Best Mig Welder under 500


How to Find the Best Mig Welder under 500


Getting one of the best mig welder under 500 is a daunting task. Manufacturers aren’t making it easy for customers, with the large variety of models that now exist on the market. Nevertheless, in the case of these devices, it’s important to understand that bargains or cheap products will often pose the risk of the user not completing the project. Low-end models coming from some Asian countries can break down before you’re done with your work.

Best mig welder under 500


Utilizing a mig welder can be dangerous, so make sure you have cotton overalls and welding gauntlets.


Amps. Minimum and maximum.

Manufacturing companies are keen on claiming that their welders are the best and that they can excellently perform regardless of steel thickness. This isn’t true. A top 90-amp welder will work with 2.0mm to 3.0 mm of steel thickness, whereas its 180-amp counterpart will do the same with 5mm to 7.5mm of steel thickness.

Any welder with more than 30 amps minimum cannot be used on car bodywork. If you want to weld thin metal, you have to look for 20 or 25 amp minimum.



Some models come with their own torch, but others don’t. Since torches become worn, you need to know you can replace them. With built-in torches, you’ll have to ask your manufacturer. Eurotorches can be replaced by the user.


Most Reliable Mig Welders under 500


We have taken the time to go over hundreds and hundreds models and have selected a short list of the three best mig welders out there. All of the following units are widely acclaimed by customers from the United States and from Western Europe. They’re high-quality, convenient and long-lasting.


Hobart 500559 Handler Wire Welder


1.Hobart 500559Hobart is one of the most well-known manufacturing companies when it comes to mig welders. With such a long-standing reputation, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that this item is likely to be the best mig welder under 500. This is a versatile unit that has an industrial performance. It operates on 115 volt household current and it’s recommended that buyers use it with a 20-amp circuit.

Both the manufacturer and the people who have purchased it claim that it is easy to setup and utilize and that it only takes a couple of minutes before you can actually start welding. A guide is included in the package.

The Hobart model can be successfully used for a wide array of projects, from welding exhaust systems to doing metal sculpture.

The manufacturers are offering a 5-year warranty on this item.

Judging by the customer reviews, the Hobart really takes the cake. More than 93% of the people who have bought the unit were so satisfied with its quality that they provided 5-star ratings. If you are wondering about the friendly price, we’ll tell you there’s a quick explanation to that. The model was launched in 2013 and that’s why it’s now so affordable.

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Lincoln Electric K2185 MIG Welder


2.Lincoln Electric K2185The Lincoln Electric model is a more economical alternative than the previously described Hobart one. It can weld up to ⅛-inch mild steel. As is the case with the formerly mentioned model, this one can be used with 115V household current and with a 20-amp outlet. The main difference between the two stands in the fact that this second one can weld both MIG and flux-cored.

The pack includes a welding gun and cable assembly, as well as a work cable and a work clamp. Since this is one of the most versatile products of the line, it comes with a gasless nozzle and a gas nozzle, gas regulator and hose. It’s safe to say that this mig welder is definitely easy to use, particularly considering that it comes with pretty much all the things you might ever need.

The manufacturers are offering a 1-year warranty on the Lincoln Electric K2185, both on material and on workmanship.

This is an authentic 100% American welder.

Let’s see what customers had to say about this product. The unit has gathered more than 40 positive reviews. Individuals claim they’ve used it with aluminum and that it performed well. According to various buyers, the welds are nice and smooth and penetrate the surface of any ⅛-inch metal.

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Everlast Poweri-MIG 140E Welder


3.Everlast Poweri-MIGThis is one of the most affordable MIG welders we’ve come across. It’s not the cheapest one on the market, but it comes with a decent performance and that’s why we’ve decided to include it in the list. It’s considerably more economical than the Hobart 500559. The unit can run with gas or as a flux core welder, depending on the user’s preferences.

The unit has a top power of 140 amps and a 35% duty cycle. Although it’s clearly more lightweight than its counterparts, it still doesn’t come with a nice pair of wheels to use when you’re moving around your jobsite. You won’t require a visit to a chiropractor after carrying the Everlast Poweri-MIG, but a set of wheels might have come in handier.

The manufacturers are offering a 5-year warranty on the Everlast Poweri-MIG, both on parts and on labor. The 30-days money back guarantee is a neat advantage, as this way you’ll know for sure whether this unit is truly for you.

According to the individuals who have purchased this item, the Everlast is capable of excellent performance and provides amazing power, particularly for a 120V welder. The wire feed is consistent and the unit produces a steady bead.

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