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Every home deserves a high quality LED TV which represents for millions of men and women around the world a source of fun and entertainment. Fortunately the market is filled with thousands of models, all designed to create a real home cinema in the comfort of your home. Which is the best way to find a great TV for your house? Well, that’s pretty easy: consult a few of the present best LED TVs reviews, drafted by thousands of satisfied users and media technicians. Why should you watch interesting movies in high definition with friends and family any moment of the day or night?


Samsung UN40EH5300 LED TV


Best LED TVs under $1000Everyone uses with confidence Samsung LED TVs because they reunite features which help people enjoy crystal clear images and smooth videos. One of the best LED TVs under $500, taking into account thousands of user testimonials and technical reports, is UN40EH5300, a Smart TV from Samsung that brings to light sharp images and vibrant colours. Smart content is at your disposition every time you want, letting you explore and see movies, TV shows, games and even documentaries. You will also benefit from Samsung signature services such as Fitness, Kids Story and Family Story. Facebook, YouTube, Hulu Plus and Netflix will be at your disposal.

“I didn’t want to spend a huge amount of money on a HDTV so I went this affordable solution, the Samsung UN40EH5300, which has some very good characteristics, normal for the Samsung brand I guess. It is a smart TV as well so I don’t miss out on anything.” – Kevin Richards

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Vizio E320i-A0 LED TV


One of the best LED TVs under $500 is Vizio E320i-A0, a model which represents a great addition to any home. It comes with a slim frame design, 32” inch Smart TV which brings in the middle of your home a viable source of fun and entertainment. You will be able to enjoy Vizio Internet Apps, built-in Wi-Fi that permits you rapid access to a world of fun, including TV shows, movies, music videos and games. This advanced LED TV features LED backlighting delivering high details, with rich colours and vivid details. Every scene will be sharp and crystal clear. Furthermore the TV is by up to 50% more energy efficient than other products.

“I got an excellent TV for a bargain when I bought this Vizio 32 inch model. It even comes with smart TV features of which I take advatage of and stream directly from sites videos or movies. The fact that it is energy efficient is another excellent ability this TV has.” – Eddy Cooper

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Samsung UN46F6300 LED TV


Are you ready for something special to enter your media life? Well, if you then you should consider installing in your living room UN46F6300 LED TV from Samsung. This ultra-slim and Smart TV allows you to explore a whole world of pure entertainment. There are 5 simple panels that include: On TV, On-Demand, Smart TV apps, social media and photos. The LED TV features a Dual Core processor that gives you the possibility to perform many tasks in the same time. Furthermore the TV gives control over web browsing while watching various programs or playing with the available applications. It also includes S-Recommendation system which gives you the possibility to find interesting things to watch.

“The design was the first thing that attracted me to this HDTV and immediately after I was impressed by its quality to price ratio. The picture quality of this Samsung is superb for me and so far I didn’t encounter any motion blur. “ – Amy Simmons

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Panasonic TC-L50E60 LED TV


A professional and advanced LED TV is always welcomed in any American home but now, let’s talks about something special entering yours: Panasonic TC-L50E60, one of the best LED TVs under $1000. This advanced LED TV delivers the best picture quality, with rich and vibrant colours, robust blacks, smooth videos, high moving picture resolution and also velvety gradation. With a sleek design, the model has a slim and quite sleek LED panel which adds a superb touch of elegance to your living room. The model features 240 backlight scanning technology that significantly reduces flicker and provides crystal clear pictures. What does it means for your viewing pleasure? This special option ensures quality pictures, ideal for dynamic sports scenes and also action movies.

“The Panasonic TC-L50E60 LED TV has really proven itself to be a very trustworthy TV with some solid features in the time that I have had it in my living room. The design is nice and sleek and I am particularly impressed by the stunning Full HD pictures which it dispalys.” – Frank Donovan

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Sharp LC-60LE550 LED TV


It’s time to use one of the best LED TVs under $1000 in your home: Sharp LC-60LE550! Aquos picture quality will be present in your media life. The model features 1080p LED video resolution, accompanied by advance pixel format with an impressive HD image format due to 4 million:1 dynamic contrast ratio. It also includes a solid 120 Hz refresh rate for accurate precision during fast moving scenes. The LED TV from Sharp is housed in a beautiful and slim frame which elegantly blends in any room. You will enjoy sharp and quite electrifying action due to the 120 HZ technology and the advanced panel refresh system.

“I am quite pleased by my Sharp TV which has given me since it has been in my home some excellent quality pictures in Full HD and also top audio quality. I am also pleased that unlike other similar models this HDTV has not a problem with motion blur.” – George Thomas

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