Best LED Bulb Reviews


Top LED Bulbs in 2018


Anybody looking for a great alternative to inefficient traditional lighting can learn a lot from the tech literature and best LED bulb reviews. For a variety of applications and length of productive life alone, LED lights bulbs can be the hands-down winner. While a lot of companies have produced a variety of LED bulbs for the consumer market, buyers still want to know whether they are making sensible choices on the product they get for the money they shell out. After all, nobody wants to spend money on something that won’t live up to expectations!


G7 Elko BR30 LED White Light


Best LED Bulb ReviewsFor purposes of can or recessed lighting, this product should do handsomely. Decide to go for this LED bulb if you believe you can’t let incandescent quality in your lighting go away altogether. It can be controlled to go dim so you canobtain a softer or less glaring effect. That quality alone is most likely what has earned it strong recommendation for top LED bulb in 2018. Like most LED lighting, this bulb will need adequate allowance for cooling and air flow. As sure as the area to be lighted has a good level of air flow and humidity going, using this bulb shouldn’t pose any problems.

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Feit BR40 Electric Conserv-Energy Flood Light


As long as you have dimmers that work in compatibility with either CFL or LED fixtures, it should be problem free to utilize this product. It is called a floodlight for the way it can focus lighting downward and not because it can be used when it’s all stormy and wet outside. Moisture is its number one enemy, as such an eventuality could make wetness accumulate in the bulb and create problems on its efficient use. For general use in the safe indoors, this bulb can be effective.

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Philips 429381 Household


If you want a great replacement for your floor and table lamp lights, why not give this product a spin? It is perfect for bedrooms, kitchens, hallways and living rooms too. Enhance those ceiling and pendant/decorative features by getting this bulb for a replacement. Its soft glow will not contribute to unsightly fading of color and fabric as it nicely highlights those elements instead of antagonizing them. It is nice enough to be recognized in the best LED bulb reviews produced on the net. That’s not bad for a product that won’t work with users who prefer dimmers with their LED lighting!

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FEIT A19 Electric


With all the fuss that’s been raised against mercury content in products, this LED bulb is a great contribution to reducing environmentally-harmful components. It goes on instantly with no annoying flicker that uses up extra electricity than you are ready to pay for. Lauded to be the best LED bulb in 2018, this item from the FEIT line of LED lighting is great for decorative lighting applications in the home. The medium base makes it appropriate for any standard socket of light bulbs. It is bright and warm, lighting areas with a soft glow.

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Lighting EVER Samsung Chip


Lumens is one of the primary factors in lighting and the higher lumens level in this product has enabled its recognition as the best light bulb in 2018. It gives a natural warm glow, not at all harsh and glaring. Therefore, it won’t turn your guests away when they stand in the porch waiting for you to open the door. It’s nice that way, right? With perfect color temperature and specific natural and white hues, this can lighting LED bulb can be a wonderful addition to your home lighting set-up.

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