Best Modern Typewriter Reviews

Are you shopping for the best modern typewriter, but time is of the essence and you cannot spare a few minutes? We have you covered. How about you see the conclusion reached by our research team after reading many reviews from users, evaluating sales figures and pricing, and consulting reports from buyers? According to the results of this extensive research, the NAKAJIMA AE-800 is the model you should consider as your next buy, if all you want is the best model available. This typewriter does everything other such devices do, but somehow more efficiently. Its printing speed is 22 CPS and its overall performance exceeds expectations. In case layout customization is something you seek, this model will not let you down. Should the NAKAJIMA AE-800 be out of stock, we suggest you go for the Nakajima AE-710, the next contender in line for being called the best model around for a home office user or a passionate writer.



Buying guide


Modern typewriters are still produced, and while you may think that most people would have succumbed to the dominance of the computer, there are plenty of home based writers and small businesses that still prefer the convenience and straightforward appeal of a typewriter. However, you should know that these modern units are cool typewriters and they do not lack any features you might need to make your documents look just fresh out of a modern device.

Speed and overall performance

One of the first things to look at when you are shopping for such a product available for sale is printing speed. You should settle for nothing under 20 CPS, or otherwise, you may start experiencing an unpleasant lag-like effect. While some patient individuals may not be bothered by this, most people today cannot be lenient with machines that work too slow, and this simple aspect applies to typewriters, too.

It is crucial that the typewriter you want to purchase has overall superior performance. It should come equipped with a plethora of features, such as automatic carriage return. A model that performs well will increase your productivity and you will be able to truly depend on it for all your writing needs. The best electronic typewriter available must be one that is fast and offers superior performance in any way.


Correction memory

If there is something that the best modern typewriter reviews insist upon when they evaluate various models is that a correction memory feature should be available. In this day and age, mistake-free writing is a must, and the last thing you need in an official document that you have to send to your business partners is a bunch of typos.

When you read through the specs made available by the manufacturer, you will notice that there is an indicator related to correction memory expressed in number of characters or lines. The higher this number is, the better the model, and you will be able to make your choice, knowing well what you are dealing with.


Layout customization

Whenever there is a debate going on about the possibility for a typewriter to do the same things a desktop computer does, layout customization is brought in the conversation. Modern typewriters do not suffer from the same problems as their older counterparts, since they now come equipped with quite a wide range of customizations possible. For instance, auto centering, underlining words or using bold characters is possible.

But, if we are not talking only about style, but about layout, as well, you must read through all the specs provided carefully to see if the customizations you want are available. Indent variations, tabulation memory, spacing and others should be present if the machine you intend to buy is, indeed, proper for performing a lot of office work.

Framing is another feature you may like to see, when you are working with stationery and you want yours to look professional.



Top Modern Typewriters in 2018


If you want nothing but the best modern typewriters, the first three models currently in buyers’ graces are listed below. They comply with all the requirements from this buying guide and they are all fine choices you can make without experiencing any buyer’s regrets later on.





The wide carriage of this particular typewriter allows you to work with different document layouts up to 17 inches, which is something that cannot be said about other models available nowadays. Its printing speed is something to write home about, too. With 22 CPS, this typewriter is faster than most and offers you the possibility to type as fast as you like by keeping up with you, like a true professional machine for writing purposes.

You will be more than happy with the 5-line correction memory that will allow you to avoid mistakes on the fly. An electronic typewriter has important tasks to attend to and that includes to automate the writing process as much as possible. The 30 position tabulation memory makes this model a good option for businesses who need to create their own templates for sending business related correspondence.

The automatic carriage return helps with increasing productivity and there is hardly any need for anything else, if all you like doing all day long is sitting in front of your typewriter to create your next masterpiece. For both business and personal use, this typewriter proves to be a desirable choice, especially due to the large number of extra features present.

Buy from Amazon for ($470.6)




Nakajima AE-710


You can now print your documents using a typewriter without worrying about mistakes, because the Nakajima AE-710 is built to offer you the best options possible to make your documents look professional and free of any typos and other mistakes. If we are talking about this particular aspect, we must say that it is not only the correction memory that helps, although this one plays a major role.

The 700-character correction memory – the equivalent of 10 lines – is very generous and it will help you prevent a lot of troubles along the way. What is also important is that this machine allows you to erase words and characters if you notice mistakes in your writing. Old typewriters could not do such a thing and that was one of the reasons why they became obsolete. Now, you can enjoy the pleasure of typing on a typewriter and enjoy the same cool features as someone using a desktop computer.

There are some other aspects that may convince you that this model is a good option. Its printing speed is 20 CPS, which is not far from the fastest models on the market and it guarantees that you will be able to enjoy a high-quality product that will help you with your writing work.

Buy from Amazon for ($319.87)




Nakajima AE-740


You will be able to use a wide range of features for customizing document layout when you pick the Nakajima AE-740. Justification is among the features made available by this unit, so your documents will look professional. Automatic centering is another feature that helps with customizing your documents as you see fit. For anyone searching for a typewriter for office work, this model proves to be a fine choice.

The automatic carriage return is a feature that helps with productivity. You will be able to focus more on your writing and less on making the machine in front of you do what you need it to do. The word correction capabilities of this model are important, as well, and you will be able to use common functions like underlining and bold characters with great ease.

Do not forget that you have plenty of other features to help you, such as paragraph indentation, hyphen, group tabs and other kinds of tabs, for maximum customization power. The 3-line correction memory comes in handy and prevents mistakes from marring your documents. The total memory is 112k characters or 100 pages, something that even small businesses can work with.

Buy from Amazon for ($501.38)