Best Macbook Reviews

Top Macbooks in 2018


Going through best Macbook reviews, one would be hard put not to make a quick decision without even considering a few other considerations. It is a given that a leading-if not the leading-manufacturer of notebook computers, Apple, Inc., has produced this much-coveted product. There are several models available in the market. Buyers can get one according to their specific requirements and other factors. These include usage, processor grade, user serviceability, ports, and extra specs, to name a few. Others look for aesthetic quality but the most common element is usually price. No matter what your priority is, it is best to determine what you really want.


Apple MacBook Pro MD101LL/A Laptop


Best Macbook ReviewsBelonging to the new third generation of Intel Core technology, this product boasts memory speeds and processor quality that are quite unlike those in earlier versions that came before it. The manufacturer has engineered this to carry 60% more performance levels in graphics delivery. That means graphic delivery is more advanced, sharper, more creative and faster, which leads many users to love the screen.  Transferring data has been made to be facilitated at higher rates up to 10 gigabytes per second. The power of this top Macbook in 2018 is all contained inside a single aluminum shell flawlessly constructed to house all that computing power in good protection.

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Apple MacBook Air MD760LL/A Laptop


The fast working hard drive on this baby makes it a favorite as the best Macbook in 2018. The fact that that its screen is not exactly as pleasing as the Macbook Pro’s should not be a complete deal breaker. Users have variously found the longer battery life a great thing. This is something that more mobile individuals would definitely appreciate in the product. If you’re a college student who has to attend their classes aside from leaving an active social life outside of school, and you take your computing rather seriously, this could be the very companion you need.

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Apple MacBook Pro ME294LL/A Laptop


Users have voted this the best Macbook in 2018just for carrying Retina Display technology. With this novel system, the pixel density is high enough to create more realistic, crisper and more pronounced details and images on screen. The processor is an impressive fourth generation version of Intel Core, so it’s made to run faster and not make users wait for that silly loading wheel to finish its crazy dance.  The product likely uses passive cooling because it has no fan that produces a certain kind of noise that can be a nuisance.

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Apple MacBook Pro ME293LL/A Laptop


Users who prefer to stick to their Windows software while using this machine will find that that is possible. The product can be configured to support Windows as many buyers have seen for themselves. For those who are very careful about their investments on gadgets, it pays to be mindful of how this product can be kept from undue damage. There is only too much that its aluminum shell can take. But for those who know how to optimize the features of this product while protecting the investment they made on it, the ME293LL/A laptop is one great companion.

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Apple MacBook Pro ME866LL/A Laptop


What you will love about this workhorse that’s been included in some of the best Macbook reviews is its quick start-up rate. Very little lag is experienced when applications are launched, which is great for those who need to do a lot of computing in a day. With moderate rate of usage, the battery life claims of this product live up to their promise. It can keep up with the many computing activities that range from average to the most complex and demanding. Users love how it is all put together so well in a single small frame.

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