Best Metal Bed Frames Reviews

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best metal bed frames money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best metal bed frames on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at the Best Price Mattress BPM-SB-14Q-F is the best model for sale because it comes with a strong and sturdy steel construction that will provide you will all the support you need. You will love how easy it is to assemble since there are not any additional tools needed. It also sits high enough off the floor to provide you with 14 inches of convenient storage space. If the Best Price Mattress BPM-SB-14Q-F is not available, you could consider the Zinus Compack as it is the second best option.



Buying guide


A metal bed frame can provide you with plenty of support, especially when it is combined with a quality mattress. In some cases it might even allow you to get rid of your bulky box spring. Whether it is your first time purchasing a bed frame or you just want to replace an old one, there are some aspects to consider before you start shopping. In this buying guide you will find the information you need to help you choose the best metal bed frame.



You have probably noticed that most bed frames are not exactly cheap and some types can cost almost as much as the mattress. This is just one of the reasons why metal bed frames have remained a popular favorite with consumers of all ages. Since bed frames constructed from metal are relatively basic, they are often an affordable option for consumers on a tight budget.

Just because metal bed frames are usually priced lower than the other types, this does not mean that it is not important to have a set spending limit in mind. Your budget will not only help you narrow down your possible options, it will also determine the size of the bed frame. If any extras are included this will also be reflected in the price. Once you have a set spending limit in mind you will find it easier to find the right metal bed frame.




The size of the bed frame is important for several reasons. It will determine whether or not it will fit in the allotted space, and be compatible with your existing mattress. The last thing you want to do is get the bed frame assembled only to find that it is too big or small to meet your needs. Not only is this frustrating it can also turn out to be an expensive waste of your money.

Taking the time to measure the area in the room will help prevent any expensive sizing mistakes. Since mattresses by law are required to come with dated tags that clearly display the size, it should be easy to make sure that the frame will be compatible. Some metal bed frames that are king size can also be adjusted so you can also use it with twin, full and queen size mattresses. If you want to get the most out of your new metal bed frame you might want to consider paying a little extra for one that can be adjusted to fit different size mattresses.



When you are looking for a great metal bed frame there are a few features to consider. Even though this can result in a slightly higher price, for some consumers it might be well worth it. Along with being adjustable in size, some can also be raised or lowered so you can find a comfortable sleeping height. Not everyone enjoys sleeping close to the floor, and being able to raise the frame just a little can make the difference between restlessly dozing or a refreshing night’s sleep.

If the metal bed frame is only going to be used temporarily you might want to choose a lightweight model that is easy to take apart and assembled. Some of these frames also work great with air and futon mattresses so guests can sleep comfortably when they visit. Models that come with castors are extremely easy to move around, though it should be noted that most metal bed frames will not fit through standard size doors, unless they are disassembled. If storage is an issue you might want to consider one that is designed to sit higher off the ground. Some models can provide you with 14 inches of extra space underneath which is perfect for storing seasonal and other seldom used items.

There are also metal bed frames with springs that are capable of providing you with full body support. Often with these bed frames consumers find that they no longer need their heavy box springs since it is already designed to provide you with plenty of comfortable support.




Top metal bed frames in 2018


A metal bed frame can be a great addition to almost any home, and most are designed to fit mattresses of all sizes. While we can’t choose the right model for you we can help you make an informed decision, which is why we have the best metal bed frames showcased below.




Best Price Mattress BPM-SB-14Q-F


The 100% steel construction of this model is one thing that has captivated the attention of many of its buyers. This is indicative of the fact that the bed frame will prove to be excellent when it comes to durability. This is also an option that has proven to be good when it comes to ease of assembly, requiring you to not sweat a drop as you have it set up. The bed frame also leaves generous amount of space underneath, which can be used for the storage of your things to keep the bedroom as organized as possible.



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Sleep Revolution Compack


As you read the reviews about the top rated bed frames in 2018, you will notice that this is another option that is often recommended by many people. This frame is designed with a center bar and 9 legs, making it stable and capable of supporting generous weight. There is also a recessed leg that will make it safe. Like in the case of the products that have been mentioned above, the assembly of such can also be completed in a snap, which will require just four simple steps. Lastly, you might also like the fact that the bed frame is very light, yet very excellent when it comes to strength.



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Hercules Universal Heavy Duty



There is very little not to like about this metal bed frame, including its affordable price. Since it is constructed from heavy duty steel it is capable of supporting almost any mattress, with or without the box spring. The four outer rails can be adjusted for size so it can even be used with a California King. Thanks to the the seven locking castors this frame is easy to move around the room as needed. It is also extremely easy to assemble, and it can even be attached to your headboard with the purchase of additional screws.



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Sleep Master Platform


Many of the box springs that are available in the market today are limited in terms of the capacity that they can handle, which is also the main reason on why they are not expected to last long. With such, the best metal bed frames reviews have noted that this is a welcomed alternative, given the fact that it has the ability to support as much as 2,400 pounds of weight. To add, this has also become a popular model because its assembly will take only a few minutes. Such will be completed in the absence of requiring any tools and without the need to sweat.



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King’s Brand 7-leg Adjustable


Among other things, this is being considered as one of the best metal bed frames in 2018 basically because of its flexibility. The users will have the opportunity to have it adjusted based on the size of the mattress that will be placed on top. It is also an unparalleled choice when it comes to mobility since this is designed with wheels, making it a snap to have such transferred from one place to another. The solid metal frame is known for its durability, which means that you can expect such to withstand many years of use while also being able to enjoy generous weight capacity.



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Structures by Malouf


Just like in the case of the model that has been mentioned above, it also has wheels for mobility and can be adjusted in a variety of sizes. Being one of the best metal bed frames in 2018, this is also an option that is hassle-free in terms of its assembly. In less than 10 minutes, the whole frame can be set without the need for tools. It also has a center support that makes it able to support more weight. In addition, it is coated with powder finish that makes it also able to withstand external elements that can possibly shorten its functional life.



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