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If you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to go through all the reviews and buying advice compiled by our researchers but you do want to find the best paraffin wax bath money can buy, this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. We have gathered a lot of information about the best paraffin wax baths on the market by looking at owner feedback, expert review sites, price, overall brand quality and even social media activity. Out of the products we have looked at, the Therabath Professional Thermotherapy TB5 is the best because of its great features. Deeper than regular models, it offers more immersion power for better results. The aluminum tank is very lightweight and allows you to move it around with ease. The paraffin wax bath is hand assembled for increased durability. If the Therabath Professional Thermotherapy is out of stock, you could also consider the ParaBath 24050 as the second best option.



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Treating arthritis and pains in the joints can be very difficult if you are not keen on visiting the doctor’s office on a regular basis, but there are methods that can improve your situation, even without leaving your home. Such a method is represented by a paraffin wax bath, which is basically a tank that filled with paraffin will offer you the best possibility to immerse your hurting joints in the warm substance. Paraffin wax can alleviate pains and help with swollen joints, so you experience an improvement in your overall wellbeing. If you are looking for the best paraffin bath for arthritis, here are some recommendations to help you out.

The overall size of the tank

People suffering from arthritis or other conditions that affect their joints can significantly benefit from immersing their hands into a paraffin wax bath. This type of device can be very helpful for treating cracked, dry skin, so you may want to be able to immerse more than just your hands into the warm substance.

The best models around usually come equipped with a larger tank that allows you to get more of the product. A deeper tank helps if you want to treat your feet, too, so make sure to shop around for a paraffin wax bath that can offer you the best immersion possible.


What materials are used for the tank?

A paraffin wax bath is easier to use if the tank is more lightweight. A model made from aluminum is usually a great choice because you will find no trouble moving it around. However, there are some other factors to keep in mind. For instance, prolonged use should not cause the tank to rust, so stainless steel is definitely another great choice.

The material must be able to maintain the paraffin wax warm for as long as possible so that you can enjoy your treatment for as long as possible. Especially if you plan on using the bath for both your arms and your legs in the same session, such a feature comes in handy.


Is paraffin wax included with your purchase?

While you need to replace the paraffin wax after multiple uses, it serves to get a model that is sold by the manufacturer with its own paraffin wax, so you can start using the device right away. Paraffin wax is considered by healthcare professionals to be very beneficial for alleviating pains in the joints caused by arthritis and other conditions, and you cannot go wrong with such a device.

So, if you want to be able to enjoy a good treatment at home, go for a model that is sold with plenty of paraffin wax for immediate use.

The most recommended type of paraffin wax is the unscented type because you may not like the fragrance used by the manufacturer and there will be no way of telling before you have the paraffin wax bath delivered to your door. Other accessories for refilling the bath should be included with your purchase, as well.


Top paraffin wax baths in 2018


The best paraffin wax baths are showcased below. These models all enjoy a lot of positive feedback from buyers, and they have proved time and time again that their performance is superior so that you can enjoy a good treatment at home.



Therabath Professional TB5


The Therabath Professional Thermotherapy is a great paraffin wax bath that is currently enjoying overwhelming positive feedback from users. There are plenty of reasons to like this particular model. For starters, its tank is 25% deeper than the models made so far by the same company, and it is also deeper compared to other regular models on the market.

The tank capacity is 6-9 pounds, and it helps with immersing your hands and feet in the bath, for maximum results. You will be more than satisfied with the superior craftsmanship used in the making of this particular model. The paraffin bath is hand assembled, so you will not have to worry about its durability.

It must be noted that this model is created by a US company with a long standing tradition in making such devices. Their expertise shows down to  minutest detail, and you will love using this bath for alleviating arthritis pains and the like.

The tank is made of anodized aluminum, and it is very lightweight. Other benefits include outstanding durability and energy efficiency. The manufacturer guarantees that you can let the unit run for hours without risking any mishap. 6 pounds of paraffin wax are included with your purchase.

Buy from Amazon for ($179.99)




ParaBath 24050


The ParaBath is the second on our list and a model that also competes to be the best paraffin wax bath on the market. Use the paraffin wax bath for loosening your joints and for giving your skin a well-deserved beauty treatment.

Even if you do not suffer from arthritis you will still find this model a great choice for treating strains, stiff joints and sprains. Enhancing your overall range of motion will definitely help your overall well being, and you will be able to enjoy everything more, without pains and stiffness. The tank is very large and deep, so you can immerse your hands, your feet over the ankles and even your elbows.

The tank is made from stainless steel and the way it is designed guarantees that there will be no heat loss, so you can enjoy your paraffin bath for as long as you like. Temperature control is ensured by the presence of a thermostat that regulates temperature between 126 and 134F.

You will get 6 pounds of unscented paraffin wax with your purchase, and there are also many good quality accessories delivered in the same package. You will be able to use the bath right away.

Buy from Amazon for ($198)




Therabath® Professional TB6 


The Therabath® Professional TB6 has its fair share of supporters, and it is a great alternative if you are looking for the best paraffin wax bath for arthritis, and the aforementioned models are momentarily unavailable. Arthritis is a serious condition that can cause serious pains in joints and tissue; inflammation and stiffness are also part of the symptoms that accompany this condition.

The way this kind of therapy works is by delivering heat to the sensitive areas, allowing the joints to become looser and more flexible. With the stiffness, also goes away the pain, and you will feel much better, even if you normally suffer from daily discomfort due to arthritis.

The tank for this model is made from anodized aluminum and it is very lightweight. You will enjoy its overall durability and the fact that it manages to maintain heat for prolonged periods of time. After the wax is melted, the heat efficient tank will be able to maintain the right temperature so you can enjoy your treatment for as long as you need. Even if you do not have arthritis, you can use this device to soften dry and cracked skin.

Buy from Amazon for ($180.02)