Best LED Flashlights reviews

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have the time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best LED flashlights for camping and hiking or for home defense, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We’ve gathered a lot of info with regard to the best LED flashlights on the market today by looking at the owner feedback, expert review sites, the value offered for the money, as well as the sales figures of some of the most acclaimed units in the line. Out of all the products we have looked at, the Streamlight 88040 ProTAC is the best, as it is extremely easy to use and puts out approximately 600 lumens of light. The neat thing about the Streamlight 88040 ProTAC is that it can cover an area of almost 253 meters and is relatively easy to customize on the part of the user, what with its three output levels: high, low, and strobe. If the Streamlight is unavailable, we suggest you consider the MagLite ST3D016, as it’s the second best alternative you may want to bet your money on.



How to Select a New LED Flashlight


Finding the perfect LED flashlight nowadays can be quite a buying journey, what with the myriad of products that exist on the market. If you’re feeling just a tad baffled about which one you should pick, it’ll be good for you to know that we’re here to help. Just remember, it’s often times more important to consider your needs and the purpose you have on your mind for the model you want to purchase than take into account details such as popularity and price. Sure, your budget should play a significant role in the process, but given that some of these items can be quite affordable, be sure to choose judiciously and in accordance with your requirements.

1.Streamlight 88040

Battery type

While it might not look like the primary factor to consider, the battery type is one of the most important things you should ponder on before finalizing your purchase. Think of it this way: are the batteries that you’ll use with the flashlight available at any store around your workplace or home? Or should you go to extreme lengths to order them online or even get them from another country?

We’ve seen that many LED flashlights can work with traditional AA and AAA batteries. However, during the last years, the market has witnessed the rise of Lithium and NiMH cells. Whatever some people might try to say, it’s common knowledge that Lithium is better than NiMH, even if it’s usually more expensive. If you’re all for convenience and aren’t bothered by the idea of changing the batteries quite often, get a model that works with the traditional AAA or AA type. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for something that lasts for years to come and doesn’t pose a threat to the performance or reliability of your flashlight, we recommend a Lithium option. CR2 and CR123 are thought of as the best alternatives for pocket.



Compare the best models:


ProductOther colorsLengthPriceOur ratingBest Price on:
Streamlight 88040 ProTAC HL High Lumen Light
Best LED Flashlights reviews
Blue, pink5.25 inch$$$$$A+Amazon
MagLite ST3D016 3-D Cell LED Flashlight
Blue, gray and more12.34 inch$$$$AAmazon
Lighting EVER Adjustable Focus CREE LED flashlight
Bronze, red and more4.29 inch$$$B+Amazon
Streamlight 73001 Nano Light Miniature Keychain LED Flashlight
No1.47 inch$$$B+Amazon
Dorcy 41-2510 Floating Waterproof LED flashlight
Neon green, purple and more8.95 inch$$BAmazon




The basic principle of a flashlight is that it should be carried around easily. When prospecting the market for a new model, you’ll see that the variety of sizes and shapes is downright baffling, as nowadays you can choose anything from keychain lights to pen lights, pocket lights, and headlamps. Some of these, such as trunk lights and shelf lights can put out an immense amount of power, which is why they’re probably the right choices for home preparedness kits and for law enforcement. Sometimes, you just have to ask yourself whether you prefer a hefty but powerful flashlight or a smaller, less capable option.



Switch and ease of use

If you are looking for an LED flashlight for kids, you need to consider the switch type. First of all, how old is the child? Can he or she work with a tail click, twist the top of the flashlight, or operate a side click? Some of these are a matter of personal preference, but the main idea is that the tail click option is the most convenient one, as it can be operated with just one hand. However, it’s not necessarily the safest one, as there is a certain risk of it being accidentally activated. When it comes to accidental switching, the safest one is by far the twist top, although operating such a flashlight requires both hands.




Depending on what you have in mind for your unit, you’re likely to prefer a model that comes with one, two, three, or even more modes. The vast majority of LED flashlights are outstandingly bright, but the more light they offer, the higher the chance of them eating up those batteries. At the same time, it might be worth noting that when you’re out in the open at night, you probably need a low beam just to be able to retain your night vision. A too powerful beam makes it impossible to see anything else that might be outside it. Most of the products that we have stumbled upon come with high, low, or medium modes, and some of these also feature a special strobe mode.2.Maglite LED


A brighter output is downright mandatory if you plan to use your LED flashlight for search and rescue activities. A unit for home use doesn’t really have to come with such a high brightness level, which is why we recommend anything between 75 to 150 Lumens. Just remember, the more light, the higher the chance the LED bulbs in the flashlight run out faster.

Some of the best LED flashlights are showcased below.



Top LED flashlights in 2018


More and more people are searching for a powerful LED flashlight, capable of providing light in various areas where there is none. With the proper device you will be able to have complete control over surrounding darkness, around the house and when the power is out. The market is more generous when it comes to flashlights, especially those made with LEDs. How can you better manage the search for a good flashlight? Well, the first step is by consulting some of the best LED flashlight reviews and then use the information wisely. Once you are properly informed, the ideal model will be easy to identify.



Streamlight 88040 ProTAC HL High Lumen Light


Best LED Flashlights reviewsIt is important to have a reliable flashlight in your home because you never know when lights may go out. According to the present best LED flashlight reviews, it seems that you can opt for the 88040 ProTAC HL from Streamlight, a product which is very easy to use. This model puts out around 600 lumens of blinding light covering an impressive 253 meters of beam distance. The flashlight uses the latest LED technology and also 3 precise different user selectable programs, which can enhance the whole lighting experience. It has 3 light output levels that include high (16.000 candela peak beam intensity), low (800 candela peak beam intensity) and strobe.



Buy from Amazon for ($68.13)




MagLite ST3D016 3-D Cell LED Flashlight


Shopping for a reliable flashlight can be pretty difficult, given the wide range of products available in this particular segment. Fortunately you can now choose one of the current top LED flashlights in 2018, the MagLite ST3D016 3-D Cell LED flashlight, which can be used under various dim light conditions. This model uses on 3 D-type batteries which maintain the lighting source intact. Furthermore the device uses an advanced Mag instrument “intelligent Energy Management” system which safely balances brightness levels. This flashlight includes a bright and powerful beam which adjusts from spot to flood with ease. It was designed for both commercial and professional use.



Buy from Amazon for ($24)




Lighting EVER Adjustable Focus CREE LED flashlight


Currently more and more people are trying their best to find a reliable flashlight in order to light up, when needed, poor lighted areas. Now, you have the possibility to choose one of the best LED flashlights in 2018 from Lighting EVER, a model which comes with adjustable Beam Focus function, ideal for quality lighting force. This flashlight has a precise focus system, which is safely controlled simply by pulling the head. It includes CREE LED technology, with an impressive beam distance of around 500 feet. You might also love to know that it has a luminous flux with around 140lm in full brightness mode.



Buy from Amazon for ($17.58)




Streamlight 73001 Nano Light Miniature Keychain LED Flashlight


Are you looking for something special when it comes to professional flashlight? If you are interested in discovering more about a high quality flashlight, then you might want to check out the 73001 from Streamlight. It was a lightweight design, ideal to use during everyday tasks around the house. The device includes a non-rotating snap lock hook which you can use in order to attach to backpacks, clothing, key rings and many more. This powerful flashlight features a high intensity 100.000 hour LED which can last by up to 8 hours, due to the advanced 8 hours alkaline button cell batteries.



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Dorcy 41-2510 Floating Waterproof LED flashlight


Now, there are thousands of people that want to have in their homes a professional flashlight, capable of delivering proper light during various poor lighting conditions. You have the possibility to use one of the possibility to use one of the best LED Flashlights in 2018 from Dorcy, the 41-2510 Floating waterproof model, which is ideal to use during various commercial and residential use. This device is also fully waterproof, which may come in handy whenever you go outside and it’s raining. You might also like to know that the flashlight includes 4 super bright LED bulbs, which delivers an impressive 32 lumens of light.



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