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Top longboards in 2017


There are some adolescent teens that love skateboards and more precisely longboards. We noticed the trend and put in over 80 hours of research in order to help you find the ideal skateboard. It was a pleasure for our agents to analyse different products that can bring skating joy to one lucky teen. In order to further ease up the selection process we drafted the best longboard reviews, with interesting facts about some of the most popular models available on the market. A high quality longboard needs to have attitude, with interesting and personalized designs, solid construction and great wheels.


Sector 9 Lookout Complete Skateboard


Best longboard reviewsSearching for the best longboard in 2017 is a thrilling quest for teens that love to skate. If you decide to invest in Sector 9 Lookout Complete Skateboard then fun and good disposition will follow you wherever you may go. This sturdy skateboard has a 42” length, 9.6” width and a wheel base of 31.5”. It has a smooth vertically laminated bamboo and camber mold which impresses at first touch. You will appreciate even more the truck design and special clear grip which enhances your skating skill. This skateboard will enhance your technical grip on the whole process, letting free-ride as well.

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Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard


Today, you can opt for a top longboard in 2017 designed by Quest, Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo. Why should you opt for this beautiful skateboard? Well, this smooth 44-inch longboard has a stunning maple and bamboo deck, decorated with original abstract graphics that stand out in any crowd. You should know that the skateboard comes with firm and rugged aluminum trucks and solid 70mm PU wheels. Super Cruiser gives you the possibility to skate on different types of surfaces without any problems. As thousands of people pointed out, this longboard can be used to cruise around town, getting to class fast or simply cruise down the sidewalk.

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Atom Drop-Through Longboard


Most of the present best longboard reviews underline the efficiency of Atom Drop-Through longboard. With this beautiful and firm skateboard you will be able to skate without problems from one place to the next. It has an ultra-low riding longboard which gives you heightened control during each moment of the ride. The longboard is great for going downhill with ease. It has a unique perimeter of 9.6 inches which gives users better control during every turn. The model includes a special maple laminate deck with reverse King Pin. You should also know that the longboard includes 1 year warranty provided by the manufacturer.

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Atom Longboards Pintail


Today, you have the possibility to choose the best longboard in 2017 from Atom Longboards: Pintail. This entry-level longboard was designed with attention and durable materials. It has a classic deck shape which makes it very easy for you to stroll around town. You’ll be able to use it with ease in order to make simple turns or accelerate. This model has a total 7.3 pound weight capacity. Furthermore the longboard has a 9.4 inch deck width and 39-inch length, more than enough to handle different strolls or when you carve for more speed. This skateboard is perfect for beginners that want to learn how to skate.

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Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite Complete Longboard


Are you on the market for a high quality longboard that can bring about fun and excitement? If you are then consider learning more things about Krown Rasta Freestyle Elite Complete longboard. Part of the very popular Elite Series, this model has a special 8-Ply Maple construction which resists even long use. It measures around 9.25” x 36” on a drop-through shape. This particularity is loved by experienced riders for whom speed comes natural. Furthermore the longboard comes equipped with 71mm wheels, speed bearings and 7.0 reverse kingpin trucks. You will enjoy heightened stability, even at high speeds and irrespective of the terrain.

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