Best Mixer under 500


How to Buy the Best Mixer under 500


Giving you the inputs, outputs and other features you need, the audio mixer is at the heart of your entire recording studio or PA system. Music studio professionals rely on the best mixer to connect all their sources of sound and music to the amps and speakers of a PA system or the studio’s recording system. It is essential to know how to bag a premium quality mixer.

Best mixer under 500

More-than-Adequate Input Channels

Before attempting to purchase the best mixer under 500, you should first determine how many input channels you need, then add a few more than that to the total for those special instances when you might need extra inputs to use. This is always good advice for future system expansions as well

Thus, if you only regularly use two microphones for presentations, you will appreciate having a four-channel mixer that will allow you to also play pre-recorded music and use an extra microphone for a guest. You never know how useful an extra input will be in the future.


Inserts and Direct Outputs

For adding outboard processors including equalizers and compressors to individual channels, find out if that best mixer under 500 you are eyeing carries enough channel inserts in its system. Commonly, the insert point of a channel is right after its preamp in the signal flow, and uses a single ¼-inch insert jack that is used with a special insert cable, or individual send and return jacks.

On the other hand, a copy of the preamp signal is simply sent out of the board by the direct output, making it functional for sending individual feeds to an audio interface or external recorder.


Onboard Effects, EQ and Other Features

To infuse dry, lifeless sounds with more audio appeal, you may want the mixer to incorporate reverb, echo and other sonic effects. Sonic effects contribute to sound enhancement while eliminating the need for extra cables and outboard equipment.

Most models come with bass, treble, as well as midrange EQ controls to infuse clarity and fidelity for adjusting each channel’s tone.

For optimal condenser microphone use, the mixer should come with Phantom Power.


Top Raed Mixer under 500


Having a premium mixer when you’re a recording professional or when you use a PA system regularly could spell the difference between a ho-hum presentation and an awesome one. If you’d rather not spend precious minutes on reading, check out these three products that are sure to win anyone’s approval-your audience included.


Gemini DJ G4V DJ Controller


1.Gemini DJ G4V DJ Controller 4Transforming the typical DJ MIDI device into an unparalleled, dynamic software performance controller, the Gemini DJ G4V DJ Controller 4 Channel Midi Controller with Soundcard comes with all the standard DJ tools plus a host of other awesome features. The Midi Controller is outfitted with key-lock, cue controls, a pitch fader, along with on-the-fly loop move, advanced sampling controls, loop roll modes and auto loop. It is a four-channel mixer that provides constant access to the dedicated Filter controls, EQ, and Gain on each software deck. From the first use, the mixer lets you enjoy amazing response from the pre-mapped FX controls for Virtual DJ.

The fully metal enclosure houses two full-featured DJ decks on which you have absolute control of four virtual software decks. In terms of I/O’s, the Gemini DJ G4V is outfitted with microphone and auxiliary inputs, master and booth RCA outputs, and a balanced XLR master output. Empowering you to tap, toggle and twist your tracks, the 16 multi-function performance pads and array of assignable rotary encoders help you deliver a unique and remarkable performance.

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Behringer DDM4000 Digital Pro Mixer


2.BEHRINGER DDM4000The Behringer DDM4000 Digital Pro Mixer helps you make your crowd go wild with its awesome creative tools balanced with an intuitive layout. Storing, editing and recalling your settings are always easy thanks to the mixer’s fully programmable multi-FX modules, along with the digital cross fader with custom curve adjustment and the pair of high-precision BPM counters. Under your full control, there is a super-cool BPM-sync’d sampler with superbly responsive loop and reverse functions and pitch control. Ready to hook up with your CD/MP3 players and turntables, the four-channel mixer provides individual EQ and Kill switches.

The mixer boasts 5 independent channels. The first four can be designated as cross fader stereo channels for use with both vinyl and CD decks, with matching phono/line level toggle switches at the input. Monitoring of each channel can be done directly using headphones thanks to the PFL switch above the fader. Up to 12 dB of boost and infinite cut option or ‘kill’ can be carried out through 3-band digital EQs on all channels.

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Denon DN-HC4500 DJ Mixer


3.DENON DN-HC4500 DJ MixerThe Denon DN-HC4500 DJ Mixer USB Controller is the brand’s first USB Midi/Audio interface engineered for use in mobile deejaying and computer performance clubs. Combining unparalleled hardware performance and premium quality internal audio processing, the feature-rich professional PC/MAC compatible controller comes with low-latency ASIO/OSX Core Audio support. The audio mixer ensures compatibility with various DJ software including Virtual DJ and Serato Scratch LIVE. With this audio mixer, you’ll enjoy the exclusive flexibility to control the optional BU4500 dual CD/MP3 player for simultaneous 4-player configuration from Denon.

The Denon DN-HC4500 DJ Mixer USB Controller also comes with the Traktor LE 2 by Native Instruments®, the lightest version today of the Traktor DJ software that includes everything needed to get your mix on. It features highly responsive soft rubber buttons, knobs and switches that offer real-time control. The USB 2.0 Interface offers superb high speed for effortless recording and recalling of your mixes. The vibrant tube display comes with two-line character text support so you’ll never be lost amidst your deejaying and recording tasks.

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