Best Log Splitter under 1000


How to Select the Best Log Splitter under 1000


Aside from a regular axe, you can use a splitting maul, a manual log splitter or a gas- or electric-powered log splitter. The best log splitters use strength instead of speed, and this is delivered via a wedge that is gradually rammed against the wood, effectively splitting it in half. Check these elements out when searching for a quality log splitter.

Best log splitter under 1000

Splitter Size and Cylinder Size

Additional force is needed to split harder woods. Freshly fallen wood will split easier than older firewood. It is also good advice to size your splitter based on the size of the widest log in the woodpile. You can choose from 4-ton models for 6-inch log diameters to those that offer 30 tons and more of force to tackle 24-inch log diameters. Gas models deliver from 8 to 45 tons of force, while electric-powered units offer from 4 to 20 tons.

Cylinder sizes for gas models vary from 3 to 5 inches, while electric units usually have 3.5 inches.


Cycle Time

You want the best log splitter under $1000, whether of gas or electric type, to have a cycle time that you can keep up with. Unless you’re working with one other person to do log splitting tasks, you can’t really manage to keep up with a fast cycle time. A 3- to 5-second cycle time may seem like you can do more, but can you really work that fast alone?

Gas models work with an 8- to 17-second cycle time, while electric models offer a cycle time of 2 to 15 seconds.



The best log splitter under $1000 that is gas powered can be towed using a regular trailer hitch, so transport is both safe and easy. Most electric models can be towed as well, but when transporting these types of machines, make sure there is access to a proper electricity supply where you’re going to use the unit.


 Most Reliable Log Splitters under 1000


A log splitter has to be an intelligent investment and to ensure that, you will have to do some decent research prior to making the purchase. Do not buy a machine that will not be suitable for the application you’re planning for it, to avoid waste of money. Here are three products that are sure to be sensible investments.


Champion Power Equipment No.90720 Gas Powered Log Splitter


1.Champion Power Equipment No.90720Offering a 7-ton performance, the Champion Power Equipment No.90720 Gas Powered Log Splitter comes with a 3-inch by 17.7-inch hydraulic cylinder that rams against the wood gradually to split the log slowly but surely. The 20-second cycle time will not wear you out but offers a pace you can easily keep up with, while enabling you to enjoy your coffee. The log splitter is powered by a Champion 80cc overhead valve (OHV) engine with cast iron sleeve, for dependable splitting capability. The two-stage 3 gallon-per-minute hydraulic pump exerts a maximum 3000 PSI pressure to effectively split logs with ease.

The Champion Power Equipment No.90720 Gas Powered Log Splitter can accommodate logs up to 19.7 inches long and up to 80 pounds in weight. It is a dependable, medium duty machine built with adequate power and speed while being portable. The sturdy steel beam is strongly supported by two 10-inch solid never-flat wheels that deliver easy mobility. The log splitter operates horizontally with low oil shutdown. It is covered by a one-year limited warranty to assure you of quality.

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Boss Industrial ED8T20 Electric Log Splitter


2.Boss Industrial ED8T20The Boss Industrial ED8T20 Electric Log Splitter delivers 8 tons of force with its powerful 2 HP electric motor. It can split wood in less time than it will take you to use an axe or a splitting maul to cut the same amount of wood. The robust motor is equipped with an easy push button start so you won’t have to crank up the machine or pull a chord just to get things started. The log splitter can handle logs up to 20 inches long and 10.5 inches in diameter, reducing them to manageable pieces for your firewood supply and other purposes. The 2.5-inch cylinder bore rams strongly into the log to split it slowly but surely.

The machine exerts 3000 pounds per square inch of hydraulic pressure so you won’t have to do the hard work. The log splitter is 160 pounds in weight and can easily be towed. It offers a perfect solution for many log splitting applications. The machine has the patented two-way splitting technology that enables it to split two logs in just one cycle.

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Dirty Hand Tools 100450 Log Splitter


3.Dirty Hand Tools 100450 22The Dirty Hand Tools 100450 22 Ton 3-Point Log Splitter is a horizontal/vertical log splitter for tractors. It can split logs both in the horizontal and vertical positions. Changing the splitting position is easy, as you simply pull the pin and then tilt the machine upright and lock back into place. Reverse the process when putting it back to the original splitter orientation. The log splitter uses standard Category 1 pins but will adapt to a Category 2 hitch. Pick the right separately purchased connectors to match your tractor, hook up the separately bought hoses to the outputs, and the machine is ready to do its job.

The Dirty Hand Tools 100450 accommodates a 25-inch maximum length of log, so you don’t have to do a lot of precutting before use. The built-in log cradle provides a stable space to hold the log. The 4-inch diameter cylinder offers enough power to drive the wedge into the log for effortless splitting operations. The sturdy ground stand supports the entire machine and keeps it stable.

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