Best Pedestal Fan Reviews

If you’re here just to find the best pedestal fan and really can’t afford to take the time to read the excellent reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, this short paragraph will highlight all the vital information. We have gathered plenty of information about the best pedestal fans for sale by looking into actual owner feedback and checking out the many expert review sites to be able to do effective product comparisons. This has enabled us to find the best pedestal fan on the market, the Rowenta VU5551. This model is lauded as the quietest and most powerful stand fan for sale from Rowenta, capable of delivering exceptional airflow to rival that of competitors while ensuring that it won’t bother you with a noisy motor. This is perfect for those who sleep lightly and are awakened easily by the slightest noise. The propeller comprises five specially designed blades that deliver awesome airflow while slicing the air with remarkable silence. Moving air up to 2436 cubic feet per minute, this model delivers an immediate intense sensation of cool air to refresh you during those warm summer months. If the Rowenta VU5551 is unavailable, we strongly recommend the second best option, the Honeywell HS-1655.



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Buying guide


You might be able to get a fan for a few ten-dollar bills, but there’s nothing like a premium quality fan to ensure you get comfortable coolness without turning on the air conditioner. Cheap fans turn out limp when it comes to actual air circulation, so you may want to steer clear of those types of equipment that also tend to conk out soon enough to become part of the landfill. Here’s what to look into when buying a pedestal fan.

1.Rowenta VU5551

Noiseless operation and durability

If you want to be able to rest comfortably, you will want a fan that runs as quietly as possible. This is quite essential especially when running the fan at low speeds. The fan blades should be able to circulate air without creating a lot of noise. At high speeds, all you should hear is the simple humming of the blades as they slice the air. There should not be any thrumming, whirring, buffeting or whining noises, which can disturb sleep and keep you awake instead of lulling you to sleep. The motor should run quietly, preferably at a low decibel rating while still ensuring you of efficient operation. Any form of white noise can be an issue just like when you watch TV, and it is especially so when you are asleep. Consider the amount of noise you can tolerate while sleeping. Go for a really quiet model if noise easily bothers you. For outdoor use, noise may not be a concern but it sure will be when you lie down at night to sleep.

A wobbly fan is just a no-no but a fan that dies too soon or doesn’t work at all is a huge issue. Remember that claiming the warranty during the replacement process will really take time. Whether you get a pedestal fan expensive or cheap, make sure you select a unit that will be able to last the whole warm season at the very least. Replacement parts are sometimes even difficult to source so make sure the manufacturer has the proven capability to supply those elements. A metal grill may be heavy but it is more able to withstand any rough treatment during use.



Flexibility in use

Allowing you to use the fan in any location and for any cooling situation, an adjustable angle and height can be quite convenient. You can change the height of the fan if you want to sit on the floor to play a board game with your friends. You can position the fan in a way that lets you do towel drying of your hair after a bath while seated comfortably in a chair. You can angle the fan head so you can get an indirect breeze, helping you level down a direct breeze that may be too powerful with the fan speed you use.

Pedestal fans come with a wide variety of operating modes to suit individual preferences. Some models feature a natural/ nature or sleep mode, which delivers different fan speeds to allow you to enjoy a natural breeze during use. Other units come with a reduction mode, which automatically switches the fan to the next lower speed after running for half an hour. This is perfect for running the fan at nighttime, since you may feel hot before falling asleep but having the fan running at full speed during the entire evening can disrupt your sleep.
2.Honeywell HS-1655


Useful features

A fan with remote control is better than one without. The remote control lets you change the fan speed or mode without having to get up and approach the appliance. A pedestal fan with wheels enables you to transfer the unit’s location or bring it to another room without the need to lift it. Oscillation is another great feature, since it allows you to choose whether to have the fan sweep airflow across the room or simply focus it at a specific spot. Some models even let you choose from different oscillation speeds and patterns. You may also want a programmable timer so you can switch the unit off after a specific period.

You want the fan controls to be user friendly to ensure optimal use. Some models can be folded down to give a sleek, minimalist look when the fan is not in use, simplifying storage. Others are equipped with electronic indicators that enable you to view fan settings on a display.



Top Pedestal Fans in 2018


Out of all the models and brands of pedestal fans on the market, it can be quite challenging to choose one to suit your needs. However, we have designed the above buying guide to make your buying journey as simple as possible so feel free to refer to the important purchase points mentioned there. We have also showcased the best products available below to help you even more.



Rowenta VU5551 Turbo


Best Pedestal Fan ReviewsDepending on the size of the room where you put it, you might find no reason to doubt why this product has been mentioned in the best pedestal fan reviews everywhere. Its performance is comparable to that of other bestselling fans out there. If you do not find noisy fans desirable (well, who does?), you will be quite happy with this fan’s noise output of 40 to 57decibels. Much like your standard library! The fact that it works silently should not mislead you into thinking it is less powerful. Airflow is good, depending on location and ambient conditions. The set of five blades has been exclusively engineered to provide good blowing power to the entire propeller set-up.


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Honeywell HS-1655


1.Honeywell HS-1655

The Honeywell QuietSet offers five speeds so you can choose the perfect level for you. It comes with a Quiet Control feature that includes White Noise so you can customize the noise levels especially when you want to rest undisturbed. The Oscillation feature delivers wide-area cooling. You may choose to have the fan switch off after 1, 2, 4 or 8 hours thanks to the shut-off timer. The fan also has adjustable height so you can raise and lower it according to your preference. Enjoy powerful whole room cooling every time. The remote control lets you change the settings without leaving your seat or the bed.



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Ozeri OZF3


A constant concern that families with children have is the danger presented by fan grills with overly large spaces between guard wires. This top pedestal fan in 2018 has a fan guard that is of honeycomb structure, which makes it less dangerous than the conventional radiating design. Airflow is customized because the three fans that make it up can be controlled independently of each other. You can choose to have one fan on top speed and the other two on slow, depending on how you want to be air cooled. It is thinner than most fans, which makes it quite easy to position where there’s little standing space.



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Lasko 1843


2.Lasko 1843

Often chosen as a top rated product, the ETL-listed Lasko 1843 is both pocket-friendly and user friendly. It boasts a large 18-inch propeller that delivers good airflow at 1970 cubic feet per minute. The adjustable tilt and adjustable height allow you to position the fan at the perfect level to suit your needs. The oscillation feature lets you keep the fan at a specific spot or allow the head to move around to circulate air. Thanks to the timer, the fan can be set to stop running after 1, 2 or 4 hours so you can enjoy uninterrupted rest. The remote control lets you change the levels or settings without pressing the buttons on the fan itself, very convenient when you’ve settled comfortably in bed or the sofa.



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Dyson AM03


What? No blades? Anyone would be amazed at how this product can deliver cooling air power without the traditional propeller contraption we have long associated fans with. Without the use of blades that chop the air first then buffet it before it actually gets to you, this product works on a novel technology called air multiplier, an effect whereby air is taken in and then released in greatly amplified quantity. This could be the best pedestal fan in 2018 because of the ingenious way it’s been engineered. It oscillates a full 360 degrees to cool a good sized room.



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Air King 9175


After you’ve gotten through the industrial grade assembly process (it IS industrial grade, okay?), you can learn to appreciate this fan’s cooling air power. Built precisely for locations that require higher degrees of air circulation, this product oscillates at regular speed to cool the area with circulated air. Commercial establishments could vote this as the best pedestal fan in 2018 just for its awesome air circulation ability alone. The motor can be powered up with three different speeds according to preference: high, medium and low.



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As most industrial type fans go, this product may require a bit of figuring out in order to put it together properly. However, when it comes to air circulation, this fan responds quite well. It only has three fan blades, and the propeller configuration is safely ensconced in a revolutionary dome fan guard. Users can choose to have it adjusted between 60 to 84 inches high for maximum delivery of cooling power. The power cord measures nine feet so you can elect to change its location in the room whenever you want.



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