Best Office Chairs for Back Pain Reviews


If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best office chair for back pain  money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best office chairs for back pain on the market by looking at owner feedback, social media activity, value for money price and expert reviews. Out of the products we have looked at, the Aeron Task Chair by Herman Miller is the best because it offers full support for the entire body, while letting you move with ease. It is comfortable, a quality enhanced by the breathable pellicle suspension that prevents heating and keeps you cool no matter how much time you need to spend on it. Plus, it lets your blood flow circulate freely, due to the waterfall like front edge. Nevertheless, if this product is out of stock, you can always consider the Serta 44186.

A.1 Best office chair for back pain

How to Choose the Best Office Chair for Back Pain


In your search for office chairs for back pain, do not forget to separate the essential attributes of a good chair from those that are irrelevant. For example, design, even if important, is not something you should consider as being a top concern when acquiring one. You might be fooled by the curves and shapes, but you need to take into account that some of them might prove uncomfortable to sit on. Below, we have listed a series of essential qualities a chair should possess.




As the future owner of a chair designed for bad backs, comfort is the fundamental feature you should be searching for. If a chair is not capable of keeping your back in a healthy position, while allowing you to move freely and finish your job, at home or at the office, you shouldn’t buy it. The array of technologies that promise heavenly comfort are so many, and sound so good, that you are immediately convinced any chair you buy will make you feel like a king on his throne. But that is not how it works. Even if at first sight the chair looks gorgeous (they do, when new), pay attention to some elements of utter importance. The cushioning should not be too thick or too thin. Too thin means you will be in pain after a couple of hours in it and, if too thick, you will find yourself seated in an uncomfortable position.




Your chair needs to be built with strong, quality materials. The upholstery should not only be resistant, but also let your skin breathe, so that you don’t end up glued to the chair because of the sweating. Plus, the padding has to be of good quality, so that it doesn’t become flat, offering zero comfort in time. The frame needs to be firm, resisting heavy impacts.




People come in different sizes, therefore a chair needs to be adaptable, so that any person receives the amount of comfort, stability and freedom of movement they have yearned for, when they made the acquisition. That being said, procure yourself a chair with adjustable height and back rest. When it comes to office chairs, a swivel chair is the closest you get to perfect, because it gives you the possibility to turn in every direction, without making much of an effort. Plus, you can spin round on it in those rare moments when you have nothing to do.



Top Office Chairs for Back Pain in 2017



In the following part of the article, we have chosen carefully, after browsing through the best office chair reviews of 2017, three products that seemed to fit all tastes and demands.



Aeron Task Chair by Herman Miller


1.Aeron Chair by Herman MillerIf you know what’s best for your back, you will choose this item. It is a highly adjustable chair, fitted for taller or shorter people, because you can make 9 adjustments to find the perfect fit for you. It provides you with lumbar support, the inward curve being adaptable, so that your back can keep its natural position and not be forced in an uncomfortable one. In addition, the breathable Pellicle suspension will not allow heat storage, thus allowing you to spend more time in the chair without sweating or becoming uncomfortably hot. Moreover , the chair was designed to keep the rest of your body comfortable as well. The armrests are downward inclined in the back, so that your hands are placed in a natural position, and the front edge of the seat has a waterfall like shape to relieve thighs pressure and to not crimp blood flow. One of the most exceptional things about this product, though not connected to coziness, is the fact that it is almost completely fabricated from recyclable materials. If your back will not feel better by knowing that, this feature will definitely increase the comfort of your mind.


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Serta 44186


2.Serta 44186Even if not as outworldly as the first product, the Serta 44186 comes with qualities that place it second on our list of the best office chairs. The product provides excellent support for lower back pain, through the BIM Active lumbar technology, which means that the seat and the back of the chair move whenever you do, to keep your back in a stable position. To further participate in creating a perfect ambiance for your body, the chair’s upholstery is made from fine leather, smooth and ecological, that will lure you to take a seat and finish that late night project. A special charm is given by its armchair style, with layered cushions that are distributed intelligently to increase stability and relaxation. For the purpose of height adjustment, use the push-button situated under the seat, at an adequate distance from your hands. Plus, the cable near it will trigger the control hand-hold for the pneumatic lift, an ergonomic feature that will make it easier to adapt the chair to your needs.


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Merax® Queen


3.Merax® QueenIf you are looking for an economical option for the long nights spent in front of your computer, this one is exactly what you need. It brings together two features most wanted by all buyers: functionality and a low price. The back is inwardly curved, to provide lumbar support, the edges are butterfly-like shaped to increase stability and coziness and the cushions are dense enough to ensure comfort and a relaxing experience while seated on it. The sector of adjustability is well taken care of too. The height of the chair can be easily adapted by maneuvering the lever positioned in the back of the chair, yet not too out of reach for your hand. And, to allow you to move freely and grasp objects that are situated in various places around your desk, the chair has a swivel base, able to turn at 360 degrees. You can even visit a colleague’s office by wheeling both you and your chair there and back to work.


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