Best Pc Case under 50


How to Select the Best Pc Case under 50


Even though your desktop computer will probably still work if you buy the wrong case, why waste your money on the wrong product? The right pc case will not only hold all of your components, it will also improve your system’s performance. In this buying guide you will find informative tips that will help you help you save money, and choose the right case for your pc.

Best pc case under 50


One of the most important aspects is to decide on the size of the case, and this should be relatively easy since you already have the components. You do want the case to be compatible with your motherboard, and large enough to hold your hard drive. Gamers might want to consider a “full tower” pc case since it can easily hold full size video cards, while workstations with a limited amount of space generally work best with a smaller mid or mini tower.


Drive Bays

The size and number of drive bays should also be considered, and it is possible to find an affordable pc case that is compatible with your components. Larger 5.25 inch bays are designed for DVD and Blu-ray players, while narrower 3.5 ones are generally used with memory cords. Some of the best pc cases under 50 will include several bays so you can easily fit all of your drivers.


Expansion slots

Most pc cases include at least 4 expansion slots, though some full size towers can have up to seven. While this is usually enough for the average computer user, video game enthusiasts might consider spending a little more on a pc case with multiple slots. Some full size pc cases can include up to 10 expansion slots, though the higher price might not fit every budget.


Top Rated Pc Case under 50


While we can’t choose the right model for you, we can show you the best pc cases. Designed to fit most budgets and compatible with most components, maybe one of these cases is exactly what you need for your desktop computer.


Rosewill Micro-ATX LINE-M Computer Case


2.Rosewill Micro-ATX PC CaseThis mini pc case is perfect for smaller workspaces, but it is still large enough to support a 5.25 inch device. It features a sleek black construction that is designed to be fully functional, while also looking great sitting on your desk. You also have the advantage of the cooling system, which includes a fun LED blue light fan.

There are 4 USB ports on the front of the case, including an input for high quality audio. The 5 expansion slots ensure that you have plenty of room to open and transfer large amounts of data, including HD movies and photos. With the ability to easily install additional 3.5 and 2.5 inch devices externally, along with its affordable price this might be the perfect pc case for your desktop computer.

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Cooler Master Elite Mid-Tower Case RC-430-KWN1-AMZ


3.Cooler Master Elite PC CaseOne of the first aspects that you will notice is the sleek design, along with its affordable price. This mid size pc case is perfect for students and gamers on a budget, who still want performance and functionality. The black pc case fits easily on most desktops, and you will appreciate the wide, mesh covered opening on the side. Designed to keep your components cool during long gaming sessions, it also includes a front and rear fan.

The front blue LED lights give this pc case a fun appearance, while the large expansion slots will hold almost any size graphics card. Experience a smoother gaming experience, and you also have the advantage of the include drive bays. Connect your gaming devices quickly and easily, along with DVD and Blu-ray players. Perfect for anyone on a budget, you will also appreciate its durable and sturdy construction.

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Sentey Gs-6008 PC Case


1.Sentey Gs-6008 PC CaseThis is often considered the best pc case under 50, and features a sleek design that fits easily on your desk or in a cabinet. It is compatible with all types of power, and the vented panel will help prevent your expensive components from overheating. It also includes front and side coolers, along with one in the rear.

This mid size tower was designed with gamers in mind, and includes seven expansion slots. You also have the advantage of the 5.25 and 3.5 drive bays, which are compatible with most gaming systems. With high definition audio capabilities you can clearly hear every sound on your game, and this pc case also includes 2 USB ports. Lightweight and designed to support all of your components, it’s easy to see why this pc case remains a consumer favorite.