Best Outdoor bullet security camera reviews


Top outdoor bullet security cameras in 2018


You need to invest a top security system for your family’s protection or to protect the money you have invested in your business. For your system you need to pick out also the right kind of camera and since there are so many choices which you are faced, knowing a little more about them is a mighty fine idea. Information about different models can be found in the best outdoor bullet security camera reviews which will allow you to establish a safe perimeter around your home and property.


Dahua IPC-HFW4300S HD Network Security Camera


Best Outdoor bullet security camera reviewsIf you want an elite camera to guard your belongings there are few models which have the features and the picture quality of the Dahua IPC-HFW4300S. The 3 MP camera has the ability to capture videos in a HD resolution thanks to its powerful EXMOR CMOS sensor. Because it has IR LEDs fitted to it, this camera will see clearly even at nigh to distances of 100 ft. The best outdoor bullet security cameras reviews are impressed by its capability.

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VideoSecu Indoor Outdoor Bullet Security Camera


This discreet camera which has a compact and slim design has convinced the top outdoor bullet security cameras reviews that it is a reliable choice through its well balanced set of features. A lens of 3.6mm equips it which is capable of showing you all the movement that is going on in front of it. Being weather proof means you can use it in any season of the year without any exception, hot weather, cold weather, rainy weather and the list can go on.

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VideoSecu IRX5 Outdoor Day Night Bullet Security Camera


The VideoSecu IRX5 Outdoor security camera has a 1/3 inch CCD DSP color image sensor which will allow you to pick up the slightest movement near the perimeter of your home, office etc. And when the night sets in the 28 infrared LEDs come into play giving you access to night vision surveillance. The frame is made all out of metal to protect the lens and the image processor from water or dust and warm or cold weather. There is no surprise why it is considered one of the best outdoor bullet security cameras in 2018.

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VideoSecu IR32A Outdoor Bullet Security Camera


For home surveillance another reliable camera you can go for is the VideoSecu IR32A which has the advantage of capturing quality live images in any type of conditions. The 3.6mm lens is helped by 20 IR LEDs so you have a clear view of things even at night. You can even record the audio because this camera comes with a built-in microphone and an audio circuit for it. Also you will find that the set up process I quite easy, you can do it yourself but it is recommended that you have a professional for installing it.

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VideoSecu IR24 CCTV Home Surveillance Bullet Security Camera


The VideoSecu IR24 has been and is a very successful security camera because it has all that is required from a model which has a reputation as one of the best outdoor bullet security cameras in 2018. If you will buy it you will receive from it live feed color images at night as well because it is fitted with 24 infrared LEDS. The housing is made from durable metal covered in a rust-proof coating so that it is waterproof as well and resists all kinds of weather.

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