Best Pasta Makers reviews

Top pasta makers in 2018


Everyone loves pasta, a type of food that can be made quickly and taste great. In every American home, there’s a pasta lover that seems to want more and more, combining ingredients in order to obtain a delicious dish. Today, more and more people are using pasta maker machines, ideal to smooth the culinary process and create tasty pasta. Reading some of the latest best pasta makers reviews represents a clear way to prepare delicious pasta, worthy of sharing within family members and friends. It is important to have in your kitchen a professional pasta maker, with the right features to create delicious types of food.


Norpro 151


Best Pasta Makers reviewsNorpro pasta maker represents a great addition to any kitchen, letting people to enjoy the benefits of three other functions like grinder, mincer and pasta maker, improving the whole culinary process. You have the possibility to crush different vegetables, beans or nuts in order to make pate or spreads. If you want to make homemade hamburgers then use the device to grind chuck, round or even sirloin without any problems at all. Well, the culinary possibilities with the maker are endless, bringing you closer to delicious treats. The kitchen appliance is FDA-approved, made with attention in the USA.

“I have in my possession this pasta maker and I can recommend it as a reliable one because in the time I have had it, the machine has worked very well. I have made every kind of paste imaginable, with ease and fast as well, making my menu more diverse each day.” – Christina Matthews

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CucinaPro 150


Today, most of the latest best pasta makers reviews, in great detail underline the efficiency of CucinaPro 150, a model present in thousands of American homes. According to the present statistics it seems that the model is the number 1 homemade pasta maker, due to its solid design and professional pasta making options. Made out of solid steel and also wooden handle, right to be used at any time, this pasta maker meets all of your cooking desires. The model has a 6 inch wide roller and a precisely designed double cutter, for fettuccini or spaghetti thus enriching the culinary process.

“This pasta maker has a classic design but does its job to just like it should, turning everything I put inside it into a perfect, homogeneous paste. The stainless steel construction makes all the difference and because of this I recommend it to you.” – Anne Thompson

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Weston Products Roma


Weston products are made out of high quality and durable materials which help people prepare pasta within a short period of time. To this extent, Roma pasta maker is the ideal kitchen appliance if you want to prepare delicious treats. It comes with adjustable rollers, which accommodate multiple thickness options, for additional pasta culinary projects. Furthermore the pasta maker comes with double cutting head, designed especially for spaghetti and fettuccini. This kitchen appliance is accompanied by easy-to-follow instructions and a carefully designed recipe booklet which enhances the cooking experience. Housewives of America love this high tech pasta maker.

“The Weston Roma pasta maker has proven to me that it is a top machine which does everything as I want it to. I can set the thickness of the paste and this is one feature that not so many pasta makers have. After I’m done with it, the pasta maker is very easy to clean.” – Jennifer Woods

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HIC Harold Import Co. Fante’s Great Aunt


A growing number of the latest best pasta makers reviews underline the efficiency of Fante’s Great Aunt from HIC Harold Import. This powerful pasta machine can help you prepare delicious and also traditional or out of the box homemade pasta in less than 20 minutes, which is quite impressive to say it plainly. It has a superb and modern design, with a body made out of chromed steel and handles made out of wood, ideal for easy transport from one place to another. You should know that the device permits you to control the pasta dough thickness, due to 9 settings.

“For a very affordable price I bought this pasta maker for my home. I put it to the test with various vegetables and other types of food, even meat, and it passed all of them easily. In just over 20 minutes I have the paste that I want in my own kitchen.” – Mary-Anne Collins

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HIC Porcelain Atlas


Are you searching for a professional and pro efficient pasta maker? It can be pretty difficult to find the right one but you won’t go wrong with HIC Porcelain Atlas pasta maker. This pasta machine can help you prepare, with the ingredients at hand delicious pasta, to eat with confidence and without any reservations at all. It features special and efficient rollers that manage to manage the dough structure, letting you choose from 3 different types of pasta, in 9 different thickness levels. The pasta maker has a motor of 220 V, powerful enough to tackle any type of pasta properties. It is ideal to prepare fettuccine, spaghetti, pasta and also lasagne.

“I bought the HIC Porcelain Atlas pasta maker for its excellent reviews and the obvious top features. This is not a manual machine and I just have to set it, than push the start button and it will make me delicous pasta out of anything I place in it.” – Veronica Sanders

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