Best Lawn Tractors reviews

In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best lawn tractors? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have collected plenty of information on the best lawn tractors for sale by looking into reviews and ratings as well as actual owner feedback. This extensive research has led us to the top selling product, the Poulan Pro 960420182, which offers superior build quality because it is made in America. Nobody wants to do backbreaking lawn maintenance work longer than necessary, and the large 42-inch reinforced vented deck makes it easy to finish the job with fewer passes while ensuring that airflow is kept moving under the deck even when the grass is quite long, so machine stays cool and consistently performing while cleaning up your property. The optional attachments enable you to select between mulching and bagging to handle the cut grass, reducing the work you have to do. Speed adjustments are effortless thanks to the convenient auto hydrostatic transmission, so you won’t have to sweat a lot and suffer from too much fatigue even after you’ve completed your yard maintenance chores. If the Poulan Pro 960420182 is unavailable, we suggest going for the second best option, the Poulan Pro 960420174 PB24VA54.



How to Buy a New Lawn Tractor


A lawn tractor is a highly useful piece of equipment when you’ve got acres of lawn to maintain or even just a small patch of grass. It gets the job down and lets you mow smart as well. To ensure that you are getting a good enough machine for your lawn maintenance needs, we suggest looking into the more vital aspects of this kind of equipment.

1.Poulan Pro 960420182

Ease of Use

Whether you’re getting a machine under $2000 or more than that, you definitely want the unit to offer ease of use. Majority of mowers are designed to enable easy mode changes so you can go from mulching to bagging without the need for tools. The washout port should preferably accommodate a hose connection so you won’t have to tip the lawn tractor just to clear away clippings beneath the deck.

To make it easier to know how long the engine has been in operation since the last time an oil change was carried out or any similar maintenance procedure, you may want the machine to have an hour meter. There are a few models that utilize cutting-edge smartphone apps via Bluetooth so keeping track of parts orders and maintenance can be done promptly.

Models with power steering make the unit easy to maneuver, so they are great for hilly terrain maintenance since they won’t need significantly more effort to guide over

irregularities on mowing surfaces. It would be easy to see if your gas tank needs a refill if the fuel tank itself is translucent or the lawn tractor features a fuel gauge. Some models are designed to make lawn mowing less of a chore by having a high-back seat, which offers greater comfort and support compared to a conventional one. A cup holder would be a handy means of staying hydrated when you have to mow in the sun, since you can place your hydration bottle in it. Units with cruise control allow you to set a ground speed and lock the machine on it so riding is easy and steady.


Comparison table:


ProductMotor Power (HP)Cutting width (inches)PriceOur ratingBest Price on:
Snapper LT300 AWS
Husqvarna YTH23V48-CA
Toro Riding Mower LX
Husqvarna RZ5424
Poulan Pro PO17542LT



Great features

A lawn tractor with a removable battery helps ensure longer battery life by letting you keep the battery within a specific temperature range, a huge plus with cordless electric models. A removable battery lets you take the battery to the shed instead of worrying about how to store the entire machine indoors. Machines outfitted with newer engines such as Briggs & Stratton feature a lithium ion battery that can be charged indoors while being detachable. A Zero-Turn radius unit is perfect when the terrain is uneven. When you have to make speed adjustments, an auto hydrostatic transmission proves to be easier to handle compared to machines with manual transmissions.

Larger rear wheels enable easier rolling over uneven and rutted ground. Rolling terrains, depressions, and grooves are tackled more effortlessly while ensuring no damage to the machine. The load on the operator is significantly reduced when the rear wheels are larger than the front ones. Larger rear wheels also help stabilize the machine when you have to go over an embankment to mow laterally.

2.Poulan Pro 960420174

Full Operator Control

Majority of lawn tractors are now controlled using a pedal instead of a lever. Models with easy mode changes utilize a single blade to enable different mowing modes so you won’t have to use any tool or go through a blade change to switch from mulch to bag. You can easily engage the blades without dragging a lever if the machine comes with an electric power takeoff switch, which can help extend the life of the belt. A safety switch for reverse helps prevent accidents or mishaps, since you have to engage the switch prior to mowing in reverse. Tight turns can be executed effortlessly with four-wheel steering compared to machines that only carry two-wheel steering capability. You can also expect better cutting performance with lawn tractors compared to other types of mowers. A large number of models cut a large swath with every pass. They also accept snow blowers and other tools for versatile use. You also want different cutting positions for customized and uniform mowing.

There are plenty of models and brands of lawn tractors on the market today, so the consumer surely has a lot to consider before they can actually buy the most suitable machine for their needs. Use the information in the above buying guide to help you make an easier buying decision. We have also highlighted the best products below to help make your buying journey less stressful.



Top lawn tractors in 2018


Who says you can’t mix work with relaxation? One of the most effective, convenient and easy way to cut out all the unwanted thick grass on your lawn is by using a tractor. The perfect lawn tractor should embody efficiency, professionalism and convenience; this may be a hard task as numerous lawn tractors are sold in the market which gives you a hard time upon choosing. The list of the best lawn tractors reviews should help you ease up your burden.



Poulan Pro 960420182


1.Poulan Pro 960420182

Designed to deliver more power when you need it while consistently running cleaner and cooler, the Poulan Pro 960420182 is equipped with a large 42-inch reinforced vented deck where air is drawn from the top of the deck to keep the airflow moving under the deck when you have to tackle long grass. The unit features a convenient Auto Hydrostatic Transmission system that enables easy speed changes with just a push of the motion lever on the fender forward to achieve faster ground speeds. Then, if you want to slow down, just pull back the lever toward neutral. This lets you change speeds without stopping the lawn tractor so you save time and finish the lawn maintenance job faster.



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Poulan Pro 960420174 PB24VA54


2.Poulan Pro 960420174

Made in the USA, this model is outfitted with a 24-horsepower V-twin Kohler engine that handles the biggest lawn maintenance tasks easily. The fast auto drive transmission system is easily activated with pedal control so you’ll have the exact mowing power you need to handle the job. The huge 54-inch reinforced cutting deck ensures that the mowing task can be easily finished with fewer passes each time. The large capacity 2.5-gallon fuel tank lets you complete the yard maintenance tasks without having to refill the fuel reservoir, with efficient use every time. The 15-inch front tires are supplemented well by the larger 20-inch rear ones to ensure machine stability and easy handling of hilly, uneven terrain.



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Poulan Pro 960420170 PB20VA46


3.Poulan Pro 960420170

Equipped with a Ready-Start 20 HP V-twin Briggs 7 Stratton engine, the Poulan Pro 960420170 PB20VA46 offers the power to handle the most difficult and extensive lawn maintenance tasks. The pedal control fast auto drive transmission enables hassle-free handling on even the toughest terrain, letting you go over irregularities on your property without breaking a sweat. The large 46-inch reinforced cutting deck cuts a broad path in a single pass, so you can get done fast and in less time. Offering the best value to homeowners, this machine belongs to an exceptional line of Pro equipment from Poulan that is guaranteed to provide power, durability and quality without burning a huge hole in the pocket.



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Husqvarna YTH22V46


4.Husqvarna YTH22V46

Designed to run on gas, the Husqvarna YTH22V46 offers sustained power so you won’t have to worry about inconsistent cutting. The 46-inch cutting width ensures that a large area is cut with every pass, thus helping you complete the task in less time. The highly capable 22 HP, 724cc Briggs & Stratton V-Twin Intek engine strongly drives the machine to do the hard task of yard maintenance so you won’t have a heavy load that can cause faster onset of operator fatigue. The 6-inch front tires and the 8-inch rear tires are designed to keep the machine steady and help it maintain traction so it can manage the uneven terrain easily. The pedal hydrostatic transmission puts power under your feet so you can control the lawn tractor easily.



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Husqvarna YTH24V48


5.Husqvarna YTH24V48

This piece of equipment is made in the USA, ensuring you of reliable craftsmanship and premium quality components. The 48-inch cutting width helps you finish the yard maintenance job in less time since you will only have to make a few passes to cover the entire property. The robust 24 HP Briggs and Stratton V-Twin engine delivers the driving energy to keep the machine going even when terrain conditions are not that friendly. The Fast Hydrostatic Pedal Transmission system ensures problem-free control and maneuvering so you won’t have to fight with the lawn tractor to have control. With cruise control, you can lock the ground speed so you can take it easy while mowing your property.



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Snapper LT300 AWS


One of the best products out in the market when it comes to lawn tractors is the Snapper LT300 AWS which is known for its efficiency, precise features and quality. The lawn tractor allows the user to move the tractor with great and big movements and manoeuvre with its All Wheel Steer feature; making the front and rear wheels move independently to cut grass which saves the time at hand.  With the 23- gross- horsepower extended life series engine of Briggs & Stratton, this machine enables optimal performance at reach.

“I have quite a large backyard and to take care of the lawn in a proper way I needed a lawn tractor, so I settled for the Snapper LT300 AWS. It is powerful and maneuverable, cutting every last strip of grass of my lawn. I believe it is a top lawn tractor for sure.” – Brya Wright



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Toro Riding Mower LX


Toro Riding Mower has received praises because of its strength and durability, which is why more consumers give trust towards the product. The Toro Riding Mower LX Tractor Series 20 HP Kohler Courage has a maximum forward speed of 5.5 and reverse speed at 2.3 mph that makes this model give a more easy riding and manoeuvrability fast at your lawn.  This Toro Riding Mower gives off a powerful performance because of its Kohler engine at 20 HP/ 597cc with twin cam OHV that sets durability on a higher bar. Also, with the lubrication system at full pressure with the automatic filter transmission, you could be assured that the Toro LX Series shall be working for a long time.

“Its 42 inches of cutting width means I can finish my lawn in no time at all. I find it also to be extremely maneuverable so I can reach any corner with ease, also tacking advatage of its powerful 20 HP motor. If you are looking for a lawn tractor than I suggest taking a serious look at this one.” – Andrew Carell



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Unavailable products



Husqvarna RZ5424


Known for its high performance rate and excellent cutting technique, the Husqvarna RZ5424 54- inch 24 HP Kohler Gas Powered Zero Lawn Mower is considered one of the most efficient and professional product out in the market. The RZ5424 model offers great manoeuvrability, convenience and comfort to any household with their integrated transmission that does not need any maintenance, durable casters and tube steel frame which brings nothing but high quality performance to the consumers.  This is why it is considered as one of the stars in all best lawn tractors reviews.

“This model from Husqvarna may not look like your avarage lawn tractor, but from my experience with it I can tell you it is extremely reliable. The tires ensure a great traction, the steering system is very easy to manage and what is most important to me it does its job properly in as less time as possible.” John Sterling  



Poulan Pro PO17542LT


The 6 speed transmission and 17- ½ HP Briggs and Stratton engine allows you to set the pace of your lawn tractor thus giving you control over the machine, the Poulan PO17542LT Briggs and Stratton Riding Lawn Tractor is one of the best lawn tractors out in the market that offers convenience and efficiency.  The mower offers great durability and longer life span than any other products currently out in the market—thanks to its 42- inch steel deck.

“I really couldn’t ask for more from a lawn tractor, the Poulan Pro PB17542LT, acquiting itself of every task, like it names says, like a pro. It even comes with a 6 gear drive transmission which is pretty impressive allowing me to have many advatages like power and maneuverability.” – Nick Danielson



Husqvarna YTH23V48-CA


Combining performance, quality and affordability, the Husqvarna YTH23V48-CA tractor model offers the best value out of your money with its high quality performance. This powerful machine can cut for as wide as 48” and has Briggs & Stratton engine with two- cylinders at 23HP which proves to be powerful, with a hydrostatically powered transmission, which could be operated by its pedal for a smoother speed and control. This lawn tractor model can traverse even the harshest terrain while still moving around with ease, which makes it one of the most efficient models presented in all best lawn tractors reviews.

“My lawn never looked better in my life and I have the Husqvarna YTH23V48 to thank for this. I cut the grass to the height that I prefere and can even do models on it. Husqvarna have really outdone themselves when they created this lawn tractor.” – Ken Patricks