Best Motorcycle Trunk Reviews

Expert Buying Guide About Motorcycle Trunks


It is difficult to carry anything extra on a motorcycle, unless you have a convenient trunk. A motorcycle trunk is perfect for storing extra items, and most feature a weather proof construction that can withstand the harsh conditions often found on the open road. There are several types of storage bags to choose from and the tips included  in this buying guide can help you find the best motorcycle trunk in 2018.

Best Motorcycle Trunk


As stated in the best motorcycle trunk reviews one of the first aspects to consider is the construction. Durable leather models are lightweight and often designed to fit more easily on the back of smaller bikes, while trunks constructed from ABS plastic can withstand the rigors of long road trips. The size of the motorcycle trunk should also be considered since you want it to fit easily on your bike without causing it to over balance.


Easy to install

The best motorcycle trunk reviews also suggest choosing a model that is easy to attach to the back of the bike. The trunk should fit easily on the luggage rack, and it is always an advantage when the mounting hardware is included. Trunks with universal plates will normally fit on most motorcycles, and models that feature a “quick release” system are always appreciated. This makes it easy to remove the motorcycle trunk when the ride is done. Other models feature adjustable straps so you can quickly and securely attach the trunk to the back of the bike.



Some convenient features that should also be considered include large pulls on the zippers so you can easily open compartments while wearing motorcycle gloves. Hidden locks give you extra protection, while an additional rain cover will ensure your belongings stay dry. Some motorcycle bags include LED lights for additional safety, and an extra set of keys is always appreciated.


Top Motorcycle Trunks in 2018


While we can’t help you choose the right storage bag for your bike, we can show you the top rated motorcycle trunks for 2018. Designed to be easy to attach and featuring a durable construction, maybe one of these motorcycle trunks is exactly what you need to store your gear when you are riding.


Kuryakyn 4141 GranTour Bag


1.Kuryakyn 4141This motorcycle trunk features a durable construction that is resistant to moisture and water. It will keep your belongings dry when you are on the road, and the bag also includes a protective rain cover. Constructed from leather and Cordura, its sleek design won’t take away from the style of the bike, and you will appreciate how easy this motorcycle bag is to mount.

The included pad is easy to attach to the back of the bike and you will appreciate the adjustable straps. The straps make it easy for you to securely attach the trunk so it won’t slip and slide while you are riding. This will also help prevent the motorcycle trunk from causing the bike to over balance.

You will appreciate the included pockets which make it easy for you to keep your gear organized, along with the large pulls on the zippers. The zippers are resistant to rust and corrosion, and can be easily pulled open even with thick gloves on. The lock on the bag can be retracted to ensure the motorcycle trunk stays in place, and you will love its roomy interior. Measuring 18 inches tall and 14 inches deep you have plenty of room for a change of clothes, and with a width of only 20 inches this motorcycle trunk will easily fit on most bikes.

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Bestem TBOX-929-BLK Motorcycle/Scooter Flat Top Box


2.Bestem TBOX-929-BLKFeaturing a sturdy, all weather construction there is very little not to like about this durable motorcycle trunk. Its rounded design makes it incredibly easy to mount on most bikes, and you will also appreciate the slightly flexible back rest when you are on longer trips. The trunk is constructed from industrial strength ABS plastic to ensure long lasting durability, and you have the advantage of its weather proof design which is always a welcome bonus.

This motorcycle trunk features a universal design that makes it ideal for most bikes, and you will love how quickly and easily it attaches to your existing luggage rack. The mount also includes a “quick release” feature, along with two sets of keys for added convenience. The mounting plate and hardware are also included with the motorcycle trunk.

Measuring 12″ x 22″ x 16″ you have plenty of room to store you gear, without taking up a lot of room on smaller bikes. You will also appreciate the bright LED tail light on the box for additional safety when riding at night. Designed to be convenient and durable, this motorcycle trunk will also help you stay safe when you are on the open road.

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Emgo 72-32440 Travel


3.Emgo 72-32440If you need a durable, weather resistant trunk for your motorcycle, this might be the perfect choice for you. This storage trunk is designed to fit most existing luggage racks, and its sturdy design won’t over balance your bike. It is also designed to blend in with your bike’s style.

Constructed from durable ABS plastic this motorcycle trunk is designed to last. It features a roomy interior that is ideal for holding your gear, and you will appreciate the retractable lock and extra set of keys. The included mounting plate and hardware is easy to attach to your luggage rack, and the quick release feature is always an advantage.

This motorcycle trunk measures 12″ x 161/2″ x 11 ” which gives you plenty of space for a jacket or change of clothes, and it also features a convenient handle for easy carrying. It should be mentioned that this motorcycle trunk does not have a flexible outer surface, which might make it too hard to lean against during longer road trips. You will appreciate the included LED tail light that provides additional safety when you are riding at night, along with its extremely affordable price.

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