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Top ninja swords in 2018


Regardless of the fact that you are a sword collector or just someone who was always fascinated with ninja culture, you will always need help choosing the right ninja sword. Because purchasing these items is usually done without having the chance to test them, it is better to get some pertinent opinions before you buy anything. Our experts have spared you the trouble and have read most of the best ninja sword reviews currently available both on and offline. They made a list of five recommendations which will hopefully help you with your search.


BladesUSA Hk-6183


Best ninja sword reviewsThe Hk-6183 Ninja Sword by BladesUSA is quite spectacular. With its separable stainless steel blades it can easily become the centerpiece of your swords collection. It is incredibly sharp and very nicely built. The attention to details is amazing which is exactly what made ninja swords so popular. It is affordable and yet it looks much more expensive than it actually is. The black nylon wrapped handle, the 18 ¼ inch dark blade and the very comfortable shoulder strap made experts say that this the best ninja sword in 2018. One last thing worth mentioning is the fact that it comes with Japanese inscriptions which look really great on the blade.

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Timber Wolf Full Tang


This simplistic looking ninja sword designed by Timber Wolf, is one of the most popular choices for sword enthusiasts all across the world.  Most of the best ninja sword reviews say that if you truly want to experience what ninjas experienced, this is the item to buy. It is impact resistant and it comes with a nylon shoulder strap and also a cool belt loop which is a lot more comfortable for some. This sword has a great length to it. It has a blade measuring 17 ¼ inches and an overall length of 27 inches which provides excellent balance. The blade is safely kept in a sheath made out of durable plastic crafted with similar design features to that of the sword.

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Double Ninja Swords with Sheath


This sword has a very modern design which will make any collector very excited. According to our experts, this is the best ninja sword in 2018. Even though it is built out of two separate blades, it feels better in hand while the two are welded together. They are well held together by a very strong magnet which is positioned right at the top of the blade.  The handle has great grip and it is also very well-made. It is durable and shock resistant just as the blade which is made out of stainless steel with a matte black finish.

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BudK Exclusive Secret Agent Tactical


The Exclusive Secret Agent Tactical ninja sword by BudK is not only a great collector’s item but also a very efficient weapon. It is built to cut through everything just as an original ninja blade. It is extremely well balanced and very light. The handle offers a comfortable yet secure grip so you can easily control each and every move. It has a serrated mid-section and a very sharp upper part which is also the sharpest. It comes with a nylon sheath to keep it safe and prolong its lifespan. It is currently one of the top rated ninja swords in 2018.

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Whetstone Cutlery Rthomas Ninja Machete


Even though very affordable, this blade is the perfect representation of what ninjas stand for. It is simple, it is stealthy and agile. You can handle it any way you know regardless of how strong or weak you are. It is incredibly light weight and has a sharp and very durable blade. Made out of stainless steel, this matte sword is incredibly attractive due to its minimalistic shape. It has a long handle which can easily be gripped with both hands. It has a sharpened blade which can cut with all its length. It will look amazing in your collection even though it is cheap and decorations free.

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