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Music is a big part of our lives; young or old, people love to be connected with their favourite artists and songs. In order to enjoy quality music no matter you are, it’s important to have by your side a cool and advanced mp3 player capable of streaming music files in superb audio clarity. Consulting the current best mp3 players reviews represents an important step in discovering the most efficient model, suited to your audio needs. Day or night, with a great mp3 player you will be able to listen to your favourite music without any restriction whatsoever. Get informed and get your hands on a pro mp3 player.


SanDisk Sansa mp3 player


Best mp3 players under $100One of the best mp3 players under $50 is SanDisk Sansa, a model that comes with 4 gigabytes of storage. You will be able to listen to by up to 1000 songs with audio clarity, irrespective of the genre. This player boasts with many audio features, such as FM radio, precise voice recorder while the long life battery keeps you connected for a long period of time. You add more memory to the mp3 player through the memory card slot where you can place a microSD, slotRadio cards or microSDHC. With its ultra-compact design, integrated clip, permits you to take the player everywhere you want without taking too much space in your pocket.

“For my personal use I have this nice little mp3 player which for me does its job excellently. I have enough space to put more than one playlist for when I’m doing different things, plus radio and frankly I don’t really want nothing more from a mp3 player.” – Eddy Parker

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Apple iPod shuffle mp3 player


Apple music players are known for their fluid functionality and strong design, and this is why thousands of people love iPods. Seen as one of the best mp3 players under $100, Apple iPod shuffle mp3 player is a colourful source of pleasure and satisfaction, ideal for any person. The model comes with built-in buttons and also VoiceOver, enhancing the quality of anything you hear. It has a sleek, modern and anodized aluminum design that feels great in your hands. You can clip the player on your shirt, jacket, workout equipment and backpack with ease. The model has an impressive 15 hours of battery life, which keeps the fun going.

“The iPod beats all other mp3 players when it comes to performances and this was the reason why I have it. Using it is very simple thanks to its very straightforward controls and its compact size means it is extremely easy to carry around. For me the iPod is the way to go for listening to music all the time.” – Bryan Hunter

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Sony Walkman NWZE374/BC mp3 player


Are you searching for a high quality music player which can stream all of your favourite songs day or night? Of course you are, since you want to learn more about the functionality of Sony Walkman NWZE374/BC mp3 player, a model with thousands of satisfied Americans. It is one of the best mp3 players under $100, being a great source of fun and pure entertainment. The model comes with 8 GB storage system, where you can safely store thousands of songs which you love. If you love to jog, take the player with you and run under the music of your favourite artist’s vibes.

“The Sony Walkman NWZE374/BC mp3 player has made a positive influence, making me acknowledge the fact that this is a very reliable mp3, which has a decent price range. The 8 Gb memory is its most important feature which allows me to keep a huge amount of tracks.” – Lance Colman

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SanDisk Sansa Clip 8GB mp3 player


It’s time to equip your music passion with a reliable source of audio clarity that will never disappoint you. How? Well, learn more things about how SanDisk Sansa Clip mp3 player works and understand better why thousands of Americans use it with confidence. You can use with mp3 player in order to listen to music, play various audiobooks or even podcasts which can be selected from the 1.1 inch LCD monitor. The device also comes with FM radio and Voice recording features, which enhances the whole audio experience. In addition to the 8GB storage system you add more by appealing to the microSD card slot.

“I liked this mp3 player from the 1st moment I saw its features and how it looked like, so I decided to get it for myself. For me the memory it has is more than enough but I can get more memory space if I want through a SD card. There is no reason not to say this is a top mp3 palyer.” – Bobby Jones

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Sony Walkman NWZE375 mp3 player


Do you want to listen to high quality music every time you want? If your answer is yes then you should use Sony Walkman NWZE375 mp3 player. The device comes with an impressive 16 GB player where you can store songs, podcasts and audiobooks. This mp3 player features a built-in battery that offers around 30 hours of continuous audio playback, irrespective of your location. The player comes with a 1.77” color display that helps you to control all the device’s features. Furthermore the mp3 player has built-in FM tuner, WiFi which gives you the possibility to hear to quality music.

“16 GB of space on a mp3 player is something really special and this was the main reason why I bought this Sony Walkman model. The design is very nice as well and its menu and controls are very easy to figure out. I must recommend it also for its battery life.” – Jack Thomas