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Are you planning a paintball battle with your buddies, but you’re way too busy to find the best paintball vest? Find out from this paragraph everything you have to know to make an informed purchasing decision. The GXG Deluxe Tactical is the vest you should get if you want to make a lasting impression on the battlefield. This model comes with all the needed storage pockets and pouches to keep yourself well hydrated and well packed with the necessary equipment and supplies. The vertical harness helps with easy adjustments, so you don’t have to worry that the vest will be too tight or too large. You can even carry a 68 C.I. tank with you as the jacket can easily accommodate it. In case the GXG Deluxe Tactical is discontinued, the UTG 547 Law Enforcement comes as a close second, and you should jot it down on your list.



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Worn during an intense sport such as paintball, a tactical vest or paintball vest helps prevent injury from bullets. Lined with strategically placed hard plates that serve as the user’s chest protector, this kind of apparel can offer various levels of protection depending on your needs and on the setting. You can carry vital survival equipment on your paintball vest, so make sure to check out the following components when buying this type of gear.

1.GXG Army Swat Paintball

Capacity and pouch layout

Knowing the type of items you will be carrying in the paintball vest helps determine the style of the pouches that it should carry. Most paintball vests come with special pouches that enable you to store essential items including radios, maps and even hydration gear. Some products boast customizable pouch designs that enable you to set the vest up for paintball equipment, shotgun gear and medical readiness or EMT items, so you can change the pouch layout according to the application on the field. This means you can also use the vest for fishing as well as for paintball. The pockets and pouches help you keep items handy and within easy access every time.

When you have to play outside for extended periods, you will want the vest to have a hydration sleeve, carrier or pocket in which you can store a hydration bladder to keep you cool and hydrated during the game. Some vests have a special pouch for storing high capacity magazines of clips. When you want to carry a sidearm, you may want the vest to also have a Molle holster with a strike plate. If you play as a rifleman on the field, you will want the tactical vest to provide a means of carrying AEG of some kind as your primary weapon plus a pistol for a secondary weapon. A vest with a tank holder lets you store spare air tanks so you are always prepared for anything out in the field.



Durable, lightweight construction

With the intensity and speed of engagements, some of which can happen in really close staging areas, your indoor play paintball vest should enable you to engage in short encounters while ensuring good protection. Thus, a plate carrier vest is needed. Outdoor play comes with distant staging areas and longer engagements, so you will want a Molle vest or a lightweight paintball vest that will help shift the weight from the vest to the gear or supplies that you carry with you, so you can easily reach every checkpoint.

The paintball vest should also be made with loadbearing capacity especially if you have to carry your gear for prolonged periods at a time. Cheap vests may appear lightweight because of the kind of material and construction they have but they cannot guarantee the essential durability that makes high quality products withstand the rigors of rough paintball play. A camouflage design helps keep you hidden from your opponent.

2.GXG Deluxe Tactical Paintball Vests

Fit and comfort

You will want the vest to have adjustable straps so you can get a snug and comfortable fit without being too tight in places. This is especially important in paintball vests for kids, since children need freedom of movement just like adult paintball players. Some models have fully adjustable magazine pouches to ensure fit for most magazine sizes. Ventilation is aided with tough mesh material on the vest. Some loop strips or long hooks enable adjustment on the shoulders of the vest.

To enable quick release, some vests have a zippered closure front with snaps. When you’re not wearing the vest, it would be easy to carry using convenient carry handles on the back of the neck. You also want to be able to adjust the left and right sides for width. The vest should not be heavy while offering reliable load-bearing capacity to carry all your gear with you.

There are plenty of paintball vests on the market, making it hard for the first time or even the seasoned buyer to find the best one for the money. However, the buying guide above should help you find a paintball vest easily if you take note of the buying tips given there. We have showcased the best paintball vests below to help you enjoy a more stress-free buying journey.



Top Paintball Vests in 2018


I have been asked by my paintball buddies to check out the best paintball vest reviews so we can all have a really great paintball tournament in the next month or so. I have read through dozens of literature from paintball vest manufacturers and have had my head spinning with all the information, or lack thereof, which has made the search even more difficult. I decided to winnow out the product data I’d gotten by studying the more essential elements of paintball vests. Getting the exact size isn’t important since paintball vests have straps for adjustment. The material has to be lightweight yet tough; the vest needs adequate carrying capacity, a tactical color pattern and a suitable design. These are the five brands that meet those requirements well.



GXG Deluxe Tactical


You don’ have to leave your valuables somewhere else as you can place them in the pockets of this paintball vest from GXG. The deluxe vest is adjustable to fit any body size. You can put pods and air tanks in the back pouches without any hassles. This vest will not ride up your neck as you move about, as it can be made to fit you snugly thanks to the adjustable straps.

The straps won’t come loose even when you have to do much running in the field. The padding on the vest cushions shots to the back and chest.


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UTG 547


Best Paintball Vest ReviewsIf you want a paintball vest that can adjust fully to your entire girth and still be long enough to give added body protection, this could be your best paintball vest in 2018. The UTG vest has 4 rifle mag pouches on the outside plus a pair of large map or document pouches on the inside. The mag pouches are adjustable while the inside pouches carry high-quality zippers. The back loop system is heavy duty and can double as carrier for extra tools and gear.

The tactical vest has a well-engineered rescue-pull, mesh system that allows heat and moisture to escape, so you won’t feel too hot and sweaty.


Buy from Amazon for ($54.95)




Dock Tactical Molle



This paintball vest is comfortable to wear and it can also provide you with plenty of protection. The durable nylon material allows for plenty of movement, which can be crucial when you are trying to make or avoid hits. The straps on the shoulders and sides make the vest easy to put on and take off.

The jointing sheet can also be removed when added protection isn’t needed. It also comes with plenty of storage pockets for holding personal items and gear.


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BT Paintball Black Tactical


The BT battle vest has a rugged front zipper. It has four pairs of well-positioned pod holders, for either your additional water bottles or ammo. You can store your cellular phone or radio in the storage pouch.

There is a built-in hydration pouch and another pouch for air tank storage. But what has made this vest get noticed in the best paintball vest reviews is the tough yet breathable mesh material it is made of. The construction of the vest makes it possible for the wearer to feel cool and dry in the heat of the paintball battle.


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The GXG GEN X DIGI ACU is an all-in-one vest designed for the weekend warrior. It has an impressive pouch design that can carry all your paintball items with you so you are always ready for an engagement. It comes with three pod and tank holder sleeves where you can store the needed ammo for a successful game.

With a horizontal tank holder, the vest features a zipper pocket on the front for more carrying capacity that can also double as a pocket for maps and info. The detachable cell phone and/ or radio pouch ensure that you can stay in touch with your teammates out in the field.


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UTG Law Enforcement SWAT


Designed for law enforcement SWAT use, this UTG vest has made it to the list of the best paintball vest in 2018 thanks to its many tactical features. It features a rugged style that can provide functional gear-carrying capacity while on the field. The inside carries cushioned quilting so the wearer feels comfortable in it.

The outside is constructed of water and moisture-resistant nylon. There is a good number of exterior pockets located on the front and back of the vest, where you can place extra magazines and paintball accessories in an organized fashion. There is a radio pocket in addition to gear pouches and elastic loops.


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GXG Paintball Airsoft Camo


The GXG vest has several features that make it a top paintball vest in 2018. It has a slot where a hydration bladder goes into, as well as a detachable radio pouch and reconfigured shoulder straps. The shoulder straps carry D-rings and nylon loops through which you can attach gear. The contouring foam can be removed or replaced according to the wearer’s preference. You can flick over an extra panel integrated into the chest pocket to reveal your ID or access any cards.

The side straps of the vest are provided greater length to accommodate girth of larger players. The tank holder attachment is made roomier to carry large air tanks.


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