Best Leaf Blowers under $100

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Every American family knows that taking care of the garden’s appearance is a direct reflection of their sense of responsibility. In addition to what the neighbours think and how they perceive you as a person, it’s great to have a beautiful lawn in front or back of your home. Still, if you have a tree or two even nearby, their leaves can make it pretty difficult to maintain a high level of cleanliness if you don’t possess the right tool. This is where a pro efficient leaf blower can deliver the right cleaning assistance. Finding the most efficient model comes once you read some of the current best leaf blowers reviews, which point out the advantages and disadvantages of the top models.


Toro 51585


It’s important to have by your side a powerful leaf blower that can handle with ease the leaves gathering in the front yard. This is why we recommend Toro 51585 leaf blower, a model that can generate an impressive air speed of 160 mph. The leaf blower is powered by an impressive 7.0A motor that can generate an air volume of 155 cfm, with 2 air speed control features from which you can choose in order to manage better the task at hand. It is considered by thousands of people as one of the best leaf blowers under $50 which make it convenient and efficient.

“I like my driveway to be clean all the time so that I give an impression of a very tidy yard. For this I have the Toro 51585 leaf blower which comes in handy, especially in autumn. It has a compact size but at the same time it is very powerful taking care of my leaf problem.” – Robert Samson

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Black & Decker NSW18


Black & Decker NSW18 leaf blower would be a great addition to any home, especially those that are located near trees. Leaves can become a real problem once they begin to gather on the lawn. With an efficient design this powerful leaf blower will clear with ease any debris from any type of surfaces such as decks, walkways, driveways or patios. It comes with a rechargeable 18v battery which is easy to manage and use because is lightweight (4.8). Furthermore the model has a quiet operating system which helps you to enjoy a cleaning system without disturbing the neighbours.

“This easy to use leaf blower has really made a difference since it has been in my home and for its excellent performances I recommend it to other households. Also I must point out that the price for this little device is not expensive at all.” – Dan Newman

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Weed Eater WEB160


When it comes to dealing with leaves, the cleaning action can take a lot out of you if you are not equipped with a powerful tool. Which is the most efficient leaf blower you can use? Well, today more and more people use with trust Weed Eater WEB160 leaf blower, a model with the capacity to clean fast and efficient the garden. Regarded as one of the best leaf blowers under $100, the model is powered by a powerful 7.5 Amp electric engine that supports with ease 160 mph air speed, more than enough to blow away leaves. Weighing in only 4.5 lbs and with ergonomic handle, the device can be used without putting in too much effort.

“No leaves are too much for my Weed Eater WEB160 leaf blower which I bought  a while back. To this point it has worked like a charm and I really don’t see any flaws in its design. Its little engine has a grea design which allows it to create a lot of power that goes into clearing all the leaves from my yard.” – Gregg Brosner

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Earthwise CB20018


If you are trying to locate a powerful leaf blower with the capacity to safely clean any type of leaves situations, then you should use with confidence Earthwise CB20018, a model that makes getting rid of leaves very easy. Considered one of the best leaf blowers under $100, the model delivers a blowing speed of 140 miles per hour and is cordless so you can use it without any restrictions. The model includes a 20 inch snap on tube and is powered by a solid 18 volt battery. It weighs only 7.5 pounds and is backed by a 2 year warranty.

“The Earthwise CB20018 was my choice for a leaf blower, made after I read that it had so many positive reviews. It is extremely powerful and doesn’t even weigh that much so I don’t get tired when I have to use it for extended periods, especially in autumn.” – Alex Smith

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Toro 51609


In the last couple of years Toro managed to release powerful leaf blowers, designed to help people get rid of leaves and other debris with greater ease and efficiency. Today, one of the best leaf blowers under $75 is 51609 from Toro, a model that can also act as a vacuum and precise leaf shredder. Once you get your hands on this leaf blower, cleaning the yard becomes a fun activity without the presence of restrictions. This model can move a significant volume of leaves and also debris by channelling air speeds of around 235 mph and also an air volume by up to 390 cfm.

“This leaf blower made by Toro is one of the most popular models across the US and this could only mean it has great quality. Based on this supposition I went ahead and bought it for my home. It turns out they were right and this leaf blower does a fine job of removing all the leaves from my yard.” – Ryan Hunter

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