Best Motorcycle Radar Detector Reviews


In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best radar detector for motorcycles? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. We have gathered a lot of information about the best radar detectors for motorcycles on the market by looking at sales figures, value for money, price and overall brand quality. Out of the products we have looked at, the Escort Passport 9500ix Radar/Laser Detector is the best, because it can detect all types of bands and even laser, providing you with superior protection against speed traps. It features the voice alert function, thus not distracting you from your driving and it eludes false alarms by calculating your distance to the location of the radar and warning you only when you approach it. If this product is out of stock, you can choose the Adaptiv Technologies TPX radar and laser detector as a second great option.



How do you find a good motorcycle radar detector?


As a motorcycle addict, driving your two-wheeled vehicle almost anywhere, you must always carry with you all the necessary equipment to keep yourself out of danger. Besides the specialized gear you need when going somewhere, there are plenty of accessories to make your driving easier, whether you are trying to get to the store, or going on a two day trip. Putting a radar detector on a motorcycle is an absolute necessity. A bigger even necessity is knowing how to find one that will do its job, and help you avoid police radars.

A.1 Best radar detectors for motorcycles

What type of band they detect

The major issue with motorcycle radar detectors is that they intercept a wide range of incoming signals, most of them probably not originating from a police radar. This is what you may call a necessary evil, since you are never sufficiently protected. There are four bands that radar detectors pick-up: X-band, K-band, Ka-wide- band (sometimes including Ka photo-cop) and Ka-super wide-band). The difference between them is the frequency. Commonly used radar detectors use the K-band. However, if the police radar uses another band, your gadget is useless. The Ka-band (and Ka-super wide-band) is used in highly functional devices. The Ka-super wide-band encloses the whole Ka-band, but devices which pick up this frequency tend to be more expensive. In conclusion, to ensure maximum protection, you should shield yourself with a device functioning on all frequencies, and, if possible, including laser detection (one of the newest technologies used by police forces).



As the major function of a radar detector is to detect radars, that is what is has to do best, but, many of them come with unexpectedly helpful innovations and additional features to enhance its detection power. So, what should you be searching for? Well, as it turns out, in areas where radar detectors are illegal, RDD’s (radar detectors detectors) are used by the police, in order to detect radar equipped vehicles. But, if you want to avoid RDD’s you can procure yourself a radar detector that will immediately shut-off, when detecting one (an RDD), making it almost impossible to be spotted by them. A quite useful feature is vocal alert. That means a voice will warn you about a radar nearby, while you will keep your eyes on the road, minimizing accident risk.


Style of mounting

Basically, there are three ways in which you can attach a radar detector to your vehicle, depending on the option provided by the gadget. These are as follows: cordless, corded, and remote-mounting devices (installed inside the dashboard of your motorcycle, but impossible to move, so you can’t use them on other vehicles). A cordless device will allow you to easily transfer it from a vehicle to another, or change its position and you can install it on any type of mounts for motorcycles. While providing movement liberty, a cordless device, attached with suction cups to your windshield will be more difficult to transfer. If you are planning to use the radar detector on several motorcycles, go for the cordless one, but if are using it for one vehicle alone, the corded device will do. However, if you need to keep a low-profile, due to legal prohibition against these devices, buy a remote-mount radar detector, as it can go easily unspotted by the police. And, for your own safety, call a professional installer, because you may encounter difficulties with the technical skills needed to handle the wiring issues.


After browsing the best radar detector reviews of products available for sale, we chose three of the best products from this category and showcased them below.



Top Motorcycle Radar Detectors in 2018



Escort Passport 9500ix


1.Escort Passport 9500ixFor a motorcycle used daily, and as a main vehicle, you need this radar detector and no less. Its capability of detecting all frequency bands (from the X-band to the less used Ku-band), makes it an ideal gadget if you need to make regular transits that demand exceeding the legal speed limit. The product comes with several easy-to-use functions: vocal alert (including a 3.5 mm jack to connect headphones) and light alert. Plus, to silent the false alarms, the device includes the AutoLearn intelligence functions that will record the false alarm points when you meet them, by simply pressing the mute control three times. Besides, the gadget provides a database including an extensive number of known fixed radars, cameras and speed traps, and alerts you when approaching one. The GPS system, capable of not only calculating your speed, but the distance to a certain point, will ensure you are warned in adequate time.


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Adaptiv Technologies TPX 2.0 System


2.ADAPTIV TECHNOLOGIES TPX RADARThough not as technologically advanced as the first product, the Adaptiv Technologies TPX model still comes with all the major features that make it an outstanding product in its category. It detects all frequency bands and laser radars, so you are shielded against all dangers. It includes vocal alert and an auxiliary jack to connect headphones, to be able to understand the vocal messages clearly, or to connect other electronic gadgets. Headphones, however, can be connected through Bluetooth as well, so that the wire doesn’t obstruct driving. The design is specially built so that it resists heavy shocks and water damage, therefore you won’t be forced to place another investment for radar detectors very soon, even if the item falls off the vehicle. The controls placed on the front are oversized for you to be able to handle them easily. Even with your motorcycle gloves on, they are brightly illuminated so that you can see them at night.


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Adaptiv Technologies TPX 2.0 One Size


3.Adaptiv Technologies TPX 2.0This model is a slightly improved variant of the model mentioned above. It provides the same security level, by being capable of identifying threats on all frequencies and even laser radars, but it has an improved utilization system, offering buyers 3 more user modes compared to the previous system. It has a heightened degree of sensibility, so that it can spot threats heavily to detect if not for it. The device is specially designed for motorcycles and not for other vehicles and it includes a mount plate adapter, for you to be able to pick the exact spot where you want it installed. However, the increased sensitivity can also determine you to decrease speed even on false alarms. You shouldn’t dismiss that as a disadvantage, but apply the principle “better safe than sorry”. It is recommended that you use TPX wireless headset and TPX visual alert, in order to achieve crystal clear sound and light.


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