reviewsIf you want a professional lawn edger then this gas powered model from McLane is just the thing for you. All its features are high-tech, like Honda 4-cycle engine, which spins the edger’s blades to get the job done quickly and with precision. The blade’s edge has 9 inches, cutting everything down to size, so your drive way looks better than ever. The high quality steel frame gives it durability, so it will resist the test of time. The top lawn edgers reviews have a very good opinion about this model and we place it on the top of our list.