Best Meat Grinder under 200


How to Select the Best Meat Grinder under 200


Buying the best meat grinder under 200 may look like a daunting task. Generally, these devices can be either manual or electric. The first are great for users who grind meat occasionally, but doing so more often is tedious as the human factor has a say in the grinder’s performance. Standalone meat grinders are quicker, more efficient and provide more options. If you want to get an electrical appliance of this type, check out the following considerations.

A.Best meat grinder under 200


Heavy-duty units are larger and bulkier than any models destined for home use. This is why consumers might prefer to not keep them out on the counter. If you don’t grind meat that frequently and only do so for your family members, you may benefit from owning a smaller standalone grinder. The bigger the grinder, the larger the quantity of meat you’ll be able to prepare.


Reverse operation

In spite of how some kitchen appliances have evolved over the years, one thing’s for sure: meat grinders are known to become jammed. Let’s say you want to grind meat fast, and the unit ends up being jammed. Instead of taking the appliance apart, you can make it work again by simply pushing the reverse operation button.



Many models can be used for additional activities, from shredding cheese to producing bread crumbs, so buy one of these if you want a more versatile grinder.


Top Rated Meat Grinders under 200


To make matters easier, we have selected three of the most acclaimed units on the market today. According to American and worldwide customers, the following are the best meat grinders for the money. They’re durable, convenient and dependable but won’t ruin any budget because of their price.


STX International STX-3000-TF Turboforce


1.STX International STX-3000Power is a core detail of any meat grinder, and this STX International model certainly has all the juice you need. 3000 watts of peak output power along with a circuit breaker for increased safety make this model pretty hard to say no to. This is a size no. 12 meat grinder, so it is considerably larger than a no. 5. If you are known to grind meat often and in large quantities, you’ll definitely benefit from using this unit. Moreover, it has reverse operation.

The pack includes three stainless steel cutting blades, a 3-piece set of sausage tubes and 3 tempered steel grinding plates. Even if you’re looking for a bargain, you need to know that the plates and the blades of the grinder must be made of a durable material such as steel. The shell of cheaper models can be made of plastic, but the inside parts have to be metallic.

The manufacturers are offering a 1-year warranty on this product.

The STX-3000 has gathered more than 600 5-star ratings.

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Sunmile SM-G50 Meat Grinder


2.Sunmile SM-G50 1.3HPThe Sunmile is the best meat grinder under 200, particularly if you’re looking for a smaller home appliance. It has a power of 350-watts and is capable of grinding up to 200 lbs of meat per hour. The gearbox of this unit is metal and the tube is made of aluminum. As is the case with the formerly mentioned STX-3000, the Sunmile SM-G50 also features a circuit breaker.

The neat thing about this model is that it has four selling points: On, Off, Reset and a Reverse Switch.

The Sunmile pack includes a large variety of accessories, thus allowing users to make the most of this appliance. The set is composed of a plastic food pusher, 3 stainless steel cutting plates, a stainless steel cutting blade, a kubbe attachment a 3 different sausage attachments.

74% of the customers who chose this unit were satisfied with their purchase and provided 5-star ratings. According to many American buyers, this is a great family-sized grinder that combines versatility with convenience.

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Waring Pro MG855 Professional Meat Grinder


3.Waring Pro MG855 ProfessionalThe Waring Pro is more affordable than the other two models we’ve tackled above. It has a simple on/off switch and a reverse function. The grinder comes with a top-notch 350 peak watts motor, so perhaps it is less powerful than its professional counterparts. Nevertheless, if you’re a home user, you’ll definitely love doing your own burgers and sausages with the help of this unit. Aside from regular meat, buyers can use this model for grinding fish and vegetables.

The Waring Pro MG855 has 3 cutting plates for fine, medium and coarse grinding. 2 sausage attachments are included in the pack.

Let’s see what customers had to say about this unit. Most buyers speak highly of the quality of this meat grinder and state that they are impressed with the stainless steel gearbox. According to other people, it offers great value for the price especially since it is covered by a five-year warranty. The same individuals claim that the unit is very easy to clean even after running a couple hundred pounds of meat.

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