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Adventure is in all of us, giving birth to ideas of fun and excitement in various locations. Still today more and more people absolutely love to hike mountains and enjoy what the wilderness has to offer. Well, in order to go through various passes and trials on the mountain it’s very important to be equipped with an advanced mountain bike. Fortunately, as you probably have observed the market offers a wide array of products, designed to accommodate any personal requirements. Consulting the present best mountain bikes reviews will help you to find the product best suited to your needs and thus experience adventure with the right intensity.


Diamondback Recoil mountain bike


best mountain bikes under $1000Every American knows that Diamondback mountain bikes are made out of durable materials, which last a long time. To this extent purchasing Diamondback Recoil mountain bike represents a great investment to any adventurous person. Considered one of the best mountain bikes under $1000, this model comes with RECOIL 6061-T6 aluminum 4” trail frame and also SR XCT 100mm travel fork and tuff shock rear shock for added stability during rides. You should also know that the mountain bike includes Shimano Acera rear derailleur w/SLM-310 8 speed rapidfire shifters for additional control over the ride’s characteristics, irrespective of the terrain.

“The Diamondback Recoil mountain bike is what takes me thorugh isolated mountain roads which I adore to explore. I love the feeling of riding this bike alone in the middle of nature and thanks to its excellent capabilities I am kept safe by it as well.” – Roger Morgan

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GMC Topkick mountain bike


If you are looking for a professional and affordable bike that can enhance the quality of your rides, then you should get to know more things about GMC Topkick mountain bike. Regarded by thousands of people as one of the best mountain bikes under $300, the device has 21-speed control, with a full-suspension and also a strong aluminum frame which adds significant control as you ride. This mountain bike has a floating beam suspension format, completed by a Zoom suspension fork and elastomer technology. The bike incorporates Microshift push shifters and also the highly acclaimed Shimano TZ-30GS derailleur.

“For me this bike is very reliable and I am comfortable everytime I ride it. The 21 different speeds which it can be set at really help me when I take it off road and also I must point out that its braking system holds out very well. Another great thing about it is that I didn’t even pay that much for it.” – Chris Armstrong

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Mongoose Montana mountain bike


Are you searching for a high quality bike which can respond fast and with precision? Well, if your answer is yes, then you should get to know more things about the functionality of Mongoose Montana mountain bike. With a solid design and strong system, the model is considered one of the best mountain bikes under $500. The bike comes with linear pull brakes that permit you to experience heightened braking power during every ride. It also includes SRAM twist shifters that give you the possibility to change gears without any problems whatsoever. You will be able to shift through 21 speeds and ride with force.

“Going through different bike shops, checking out different models of mountain bikes I came across the Mongoose Montana which stuck with me and of which now I am a proud owner. I say this because this bike runs smoothly and with it I know I can take any off road course on.” – Anthony Porter

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Pacific Cycle Protocol 1.0 mountain bike


Schwinn bikes are well-known all over the world for their high quality design and speeds attained. Protocol 1.0 mountain bike from Pacific Cycle includes Schwinn Aluminum Dual Suspension frame and also w. steel rear for complete control over the riding experience. It also includes Shimano Altus 24 speed w. Shimano EF-50 trigger shifters that permits you to ride without boundaries. You should also know that the mountain bike features Pro Max Front Disc brake, MTB handlebar w/Schwinn and also 4 bolt A-Head Stem and Suntour suspension fork. You will enjoy every moment of the ride, gathering speed as the mountain calls.

“This mountain bike was chosen by me a couple of months back and since than I have been very pleased with the way it runs on normal roads and off roads. The brakes, the speed changing, even the sadle, everything which this bije has to offer is pleasing to me.” – Erick Johnson

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Diamondback Overdrive mountain bike


Let’s talk about quality and precision while riding on various mountain trails and path right alongside friends. One of the best mountain bikes under $1000 is Overdrive 2017 from Diamondback a model which is exactly what adventurous people need. The bike features a butted 6061-T6 aluminum overdrive 29r frame, SR Suntour XCT 29” 100mm fork which allows you to ride with ease irrespective of the terrain. You should also know that the mountain bike includes Shimano Altus rear derailleur for greater control during rides. In addition, the bike features SL-7 double wall rims for additional elegance while riding.

“The aluminum frame really makes this bike feel so light and so maneuverable. My experience with it has shown me how reliable it actually is and also how durable it is, being able to take quite a beating on the hard roads I take it on.” – Paul Nolan

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