Best LED Bicycle Light Reviews

Biking is one of the most relaxing activities you can pick up in your spare time. It is also extremely healthy, allowing you to move your legs, free your mind, and reach new tracks. You will be spending lots of time in nature, inhaling fresh air, and building up muscles. However, whenever hiking or taking your bike for a short trip, you need to consider the right gear and the right accessories for your ride. Apart from specialized reflective vests and good shoes, you will also require a good LED bicycle light to prevent any accidents. After going through plenty of online product reviews, we have reached the conclusion that one of the best-LED lights on the market is the Bright Eyes AQPP-4 because it provides an extremely bright light, is fully waterproof, and lasts between 5 and over 26 hours. If the Road Bike Headlight is not available for purchase, we suggest looking up for the Bright Eyes Aircraft as a viable alternative.



Buying guide


Even if you don’t ride at night a LED light is still a good safety feature to have. Since there are several makes and models to choose from you can find the right LED light for your bike, but this can also make it difficult to choose the right one. To help you find the best light for your bicycle we have included that following tips in this informative buying guide.



One of the first aspects to consider is the type of LED light, and when you are biking will factor into your decision. Bicycle lights that are capable of a higher output are best suited for commuting and riding at night. High output LED bicycle lights are also ideal for trail riding. These lights are priced higher, but they are also able to provide you with plenty of illumination. This ensures that you are clearly visible to passing motorists, and see the trail.

There are also safety lights which are priced lower, and you can find them designed to be mounted on the front, side or rear. While these LED lights are not recommended for night riding, they are a great choice if you prefer to bike during the day.



In most cases you will probably want to choose a LED light for your bicycle that comes with a rechargeable battery, though you can find inexpensive models that come with disposable ones. The battery’s run time should also be considered, especially if you plan on biking at night. The last thing you want to happen is for the battery in your light to die before you’ve finished your ride.

The run time for rechargeable batteries will vary depending on the make and the setting that you are using. Higher beams will drain the battery faster, but this is also recommended for riding at night. Most rechargeable batteries can last for  3 hours on the highest settings, and you can even find some that can power the light up to 24 hours when it is on dim.



Where you are going to mount the headlight should also be considered, and this will often depend on the type. Rear lights can be mounted on your seatpost or rear bike rack, and some can even be attached to the back of your pack. Side lights are limited in their placement, but these are typically only used by commuters who want to ensure that they can be easily seen. Front LED lights can be mounted on the bike or even on your helmet, and they are usually recommended for all riders.



Top LED Bicycle Lights in 2018


If safety is important when you are riding then you will want to have a LED bicycle light. While we can’t choose the right model for you we can help you make an informed decision, which is why we have the best LED bicycle lights showcased below.



Bright Eyes AQPP-4


This product provides an extremely bright light of 1600 Lumen that will light the entire road and provide you perfect visibility during all weather conditions.

Thanks to the fully waterproof design, you can take the LED light with you anytime, even on heavy rains, and make sure you reach your destination safely.

The upgraded battery lasts over 5 hours on high, and more than one day on low, meaning you will have enough power for all your bike trips without having to recharge the battery. In addition, the strobe for daytime riding will make you visible for all cars and help you avoid minor accidents.


Buy from Amazon for ($49.77)




Bright Eyes Aircraft 


This LED bike light features an adjustable light ranging between 80 and 300 lumens, depending on the road, the weather conditions, and your own requirements. The bright and powerful 300 lumens intensity is suitable for foggy days or dark roads during the night because it will light your way and help you reach your destination safely.

The product comes in a two-pack, meaning you will receive two bright lights for the price of one. The lights have multiple uses and you can mount them on two different bikes or use two on the same bike for an even brighter light.

The 100% waterproof design is not immersible but will guide your path on all weather conditions, including in heavy rains.


Buy from Amazon for ($27.77)




Planet Bike Beamer 


The product features a rugged construction with high-quality materials. It was tested to provide quality and durability, as well as safety. The LED bulbs provide up to four times a brighter light than other products within the same price range, so you will enjoy brighter roads and less stress while riding in dark alleys or streets.

You can switch the item to different modes, depending on your necessities, and you can even flash. The 2 AA batteries will provide up to 100 hours of trustworthy and intense light.

The easy-to-use kit will mount in a matter of seconds, and it will take you the same amount of time if you want to remove the LED light.


Buy from Amazon for ($18.05)




Bright Eyes AQPP-2 – Not Available


2-bright-eyes-aircraft-aluminium-waterproofOne of the first things you’ll notice is how easy the front and rear lights are to install, especially since there are no tools required. The headlights are waterproof and designed to last so you can safely bike at night or during the day. The LED light can be easily adjusted from 80 lumens up to 300 lumens so you are always clearly visible. One of the main advantages to this LED bike light is its versatility. You can attach it to your bike or helmet, and it can even be used as a convenient flashlight. This way you never have to worry about riding on a dark trail.



Bright Eyes AQPP-1 – Not Available


1-bright-eyesWith up to 1200 lumens on the highest setting it is easy to see why this is considered the best bicycle light for night riding. There are three settings for brightness so you can safely ride during the day or at night. When the light is on the lowest setting it can run for up to 26 hours, and it can provide you with 3 hours of illumination when it is on high beam.

This ensures that not only can you see the trail you are riding on, but that you are also clearly visible to any passing motorist. The rechargeable battery is also waterproof so you can bike in any weather.



Divine LEDS – Not Available


3-bike-lightSome reviews have stated that this is one of the brightest LED bike lights for sale, and it is capable of lighting up trails and roads in the dark. It is designed to be easy to attach to your bike, and it does not require the use of additional tools. It simply clips onto your handlebars and you are ready to go.

The light does use 3 AAA batteries which can be purchased for a small fee at almost any store. To ensure that the light will last through your toughest rides it is constructed from military grade materials. This way it is rugged enough to survive rough trail rides, and gives it the added advantage of being waterproof so you can bike in almost any weather.