Best Massage Chair under 1000


How to Buy One of the Best Massage Chairs under 1000


Helping you unwind after a full day, a good massage chair is ideal for home relaxation, relieving your stress and any associated physical pains. Informing you on the most important aspects, this guide will help you get the best massage chair under 1000 for you and your family.

Best Massage Chair under 1000


Before buying a new massage chair you must make sure that you have plenty of space where to install it. Start by measuring your available space and then compare it with the dimensions of the chair. Make sure you have plenty of extra space available if your new massage chair is a recliner or features extensible leg support.



Depending on the model, each massage chair may come with multiple features and options that can greatly increase the customer’s satisfaction. Various massage modes may include anything from classic massage to oriental shiatsu. When it comes to settings, choose a model that allows you to select your own massage program and gives you plenty of options like intensity, duration and style.



With so many models on the market, it is easy to get carried away by all their features and forget to take a closer look at the total cost. The best choice is to select a good massage chair that comes with a reasonable price.


Top Rated Massage Chairs under 1000


While searching through all the new massage chairs reviews, we stumbled upon three models that consistently ranked higher that all the rest. Loved by their users and praised by most reviewers, these massage chairs come with plenty of features and are seen as the best recommendations right now.


Shiatsu Massage Chair EC-69


1.Shiatsu Massage Chair EC-69Focusing on functionality, this massage chair is one of the most versatile and comfortable models you can purchase right away. With its full body massage options, the Shiatsu EC-69 is perfect for all those who want to get maximum relief for stress and pain. Perfect for any occasion, this massage chair is a great health investment, keeping you and your family in perfect shape.

Designed to be as comfortable as possible, this massage chair comes with a reclining option, perfect for a full body massage. Using seven different massage modes, the Shiatsu EC-69 manages to replace a true massage session, giving you and your body instant pain and stress relief.

Comfortable and simple to use, this model is designed to simulate all the massage motions needed for a full body recovery. From shiatsu moves, to kneading or chopping, all its actions perfectly replicate the motions used by trained massage therapists.

Praised by all its users for its excellent functionality, the Shiatsu EC-69 is the best massage chair under 1000 money can buy today.

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HT iJoy-2580 Massage Chair


2.HT iJoy-2580 Massage ChairOffering you maximum comfort, this massage chair is the perfect choice for anyone who wants a simple and effective way to relax and recuperate after a full day’s work. Perfect for everyday use, the HT iJoy-2580 keeps you free of pain and stress, allowing you to relax while your body and mind recover.

Using one of the easiest to use controllers, this model allows you to select any of its three different massage modes. Comfortable and extremely simple to use, the HT iJoy-2580 is perfect for the entire family. Where other models come with extremely complicated controls and options, this massage chair will deliver a perfect massage each time without requiring any time consuming adjustments and settings.

With its focus on comfort and efficiency, the HT iJoy-2580 instantly wins the heart of all its users. Resistant and durable, this massage chair will help you relax for years to come. Simple and comfortable, this is the dream model for anyone looking for instant relief after a hard day.

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OSIM uStyle2 Massage Chair


3.OSIM uStyle2 Massage ChairMaking no compromises between design and functionality, this massage chair is one of the best massage chairs available on the market today. Beautiful and stylish, this model impresses with its elegant and functional design. Similar with a regular accent chair, the OSIM uStyle2 transforms itself into a massage chair when required.

With its smart modular design, this model offers maximum massage capabilities without requiring a lot of extra space. Unlike other larger models, the OSIM uStyle2 is quite compact, helping you save a lot of space and enable you to use it in smaller rooms. Without sacrificing functionality, this massage chair is a perfect choice for all those who value beauty and style.

Stylish and elegant, this model offers maximum flexibility, giving its user the capability to select any of its preprogrammed massage modes or even configure a new custom program for personal use. With its deep kneading mode, the OSIM uStyle2 delivers one of the most intense and invigorating massages, helping you recover after intensive workouts and stressful workdays.

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