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If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best manual razor money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. Getting a quick shave is the best solution when you are running out of time, but you want to look your best. Men do not only shave their beards, but also their heads, so having a good razor at their disposal is paramount. We wanted to find the best razor for men so you do not have to waste time and money on products that do not deliver. With the vast variety of manual razors out there, evaluating all the available models is close to impossible. We based our search on popularity rankings and ratings, so we can offer you solid information on what exactly you should buy. The Feather model features double edges, in order to provide you with the most comfortable routine when shaving, and also for prolonged lifespan. Our searches brought us to this model after comparing it with many others and the hundreds of positive reviews from owners convinced us that this is the best you can find right now. The stainless steel blades offer precise cutting for a clean shave. Plus, it is sold for a very decent pricing. If you want the best safety razor, but you cannot find the Feather where you live, the second great option is the Merkur “1904” 42C, a model made in Germany and offering great performance.



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Shaving is one of the most convenient methods of eliminating unwanted hair. While wearing a beard may look good on some men, a vast majority still prefer the clean shaved look. Having the right shaving supplies helps a great deal, and manual razors are among the most popular. Although there are electric razors now available, many opt for the convenience and ease of use of manual razors. In this buying guide, you will find some helpful information on how to get a good and reliable manual model.1.Feather Double Edge Shaving Razor


One of the first things you will learn about manual razors is that they come in three different types. Disposable models are very popular, because they are extremely convenient, they can be taken along on trips, and they can be simply thrown away after the blade gets dull. Reputable companies are making such models, and finding the best disposable razor is not difficult at all.

The second type of manual razors is represented by cartridge razors that have disposable heads. Basically, what you keep is the handle that can be reused over and over again. In case you want to reduce waste, this is the type of manual razor you should opt for.

Safety razors are the third type of manual razors you can now find on the market. These are also made of a one-piece handle and head razors. The heads are to be used until the blade become dull, and that is when you need to replace them. Safety razors have, as their name indicates, the ability to prevent cuts, which, in the past, used to be quite an issue. There are different types of safety razors, since some are created for men and others for women’s use.



Number of blades

If you choose shaving with a safety razor rather than going for a disposable model or a cartridge model, there are quite a few interesting options you will find on the market. Safety razors are now ranking high in popularity, and that happens due to their ability to provide a clean shave, minus the irritation usually associated with shaving.

Companies making shaving supplies are now competing to earn customers’ trust by employing new and advanced technologies. The number of blades used on safety razors is part of this competition. Triple blade models are virtually everywhere and they are doing a fine job. The blades are coated with an anti-friction substance, so that the blades can glide with ease, following the contour of the user’s face. In good models, the blades are cleverly spaced one from another, so that hair is not caught and pulled during shaving.

Five blade models are now emerging and they are considered even better than their three blade counterparts. The reason why is very simple: whatever hair escapes from the three blades is caught by the extra two, which means that you will be able to obtain the clean shave you are after much easier and within a shorter time. Another advantage of having more blades is that you will obtain a more precise trimming, so you will really enjoy the results. The blades usually employed on these models are usually thinner, so you will be able to obtain a more precise shave just by using the right tool.




Comfort is very important for people when shaving, which is why ergonomics are employed on the way the handle of a manual razor is designed. You can tell the difference between one model and another, by simply taking the razor in your hand and seeing how well it is balanced. When you are using disposable razors, such aspects are not that important since the handle is made of plastic with a plastic head, and there are no issues of balance, since the razor you are using is very lightweight. However, if you are searching for a more advanced manual razor, it is important to keep such things in mind.

The best shaving razor should offer you the best comfort possible, so you will not abhor the moment of the day when you need to do the shaving.2.Merkur “1904” Safety Razor 42C


Disposable razors are to be thrown after a few uses, but safety razors of good quality can be a long time investment, since you will only have to replace the heads. You will find that the best safety razor reviews praise models that have stood the test of time and do not require replacing the entire unit too often.

Find here the best safety razors that are currently sold on the market. Regardless of your preferences, once of them is yours.


Top manual razors in 2018


There is nothing better than the feeling you get after a fresh morning shave. Even if technology has advanced a lot over the past decades, manual razors still hold their own. Professional barbers still use normal blades and take great pride in their results. Choosing the perfect manual razor can be difficult considering the dozens of options currently available on the market. Our experts have gone through several of the best manual razor reviews in order to make a list of recommendations for you to try out. Their picks vary in design and price which will hopefully help a large number of users find what they were looking for.




Feather Double Edge Shaving Razor


Feather seem to be catching up to Gillette. Even though this brand is not as well-advertised, it still manages to produce some very popular shaving razors. According to most of the best manual razor reviews, this is one efficient and somewhat cool-looking shaving device. It comes with a classic design which is not too common among top end brands because it is harder to manufacture. This double edge shaving razor will provide a clean cut and complete control over your strokes. Its handle has a great grip and it is also very durable. This is an affordable product which is cheap to maintain but at the same time very efficient.



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Merkur “1904” Safety Razor 42C


This is a really classy looking, German made razor. It has a design which you barely see today in stores. Even so it is still a favorite amongst barbers across the world. Some characterize it as the best manual razor in 2018 mostly because it is very well made and it will last you for a lifetime. It is portable and can be used with any type of razor blade you like. Experts recommend the Merkur razor blades because of the close shave they are able to provide. Combined with their beautifully crafted diamond patterned razor, they deliver excellent results each and every time.




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Schick Schick Hydro 5 Power Select Razor


The Hydro 5 is a great alternative to anything you find on the market. It incorporates more technology than any other similar product currently available in stores. It brings together the better of two worlds. On one hand you get the fresh clean shave provided by your common yet effective razor blade and on the other hand you get the comfort of a mechanical device. This razor comes with a vibrating mechanism and even a gel reservoir which expels gel while shaving to provide extra care for your skin. This razor reduces irritation even if you have very sensitive skin.



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Products which are no longer available



Gillette Fusion Proglide


Best manual razor reviewsGillette are currently the most popular brand in the world when it comes to manual razors. Despite straying from the olden ways with their innovative design, they still provide that great feeling you get when shaving early in the morning. The Fusion Proglide is currently their most popular product. It is one of the top rated manual razors in 2018 mostly because of the incredible results it provides. Because of the four blades it uses you will get a very close shave without the slightest of irritation. It will fallow the shape of your jaw and it will smoothly glide across your face.




The Art of Shaving Fusion Chrome Collection Manual Razor


Timex made a great device to use with Gillette Fusion blades which are currently some of the most efficient blades on the market. This manual razor is considered by most the best manual razor in 2018. It has an amazing design which stands out because of the chrome parts. It is very well balanced and it will feel very natural when used. It glides smoothly down your face and it will never slip out of your hand. It looks classy and it gives you the feeling that you are using an actual barbershop utensil. Even though it is a bit expensive it still offers incredible value for money.