Best Lumbar Roll Reviews

How to Select the Best Lumbar Roll


Lumbar rolls can help you get rid of the nasty back pains experienced when spending hours on end sitting down. Since modern conditions make us prone to a sedentary lifestyle, as we tend to sit for prolonged periods of time at the desk, in front of a computer, in a car and so on, measures to alleviate lower back pains are necessary. Reading the best lumbar roll reviews can help you a great deal with choosing the right model for you and we also recommend reading the following buying guide.

Best Lumbar Roll


One of the most important aspects to keep in mind when you are looking for a good quality lumbar roll is size. Do not purchase a model that is too large or it will end up pushing you towards the edge of your chair and your back will remain curved in an unnatural position, causing pains and discomfort. Do not go for a model that is too small, either, as this will not solve your problem and you will still experience the same unwanted effect of pains in the lower back. There are models sold in various sizes that are really great, and you only need to pick the right one.



Lumbar cushions come in a few designs that have their particular ups and downs. The classic looking roll is very useful, because its universal design is a good fit for everyone. However, the D shaped cushions are quite popular, as well, and they work well for those who spend time inside a vehicle, sitting behind the wheel for long hours every day. There are also models that look like rolls cut in half and they are a good fit for chairs that already come with some support of their own.


Inflatable models

For your convenience, you can consider purchasing an inflatable model that you can take with you when traveling. Because the lumbar roll doesn’t take up a lot of room in your luggage, it is a great choice for the times when you need to have a cushion for your back at hand, so you can prevent any nasty pains.


Top Rated Lumbar Rolls in 2018


If you are looking for the top rated lumbar rolls 2018, the following list will help you a great deal. Featuring great design and functionality, the three lumbar rolls listed below are a great addition to anyone’s arsenal for fighting lower back pains. Read further and see which one is a good fit for you.


OPTP Original McKenzie


1.OPTP Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll StandardThe Original McKenzie is a company well known for creating top quality lumbar rolls, and all their products are praised highly by consumers. This new model comes with a new fabric that doesn’t wrinkle and doesn’t require much maintenance since it is made of easy to clean polyester fibers. All the moisture created by your body will be easily absorbed, so that you do not experience any unpleasant sensations while using the lumbar roll. The modern look of this lumbar roll is not, however, the only advantage that should interest you.

The lumbar roll takes easily after your body, without sagging or suffering any transformation that could make it unusable.

The built in strap is adjustable, so you can adapt it to your office chair, your car seat and simply around your waist so you can sit anywhere you like without the unpleasant consequences of prolonged sitting. The classic design is a good fit for anyone in need of a good quality lumbar roll, and you will see how your daily life becomes much easier and more enjoyable.

Deemed the best lumbar roll 2018 by the vast majority of users, the OPTP Original McKenzie Lumbar Roll Standard is a recommended buy.

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The Original McKenzie Super Roll


2.The Original McKenzie Super Roll Lumbar RollLower back pains are quite common for most people today, and it is a good thing that there are now products that even physiotherapists recommend. Lumbar rolls have been introduced to the market in order to help people sitting on office chairs, car seats and so on for long periods of time, in their fight against this important nuisance. The Original McKenzie has perfected the shape and efficiency of their lumbar rolls over the years and the The Original McKenzie Super Roll Lumbar Roll is one solid proof in this regard.

This particular lumbar roll was subjected to a series of tests lead by an independent lab that found that the model offers better support and doesn’t sag as quickly, when compared to similar models sold on the market. The long lifespan of this lumbar roll from The Original McKenzie highly recommends it and there are now thousands of users who have tried it and consider it one of the best you can buy right now.

Made of 100% polyester fabric, this lumbar roll offers great support without the bulky sensation other rolls create. Its particular design makes it a good choice for office chairs with already present back support, as well as car seats.

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OPTP PTS Original McKenzie


3.OPTP PTS Original McKenzie Lumbar Support RollAnother model mentioned by the best lumbar roll reviews, the OPTP PTS Original McKenzie Lumbar Support Roll offers great back support and it helps you alleviate the pressure suffered in the lumbar spine when you are sitting down for long periods of time.

The cover is made of a combination of cotton and polyester and it manages to wicker moisture fast and easy. When the cover gets dirty, you can remove it and wash it in your washing machine, in order to make sure that your lumbar roll is in top condition.

The elastic strap the model comes with allows you to attach the roll to any chair or seat you intend to use. If it is easier for you, you can attach the roll to your waist, so your back is always protected and supported.

The filling is made of high quality polyurethane foam, which prevents sagging. You can use this roll for a long time, without noticing any sagging and any deformations. The superior supportive qualities of this lumbar roll are truly great and you will not regret choosing the OPTP PTS Original McKenzie Lumbar Support Roll over other models sold on the market.

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