Best Penny Board Reviews


Top Penny Boards in 2018


When you want your youngster to experience skateboarding but are not all that certain whether they will like it, investing in a good quality Penny Board is the best first step to take. Built for long lasting high performance, a Penny Board is a plastic skateboard that’s perfect for beginners who want to explore the fun in skateboarding. With well-balanced fundamental components that come together neatly, Penny Boards are always a cut above the rest. Reading through a lot of the best Penny Board reviews is not enough, so you may need to actually feel the product in your hands or under your feet. Here are five models that have met the standards of skateboard enthusiasts I have talked to.


Penny Holiday Plastic Cruiser Complete Skateboard


Best Penny Board ReviewsThe ABEC 7 bearings on the Penny Plastic Cruiser Complete Skateboard signify that the bearings have a high tolerance level, making the product the best Penny Board in 2018. This also means the Penny Plastic Cruiser can be used with a higher level of precision. The wheels are soft, not the rugged type that longboards and professional skateboards are built with. The Penny Board carries a design that is at once young and vibrant in character. It is lightweight yet very well-made. Because of its diminutive size and weight, this model can be used to do even sharp turns.

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Penny Nickel Plastic Cruiser Complete Skateboard


You will love how this board gives a bright glow, which makes it a favorite in the best Penny Board reviews. The ride will always be super smooth with this Penny Board model. The wheels are soft yet strong, able to handle turns in a precise manner. The board is made flexible while the trucks can be adjusted according to the user’s preference. For pure Penny Board quality and skating bliss, get the Penny Nickel Complete Skateboard with superior retro-styling that you will love to display over and over.

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Penny Nickel Holiday Hawaiian Complete Skateboard


The molded deck is treated with plastic injection for higher flexibility. The lovely Hawaiian design featured on this Penny Nickel Holiday Complete Skateboard is really cool, with bright color scheme and a depiction of a typical Hawaiian beach front. The soft 90a bushings make the ride smoother, since it is much easier to turn the skateboard around corners because of the way the bushings absorb energy. The Hawaiian model of the Penny Nickel skateboard have wheels that offer less resistance when the board is turned, making the product the best Penny Board in 2018.

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Penny Organic Navy Complete Skateboard


The rating given by the Annular Bearing Engineering Committee (ABEC) for the bushings of the Penny Organic Complete Skateboard is pretty high at 7. That means the bushings are built to have higher tolerance levels, so they won’t give up on you when you need to do sharp turns around corners or when you wish to display your sharp skateboard moves. This is why this model has received recognition among the top rated Penny Boards in 2018. You can tell that this is really authentic and sturdily built. The Penny Board is 22 inches long.

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Penny Pastel Complete Skateboard


This model of Penny Board comes in lovely pastel colors, so it’s something that any girl would love to own. The wheels are deliberately made to be soft, so negotiating curves and turns is never a problem. You are sure to manage turns safely with this board. The Pastel Penny Board is lauded for the tighter tolerance of its bearings. The board lives up to Penny Board’s reputation for quality of build and high performance rating. It requires no assembly and gets to you ready to ride.

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