Best Living Room Furniture Reviews

What to Consider When Buying New Living Room Furniture


The living room is a very important part of your house, since this is where all family gatherings take place on a regular basis. What matters most when you want to renovate your house by adding or replacing living room furniture, is to find furniture that fits the general décor and style of your home, while being able to withstand some wear and tear over time. If you search online for the best living room furniture reviews, you will find plenty of useful advice. Here are some thoughts on what are the most important aspects of living room furniture.

Best living room furniture

Define your style

Do not even think about reaching for your wallet before you decide on what kind of furniture style you are in love with. Evaluate the overall décor of your home. Is it cozy and friendly, filled with warm colors everywhere? Is it designer chic, with striking accents that make your home worthy of being featured on dream home magazines? Your own style should dictate what kind of living room furniture you should purchase for your home.


Room dimensions

Another thing to check on your to do list, before embarking on a shopping trip for living room furniture, is to measure your room first. Do not forget that this kind of furniture comes as a set, so you need to make sure that you have plenty of space at your disposal to accommodate everything, without making the room feel crowded or cramped. On the polar opposite, do not opt for a set of furniture that will look too scarce; that will make your living room feel empty.



Unless you plan on choosing your furniture every year or so, you should opt for a set that is made of durable, high quality materials. Remember that the living room is quite a used room of the house, so it needs to withstand some wear and tear. For instance, stain resistant fabrics are good to have, because even during small parties with close friends and families, unwanted spills and other accidents can happen even when you least expect them.


Top Living Room Furniture in 2018


Reading many of the best living room furniture reviews written by users can give you a clear idea about what kind of sets you should purchase for your own home. We did all this homework for you, and this is what we discovered: three sets that are really worth spending money on.


Roundhill Furniture Laredo Set


1. Roundhill Furniture LaredoThere is nothing more welcoming for anyone on the planet than a cozy living room when they come back from work and want to relax for a while. The contemporary look of this living room furniture set recommends it as a great choice for a large variety of home layouts. You will surely love the two toned sofa and loveseat that practically invites you to take a sit and start unwinding after a hard day. The warm colors make this set a welcome addition to your living room, and the soft lines are relaxing for the eyes.

The Roundhill Furniture Laredo Living Room Set is considered among the top rated living room furniture 2018, and for all the right reasons. The frame is constructed of hardwood and plywood, so it is built to last. The cushions are made of high quality foam, for increased comfort and coziness. The overall design is created for comfort, as well. The pillow top arms and the back cushions are great for having a fun relaxing time in your living room.

The set presented here is sophisticated and chic, due to the perfect combination between black bonded leather and the rich gray color of the microfiber used for the seating.

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Coaster Home Furnishings Samuel Collection


2.Samuel Collection Living Room GroupIf you want your home to look really spectacular, there is no better choice than to opt for a furniture set for your living room that is bound to draw attention. You will not go wrong if you decide to pick the Samuel Collection Living Room Group in black bonded leather that lends your home a fresh contemporary look, just like in magazines. The clean lines subdue the luxurious feel just one bit, to make it stylish and chic. The attached seat cushions are designed for comfort, so that you and your guests can feel at ease, while sharing a cup of coffee and some entertaining conversation.

This is a four piece sofa set that will look amazing in your living room. All you have to do is find a coffee table to match and your home will look exactly like you have always imagined. Not to mention, for its value, this set is a really great deal, and you will not easily find another to compete on the same level in terms of both style and pricing.

The Samuel Collection Living Room Group in black bonded leather is a great choice for any modern home, and it will enhance the overall appeal of your house.

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Toscana Home Interiors Samuel Collection


3.Samuel Collection Living Room GroupIn case you prefer white instead of black, the Samuel Collection Living Room Group in cream bonded leather may be just your ideal choice. Competing for the title of the best living room furniture 2018, this set is one of the best looking you can find right now.

The set includes four pieces of furniture: a sofa, a love seat, a chair and an ottoman. If you decide to get this furniture set for your living room, you will not have to purchase any other seating furniture, as everyone invited over will find a comfortable place to sit and share a nice evening with the others. The set combines style and comfort and offers you the perfect solution for your living room.

The tufted cushions look and feel very comfortable. The cream bonded leather all the pieces are covered with is very stylish and elegant, so you will find it an amazing choice for your home. The hardwood frame is very durable and ensures the high quality of this furniture set. The sinuous spring base is the perfect solution for seating that will not become deformed with time. All in all, this is the type of furniture you should consider buying if you are shopping for a new set right now.

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