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Top PDAs in 2018


In our society there are millions of business people that are trying to organize better their activities and implicitly fluidise their progress on various projects. Out of the many electronic devices currently available on the market it seems that more and more people are trying to find a professional PDA which can help them organize with greater efficiency every aspect of their day to day work. Getting professional information from the latest best PDAs reviews represents an important step in understanding the advantages and disadvantages of using a specific product and not another. All of your most important data will be present in the palm of your hand.


Palm 1047NA-TX


Best PDAs reviewsOne of the best PDAs currently available on the market is Palm 1047NA-TX handheld device which keeps you connected with important data, starting from your email, PC files or Word documents. The model features a high resolution 320 x 480 pixel screen with landscape or portrait mode. It is powered by a fast Intel 312 MHz ARM-based processor, MMC, SD and also Secure Digital I/O cards. The device is equipped with 128 MB flash memory which protects your documents. This particular PDA features a series of applications that will help you manage better information, thus keeping you well organised.

“Having a PDA to help me with my work is a definite advantage, especially when it comes to organizing my time and files. My personal PDA is the Palm 1047NA-TX which works like a charm for me, fast without losing any time, which as we all know costs money.” – Anthony Spencer

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 Computers Axim X50v


If you want to use a professional and high quality PDA then you should get to know more about Axim X50v model from Dell Computers. This handheld device is powered by a strong 624 MHz Intel Xscale PXA270 processor that allows you to run any application with ease and without any lags. It has a 128 MB Flash ROM and also a roomy 64 MB SDRAM which is more than enough to store all your important documents, always ready to be used at any time. The model has an integrated 802.11b Wi-Fi, which permits you to connect to the internet. With a modern design and very cool look, this PDA is more than an electronic personal assistant.

“This PDA has been with me for almost a year now and it makes me work in a much more organized way than before. The Wi-fi as well is a great advantage allowing me to have easy connectivity options. Also it works very fast thanks to its powerful processor.” – Bill Guthrie

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HP IPAQ 1910


The current best PDAs reviews, written by businessmen and technicians underline the efficiency of HP IPAQ 1910, a model with a stunning design and fluid operating system. It has a brilliant Transflective TFT color with more than 65.000 colours and a LED backlight display that impresses through its clarity. The PDA is powered by a removable and also rechargeable 900mAh Lithium-Ion battery that allows you to use it for a long period of time. You should also know that the PDA is powered by a solid 200 MHz Intel PXA 250 processor, which allows you to run different applications simultaneously without any problems at all.

“The HP IPAQ 1910 was my choice for a personal PDA, to be at work with me all the time, giving me assistance when I require it. The LED display, the controls, the battery, everything is of top class making me put a lot of faith in it.” – John Murray

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Handspring 1022A


Do you want a high quality and advanced PDA? Well, let us introduce Handspring 1022A PDA, a model with versatility and a great operating system which will certainly help you do your job with ease. The model comes with an 8 MB of memory giving you enough space to store virtually thousands of addresses, appointments, names and also emails. This PDA runs on a fast 33 MHz Motorola Dragonball VZ processor, which allows you to run various applications without worrying of experiencing lag. The device is equipped with a built-in expansion slot which permits you to turn the PDA in a reliable MP3 player, GPS receiver and also a pager.

“I never leave to work without my trusty Handspring 1022 PDA which allways is there when I need it. For my leisure it even turns into an mp3 player so I use it even during breaks. I recommend it for its features and its decent price range.” – Richard Moore

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A growing number of the latest best PDAs reviews underline the efficiency of Palm Z22, a model which seems to be used by thousands of people around the world. The device is cool and also affordable PDA which is accompanied with a solid 32 MB if flash memory. It comes with a bright colour display that enhances the whole experience. This PDA is the ideal replacement for other paper daily organizers which can be pretty messy. It weighs only 3 ounces, as the size of a deck of cards being very easy to connect with any computer. You will discover the possibility of a great personal assistant right in your pocket, always present and capable of delivering quality results.

“I had this PDA for a long time now and it has proven to me that it is indespensible, especially when I am working. The screen shows everything I need it to show crystal clear, plus my favorite thing about it is that it can work with both Mac and Windows softwares.” – Allan Smith

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