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Fitness is extremely important for millions of Americans, because it represent a firm step towards becoming or remaining healthy. Still, in order to safely choose the right fitness path it’s important to have by your side a professional exercise device helper, which can help you monitor the progress. Out of the many fitness instruments which can deliver the right assistance during various jog sessions it seems that more and more people are using pedometers. This fitness device can help people monitor their physical progress day after day. Consulting some of the current best pedometers reviews represents the quickest way to identify the most efficient model, suited to your fitness goals.


Fitbit One activity tracker


Best pedometers under $100When it comes to regular exercising the presence of a professional pedometer can enhance the quality of your results. This is where Fitbit One wireless pedometer can become great addition to your life. Considered one of the best pedometers under $100, this fitness device can help people track distance covered, steps count, stairs climbed and other physical activity. The device will help you to monitor how long and well you sleep day or night, thus having the right info on the physical state of your body. It is accompanied by a silent alarm that wakes you up when it’s time to run. Furthermore the pedometer automatically syncs with your computer.

“To know exactly where I am standing with the progress of my running session I bought this activity tracker from Fitbit One. I measure the distance and the steps I take every time to know exactly at what level I am at. Preparing for semi marathons and marathones make this device very useful.” –  Patrick Woods

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Omron HJ-112 pedometer


In order to obtain high quality results as you run and safely exercise, you need to be equipped with a high quality pedometer. Once you take Omron HJ-112 pedometer by your side you will have a reliable walking partner by your side, which will never let you go. Every step of the way he will be there. This device uses 2D smart sensor technology, with dual-axis pedometer that precisely tracks steps with ease. Use the model in order to track down the steps you take and create the prospects for a good workout. Dual-Axis technology accurately counts steps whether it’s positioned horizontally or vertically.

“In order to perfect my workouts and also to imporve them day by day I have bought for myself the Omron HJ-112 pedometer. It has given me the opportunity to do exactly that and I recommend it if you want to better explore your limits.” – Anne Edwards

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Fitbit Zip activity tracker


You have the possibility to enhance the quality of your fitness exercise program once you have all the data. It is very important to have by your side one of the best pedometers under $200, capable of delivering precise data once you run. You should use Fitbit Zip pedometer, a fitness device that accurately tracks distance, steps and also calories burned every time you run. You can automatically sync up the data obtained with your Fitbit account via notebook, smartphone or tablet. You can use it to set up goals, earn progress badges and view your daily progress once you start running. It is rain, splash and sweat proof so you will be able to use even under harsh conditions.

“The Fitbit Zip active tracker shows me in great detail exactly how my running time has went, from the exact number of steps I have made to the calories I have burned in this time. Than I upload the information in my personal chart and I can track my progress along a huge period of time.” – Stan Cooper

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Omron HJ-720ITC pedometer


Use Omron HJ-720ITC pedometer as a reliable fitness counter, suited to your daily physical needs and goals. It is one of the best pedometers under $200, which includes 2D smart sensor technology in order to improve your daily health. The pedometer features Dual-Axis accelerometer technology in order to safely record your physical progress by tracking steps. Furthermore the pedometer allows you to track with ease distance covered, calories burned and fat grams. This advanced pedometer comes equipped with 6 tracking modes such as aerobic steps, time, distance covered, calories burned, fat grams burned and also track steps.

“In my quest to always improve myself and my workout sessions I have bought this pedometer from Omron. It helps me a lot with perfecting my exercises and this way I can get better and better all the time. I recommend it for people who do exercises.” – Richard Herman

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Garmin Foot Pod


Garmin fitness devices are great to have around once you start running or walking around the block or in the park. This tiny pedometer is easy to install or attach on your shoelace, purse, keeping track of your progress. It is very easy to use, with replaceable watch battery that powers up the device. The pedometer includes advanced MEMS inertial sensor technology which can be used to analyse every movement you take, being also responsive to stride-length. Using with confidence this pedometer you will be able to accurately achieve 98 percent for speed and distance covered with precision every time you run.

“The Garmin Food pod allows me to have a chart on how I do in different days when I am exercising. This way I can better prepare myself, because I like to take part in semi-marathones. Everything I do during my run can be analyzed thanks to the data this device records.” – Adam Stoner

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