Best Massage Tables Reviews


Top massage tables in 2017


After a long hectic day at the office, you might feel pain in your back or ache in your shoulder. When you get to your home, you may think of lying down on something that would remove all your headache related with your work. Otherwise, you may want to visit a therapist to get a nice comfortable massage. You cannot think of all these things without a massage table. The best massage tables reviews include top five designs at reasonable prices that best fit you.


BestMassage U1-Burgundy


Best Massage Tables ReviewsThis massage table charges a low price but with no compromise on premium quality. The Burgundy massage table comes with all functional components and the frame is so strong that it can hold up to 450 pounds. It’s a great portable massage table and can be folded and unfolded easily. This sturdy massage table also includes free accessories like arm rests, a face pillow, adjustable headrest and a carrying case. You can get this great massage table including all those accessories for a very advantageous price. It’s a great deal after all!

“I can do massages and also enjoy having them, so for this very reason I decided to invest in the BestMassage U1-Burgundy massage table. Laying on it feels really comfortable and if someone is applying a professional massage than the feeling is indescribable.” – Katie Solle   

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Sierra Comfort MT-201


The professionals who demand value, quality, and comfort think the Sierra Comfort is the perfect massage table. They could easily find a luggage for easy transportation. The padding and cushion are soft enough to provide your client a comfortable massage. It is placed in the list of best massage tables reviews for its satisfactory quality, construction, and price. Nothing can be lighter like this table and it can hold weight without wobbling. It`s quite reasonable priced for the current market condition.

“Because my wife does such excellent massages I bought for my home the Sierra Comfort massage table which I read is even used by professionals. The whole family can now enjoy my wife`s fantastic massages eliminating the stress and the negative energy from our bodies.” – Stewart Wahlberg

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BestMassage U9-Black


The best massage tables reviews help you to find the best product at the best price on the market. When it is all about comfort and quality, nothing can beat the BestMassage table. For physical therapists a first choice is this comfortable table and could be yours also. The table is slightly heavier than other ones but it is acceptable when quality is the main factor. This is a nice sturdy comfortable massage table with a cheap price tag. This table comes in different colors like Cream, Purple, Burgundy, and Pink.

“I took some massage courses and I have learned quite a few tricks. The next step was to get a professional massage table and I settled for the BestMassage U9-Black, because it is light, easy to assemble and then take apart again, plus comfortable.” – Emily Robson

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Earthlite Harmony DX


The economically priced full size table, the Earthlite DX, is crafted from high quality maple wood with great finishing. A lifetime limited warranty for the product ensures its premium quality and construction. You can feel heavenly comfort in its world class lightweight cushioning system. If you are suffering from an annoying back muscle pain, this master massage table will help you to get rid of it. However, it has a great price for such a comfortable massage table. You’ll simply love it!

“I don’t think massage tables get any better than the one I have from Earthlite Harmony. The cushions are nice and comfy and the wooden body is made from hard maple. All my customers have been pleased with it and I always want to get satisfied customers.” – Rachel Brown

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BestMassage MT-D-5-7-Black


Whether you are trying to buy your first massage table or the second one, you cannot get one better than this massage table at an affordable price. You can fold up and fold out the table so easily. Moreover, its lightweight also allows you to carry it anywhere you want. The leather which covers the massage table is widely used on sofas and it is 100% oil and water resistant. Over all, a nice massage table at an affordable price.

“This massage table has proven itself to be the perfect companion for me when I give my special massages. Also when I have to carry it around with me it proves to be very easy to pack and I am  all set to go in no time at all.” – Sarah Cooper

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