Best motorcycle jackets under $200

If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best motorcycle jacket money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best motorcycle jackets on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, sales figures,  value for money, price, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the MILWAUKEE LEATHER Men’s Classic Side Lace Police Style came up on top of the competition. Made of premium cowhide leather, this jacket is ideal for summer riding, and it will make you feel like a real road warrior. The numerous pockets make it very functional, as you will be able to keep inside all kinds of valuables or items you want to access quickly. The classic policeman style is a hit with consumers who all appreciate that, for the price, you cannot get any better than this. If the MILWAUKEE LEATHER Men’s Classic Side Lace Police Style is unavailable or out of stock, you could also consider the Pilot Men’s Direct Air Mesh as the second best option.



How to Choose a New Motorcycle Jacket Under $200


Enjoying your rides in perfect comfort and safety depends on what kind of equipment you get. When it comes to motorcycle jackets, there are plenty of models available on the market, so it may feel a bit daunting to find the best one out there. We want to help you by providing you with this concise buying guide that will tell you all there is to know about the most important aspects of a motorcycle jacket.

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How a motorcycle jacket should fit

This is a matter of utmost importance. After all, while you are seeking protection against wind and rain when you are wearing a motorcycle jacket, you also need it to be comfortable. For that to happen, you should get a model that fits you well. There are a few aspects to consider here. Because motorcycle jackets must be fit pretty snug against your body, it is not a good idea to get one that is too large. One that is too tight can also be a problem, because it will limit your movement, and you may even get in an accident, because you could not control your bike due to being constrained by your own clothes.

First of all, you need to see if the motorcycle jacket you intend to buy fits well across the chest. This is the widest area of the torso, and a good model should be able to fit properly. Getting the right size is always important when it comes to clothes, and in the case of motorcycle jackets even more so. Next, you should check to see if the jacket is a good fit around the waste. Some models come with an extra belt you can adjust, so that the jacket remains snug against your body. Do not forget about sleeves, either. The sleeves should be just the right length, not too long, but not too short, either. While all these may sound like a matter of comfort, they are a matter of safety, too, so make sure you get a good fit when you are shopping for a jacket.



Good quality materials

When you are shopping for this kind of item, you need to pay really close attention to the quality of the materials used. Leather is common for motorcycle jackets, but it is not, by far, the only one used. Leather is a good choice, because it is a durable material, and because it can withstand rain and wind without a problem. Still, manufacturers of motorcycle clothing are now opting for textile materials, as well. The main reason is that these tend to be more lightweight, so you will feel more comfortable in one of these. Not any kind of textile is used. Special materials, made of fibers researched thoroughly, in order for them to provide the same advantages as old style jackets, are used, such as Armacor, Kevlar, Dynatec and Cordura. These are all varieties of nylon and they are very resistant, while providing great breathability to a piece of garment that is not usually known for such traits.

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Besides good quality materials, a motorcycle jacket should have a good and reliable construction, which is why it is highly recommended to get one for which attention to detail was carefully paid by the manufacturer. For instance, seams must be well executed, on the inside, and as few as possible, since more seams can compromise the stability of the material. A model made from a single piece of material is sturdier than one made from different pieces sewn together and it is much better for the wearer’s safety. The zippers should be made of a sturdy material, as well. Also, they should be covered by flaps, so they do not pose any problem in case of an accident. These flaps keep moisture away, and they are very useful, even in models made of textiles. Protectors are essential, too, because they protect the areas that are more vulnerable. A jacket with back protector will also contribute to your overall comfort level.

Now that you are well informed on the most important aspects of motorcycle jackets, here are the best models you can find currently available for sale.



Top rated cheap motorcycle jackets


When it comes to motorcycles and the world surrounding them, people know that attitude and personality are vibrant accessories which can’t fade away. This is why riders are very attentive to what they wear whenever they go out riding with friends across the country or in town. One of the most important things that a pro rider should have is a carefully designed motorcycle jacket. Fortunately the market is flooded with tones of jackets with different models which need your attention. Consulting some of the current best motorcycle jackets reviews represents an important step in discovering the one that suits your personality.



MILWAUKEE LEATHER Men’s Classic Side Lace Police Style




If you are looking for the absolute best when it comes to motorcycle jackets, the MILWAUKEE LEATHER Men’s Classic Side Lace Police Style is one fine choice. Besides its classic biker look that instantly reminds you of all the badass characters in movies riding a motorcycle, this model offers comfort and outstanding performance in all weather conditions. For a biker, their jacket is equal with armor, and they can never settle for an inferior product. This jacket is made of premium cowhide and its overall construction is sturdy and built for comfort. The zippered pockets protect all your valuables, and the half belt offers easy adjustment.


Buy from for ($119.99)




Pilot Men’s Direct Air Mesh


2.Pilot Men's

In case you do not necessarily want a leather jacket, the Pilot Men’s Direct Air Mesh is a good choice for a model made of heavy duty textiles. The model is made of 210D Micro Mesh, which offers great breathability, so you can feel comfortable when riding your motorcycle all the time. On the shoulder panels, the manufacturer used 600D NPF for extra strength, so this jacket is very durable. There are some other safety features you may want to know about. The pockets and the attachment points are painted in a special paint that is visible in low light.


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Jackets 4 Bikes


Best motorcycle jackets under $200It’s important to be wearing a great motorcycle jacket when you go out riding, and taking on the road with force. Today, you should consider using Jackets 4 Bikes motorcycle jacket, which was designed to enhance the user’s personality. Regarded as one of the best motorcycle jackets under $200, this jacket is made out of cowhide leather and has reflective stripes, located on the chest, back and sleeves. The jacket comes with 5 section removable armour for shoulders, elbows and also back, made out of injection molded plastic and completed by foam. This jacket includes front zipper closure and also side waist adjustments.



Buy from for ($109.99)




Jackets 4 Bikes Blade


If you want a jacket that displays attitude and personality then you should consider taking Jackets 4 Bikes jacket. Designed with attention, the jacket is ideal for experience riders that want to feel the excitement of riding. The jacket comes with 5 section removable armour for shoulders, elbows and back. The shoulder and elbow armour was designed out of injection molded plastic, completed by foam which maintains the optimal protection during unwanted accidents. As one of the best motorcycle jackets under $200, the model is made out of genuine 1.2mm cow hide leather, completed by metal zippers and 2 external hand pockets.



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Diamond Plate


When it comes to motorcycles, pro and even novice riders pay a lot of attention to their reflection within motor communities. This is why, upon reviewing some of the latest motor life instruments we recommend you should use Diamond Plate Buffalo leather jacket. It is regarded as one of the best motorcycle jackets under $100, made out of patched leather with a proud American eagle hanging on the back with the national flag in its claws. The jacket has hundreds of superb individual pieces of hand crafted Buffalo leather, stitched together with attention in order to maintain a refined and vibrant feel.



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Xelement Men’s


Riding is more than getting on the motorcycle and following the road’s vibe. So, it’s important to have a cool and powerful motorcycle jacket that suits your personality and attitude towards riding life. You can use with confidence Xelement Men’s Black and Silver motorcycle jacket that was CE approver Armor because it passed the highest level EN1621-1 & EN1621-2 impact tests Level-3 Advanced technology armour. The model has an ergonomic design with precise high impact absorbing features that also permits the user to move around. In addition, the motorcycle jacket includes exterior polycarbonate protective shoulder armour which may come in handy during accidents.



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Xelement Level 3


Many pro riders are now on a personal quest towards finding that special bad-ass motorcycle jacket, which their piers will die for. This is where Xelement men’s Black and Gray Level 3 jacket comes into play, delivering the extra feeling needed on any course. Regarded as one of the best motorcycle jacket under $100, this model is ideal for riders that love to become something more. The motorcycle jacket comes with removable foam based CE certified armor for the back, elbows and shoulders. Furthermore it is completed by removable zippered arm sleeves which can be converted into a shirt style motor jacket.



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