Best Mountain Bike for the Money


How to Select the Best Mountain Bike for the Money


For people who want the adrenaline rush of riding over the sharpest drops and rocks and motoring over bare ribbons of single track, owning the best mountain bikes is the closest means of getting to heaven. A mountain bike is without a doubt an all-purpose rig that can take you riding all-terrain without breaking a sweat-if your spirit can take that much excitement.

Best mountain bike for the money

Frame Material

Aluminum is always a great material used in many mountain bikes. Aluminum is excellent for making affordable, good-looking, lightweight, responsive and strong frames that are corrosion-proof.

Steel is the least expensive traditional frame material, endowing the best mountain bike for the money with reasonable lightness, remarkable riding characteristics, easy reparability and durability.

Composite or carbon-fiber allows various bike frame alignments and layering, enabling the manufacturer to customize the bike according to its purpose. Carbon-fiber frames have exceptional vibration absorption, lightness and rust-resistance.

Titanium is strong, light and makes a good material for a comfortable and agile frame. Titanium frames have excellent rust and scratch resistance and can withstand hard riding and abuse.



For pedaling more efficiently, lightweight hardtail models make the best mountain bike for the money. Hardtail bikes feature a fully rigid rear end and are excellent for trail riding. For greater comfort and control, full suspension bikes can’t be beat. Cushioning the rider from impacts on the trail, this type of bike has both front and rear suspension.


Disc or Rim Brakes

Offering more reliable and more consistent brake performance in any condition, disc brakes are a better though heavier option. For the lightest setup, with small inconsistencies in brake performance, rim brakes make a good choice. Disc brakes require less force to activate and can work independently of rim/wheel condition. Cable-activated or hydraulic disc brakes are what you want. Rim brakes perform best with rims in tiptop shape.


Top Rated Mountain Bikes for the Money


If you want to feel the superb rush of thundering down any trail on wheels, you had best look for a premium quality mountain bike that can help you take on hairpin bends and scraggy bike paths fearlessly. An extra ten minutes of research can bring you some amazing finds, like these three bestselling products.


Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Mountain Bike


1.Schwinn Protocol 1.0The Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike is built with an aluminum frame, providing naturally low weight. The frame remains resistant to rust, ensuring very low maintenance. The aluminum bike frame tubes are built with thicker walls for stability and speed, without making the bike heavier. The dual suspension frame ensures better comfort and control, as it cushions you from those unexpected impacts on the trail. The MTB handlebars are of the riser type, which puts you in a more upright position compared to a flat bar. This pushes your weight back further, ideal for downhill riding.

The riser-style handlebar also provides rearward sweep so your wrists are in a more natural and comfortable position, which enables you to have efficient use of your arms when climbing. The Pro Max Front Disc Brake offers reliable and consistent performance especially in wet and muddy conditions. It also requires less force to apply and works unaffected by the rim/wheel condition. The Suntour Suspension Fork provides adequate cushion during the ride while keeping the tire in contact with the ground to give you better control.

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Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle


2.Mongoose ImpasseThe Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle is built with a lightweight aluminum suspension frame that maximizes both comfort and performance. The aluminum frame gives the bike a great overall look while ensuring affordability, light weight, strength and reliable responsiveness. The aluminum frame is also resistant to corrosion, providing years of use. Smoothing the bumps on the trail, the cutting edge Element Suspension Fork also increases control by keeping the tire consistently in contact with the ground. The alloy wheels offer lightness to ensure less rotational mass, thus requiring less energy to accelerate.

The Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle is also equipped with alloy front and rear disc brakes, which provide more dependable and consistent brake performance in any condition, especially in muddy or wet settings. The disc brakes also need less force to drive and are able to offer good performance no matter what the condition of the wheel/rim is. Changing gears is effortless on the Mongoose Impasse Bicycle thanks to the 21-speed Shimano rear derailleur fitted with SRAM twist shifters.

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Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s Mountain Bike


3.Roadmaster Granite Peak Men'sThe Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s 26″ wheel Mountain Bike comes with a steel mountain frame geometry that ensures superb affordability, average lightness, durability and easy reparability. The steel frame also provides easy riding. The linear pull brakes are easy to set up, providing greater mechanical advantage than rim brakes. The linear pull brakes require less maintenance as the pads wear out, ensuring exceptional stopping power. Changing gears is consistently smooth thanks to the SRAM drive twist shifters. The alloy rims are light, making the bike easier to handle, with less un-sprung weight that also aids in mobility.

The Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s 26″ wheel Mountain Bike helps you navigate those rugged, unpaved paths with ease. It is also great for just cruising your neighborhood streets. The tire tread offers a strong grip on the dirt or the pavement. The Roadmaster Granite Peak Men’s 26″ wheel Mountain Bike has a padded seat that ensures riding comfort. The riser-style steel handlebars enable you to stay in a natural, upright position when downhill riding or climbing, so you can use your arms efficiently.

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