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If you are here just to find the best men underwear and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We’ve gathered a lot of data in regards to the best briefs for men out there by looking at the owner feedback, the sales figures, the price, as well as the overall brand and item quality of thousands of items. Out of all the products we have looked at, the Hanes Men’s Classics 76925P is the best because it has a cup of tea for every kind of user. For example, the black model is made of 100% cotton, whereas the gray one has 75% polyester and just 25% cotton. The neat thing about this type of underwear is that it is comfortable and does not give owners the feeling they are restrained in any way. If you enjoy classic mens boxers, this one might be the right model for you. If the Hanes Men’s Classics 5-Pack is out of stock, you could also consider the Calvin Klein CK One as it is the second best alternative available nowadays.



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Buying guide


Boxer briefs are everywhere, and today’s marketplace seems to be overflowing with them. Which one should you get if you’re looking for a new model? After all, there are so many mens underwear brands that any prospective buyer can end up feeling a little baffled. Fortunately for you, we’ve decided to give you a helping hand and put together a short guide that hopefully sheds light on the features and benefits you need to pay attention to if you want to get the best value for the right price. Have a look at everything you have to know about men underwear.

1.Hanes Men's 5-Pack


The fit of your underwear will inevitably determine the amount of comfort you’ll feel. If you have no problem with larger underwear, you might feel at ease in it compared to a pair of boxers that are too tight on your body. Standard sizes differ largely from one brand to the next, which is why we recommend going through a sizing chart before ordering the product of your choice online. If you’ve previously purchased other products from the same company, you might already be aware of the size you have to order. Don’t take any chances, as there are cases where you might not be able to return the underwear you’ve bought just because you’ve tried it on.




Fabrics have changed a lot during the past years. Boxers used to be made of cotton which wasn’t necessarily bad considering that it’s one of the most breathable fabrics out there. Nevertheless, since cotton isn’t all that durable in the long run, various brands were forced to put a lot of effort into designing higher quality products that can last for a longer amount of time. These days, fabrics such as spandex, silk, lycra, nylon and others have become quite popular, especially when they’re combined. You have a higher chance of wearing boxers made of cotton and polyester than you would with some made just of cotton, partly because they’re more durable and because they’re even more affordable. In actuality, cheap mens underwear is made of synthetic materials and this one you have to stay away from. Some individuals are actually allergic to lycra or nylon.



Purpose and climate

Estimating your needs and requirements is a good way of beginning your buying journey. Do you plan to choose a product that’s destined for climates where snow and cold weather isn’t out of the ordinary? Or are you buying your briefs while living in California or Florida? Lycra is a good option for people living in Alaska, even though it makes a tight fit. On the contrary, people living in a hot climate may find it completely unsuitable for them.




There are four styles you may come across while selecting your option. The thong alternative might not be the popular one for some people but it might be just the right one of others. Just like boxers are different from briefs, users are also different among one another. Briefs are somewhat traditional, in that they have an elastic waistband and feature a Y-shaped fly. The user’s butt is going to be completely covered if he goes for this alternative. Boxers are looser compared to briefs, and can be significantly longer. Fly fronts are something you might fail to find in all boxers, because it is not a feature to define them. Boxer briefs are yet another popular option nowadays, as they combine the advantages of briefs with the perks of boxers. They offer full coverage but are somehow more fitting so that they work with pretty much any type of clothes you may feel like using at any given moment.

Color is also related to style. It seems that almost two thirds of men all over the world prefer certain tones over others, which is why they can choose their underwear depending on their favorite color. Many individuals go for classic black, whereas others prefer a simple gray. For some, stripes are mandatory, while for others white has to rule them all.2.Calvin Klein ck One Men's


Some men like to keep their underwear separate depending on the activities they have in mind. For example, you might see that you’re more tempted to use a certain pair of boxer briefs when going to the gym, probably because you’ve tested them and noticed that they can put up with your movements and extensions or with the moisture from the sweat. If you’re relaxing in a massage chair, you might feel tempted to use a different style, such as regular briefs. It all depends on what you’re planning to do on one day or the next.



Top Men Underwear in 2018


Few men know it, but it is always good to check out the best men underwear reviews before buying intimate apparel so you can enjoy complete comfort. Good men’s underwear should incorporate style, comfort and material. Cost only comes second since men’s underwear should be invested in carefully if it is meant to last. Boxer briefs are popular choices, although boxers and traditional briefs are also used by many. A functional front fly is preferable, as is a front cup panel for added support to the genitals. I consider the brands below to be good buys for men who want nothing but the best in their underwear choices.



Hanes Men’s Classics 76925P


Best Men Underwear ReviewsThese boxer briefs have made it to the list of the best men underwear in 2018 due to many reasonsThey combine the best of both worlds for briefs and boxers with the way they fit and look. The black variant in the 5-pack set is 100% cotton, the grey one is 25% cotton and 75% polyester. The briefs have a fully functional fly and an exposed elastic waistband that can move as you move, not constricting at all. You can enjoy the freedom of being in boxers while having the sensible, multi-point support of conventional briefs with these Hanes boxer briefs.




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Calvin Klein Ck One


This low-rise underwear for men has an elastic waist that gives freedom of movement. The boxer briefs have a contrast trim for stylish appearance. The fact that they are of 87% Tactel nylon and 13% Elastane makes these boxer briefs a favorite in the best men underwear reviews. The imprinted logo on the elastic waistband ensures you of premium quality and superior fit. The contoured front pouch gets superior enhancement from the contrast flat-lock stitching. This underwear is smooth and luxurious, for the man with discriminating tastes.




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Champion Men’s Tech Performance


The mesh material is 85% polyester and 15% spandex, which makes this a top-selling boxer brief among the best men underwear in 2018. Ventilation and support are provided by the performance mesh pouch. The boxer-briefs closure is a feature that adds to the underwear’s functionality. The underwear fits tightly like briefs and is tapered like boxers. The inseam measures 6 inches for more secure fit and support. It is made of stretchable wicking fabric so it can move with you while keeping you cool and dry. These boxer briefs have chafe-resistant seams for outstanding comfort for the wearer.



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Adidas Men’s Climalite


The ultra-soft and extra lightweight fabric of these boxer briefs makes it the top men underwear in 2018, but that’s not all. The Adidas boxer brief keeps you cool and dry all day as you engage in sports and an active lifestyle, thanks to Adidas’ patented Climalite technology. It matches the company’s color apparel so you are always well coordinated in what you have on. The fabric has been engineered to be odor resistant as well, thanks to bacterial treatment of the fibers. The waistband is really soft and has no irritating tags in it. Stitching used in the underwear is non-chafing and smooth.



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Fruit-of- the-Loom Men’s Basic 7-Pack Brief


These briefs are made of 100% cotton for superior comfort and wearability. They carry a full cut for tight support in all angles. They also have a plush-backed waistband that won’t pinch or restrict freedom of movement. Every brief in this pack is made with excellent cup support at the front for maximum security without compromising fit and comfort. If boxer briefs are too radical for you, this underwear should be a great alternative. The best thing about this 7-pack package is the price, which will not rob you down to your underwear.



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