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Top light bulbs in 2018


Light bulbs come in different shapes and sizes. Not many know though that choosing the proper light bulbs can save you a lot of money on energy. Picking the proper illuminating source can be difficult if you have now actual knowledge on which to base your purchase. Our experts decided to make a list of five products which should help you narrow things down. Their recommendations are based on some of the best light bulb reviews they could find both off and online.


Lighting EVER Super Bright LED


Best light bulb reviewsThe unique design of this product is what makes it the best light bulb in 2018. It is built by following German standards which we all know are very strict. It is GS certified and has an impressive lifespan of over 30.000 hours which is well above average. Because of its long lifespan it will help you save more many than you imagine. It will also save money because of its economical design which according to statistics has the ability to consume 85% less electricity than any average light bulb.  It is built by using absolutely no mercury or lead. It is perfect for replacing 90W light bulbs.

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GE 13-Watt Energy SmartTM


This is, according to most of the best light bulb reviews, one very efficient set. It offers incredible value for money and it also lowers energy consumption to help save even more on power bills. All bulbs included in this 8 pack have the ability to successfully replace any 60 watt bulb currently available on the market. They are small and have a life expectancy of over 5 years. They come with the added bonus of the flicker-free design which means you will not have to put up with annoying situations. A single light GE 13-watt light bulb will produce 825 lumens which is incredibly bright for any home.

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GE 41036 – 100A/W A19


This set incorporates the best lighting bulb in 2018. Developed by GE Lighting, this 100 watt light bulb is affordable and very easy to install. It will fit in most table and closet lamps as well as in your common household illuminating body. It is capable of producing up to 1700 lumens which are more than enough for everyday use. It has a life expectancy of over 750 hours and it is built without the use of mercury or any other dangerous materials which may cause health issues over time. It produces a very pleasant light which is very comfortable for the eyes.

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GE Lighting 48688 60-Watt A19 Reveal


If you are on the market for something new, you should give these light bulbs a try. They provide a very pleasant white light which is the result of years of research. The people at GE lighting have patented their neodymium class filters a while back and are now sharing them with the world. Because of the filter’s ability to contain yellow light, you will be able to enjoy a much more pleasant light. These bulbs are best used with table lamps. A single bulb will produce an impressive 630 lumens while still managing to consume less energy than your average light bulb.

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Philips 433227 Slim Style Dimmable A19 LED


This is one of the top rated light bulbs in 2018. Philips take great pride in their products which will save a lot of money by using patented technology developed over years of hard work and dedication. This 10.5 watt product has a great design which makes it perfect for several situations. It has a mind-blowing lifespan of 22.8 years thus saving you even more money not only on electric bills but also on maintenance. It is safe for any enclosed environments and can even be dimmed down if you consider it is too bright.

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