Best Pilates Equipment Reviews

Looking for the best Pilates equipment? If time is of the essence and you don’t want to waste precious minutes going through dozens of Pilates equipment reviews, we’re here to help. Based on the info that we have gathered, it appears that the product that you should consider is the Beverly Hills Fitness Supreme Toning Tower. The neat thing about this piece is that it comes pre-assembled, thus allowing you to save some time and effort. While it might not be the most affordable choice, it is both lightweight and sturdy and can help you recover from injuries, as well as develop your flexibility, core, and strength. 2 instructional DVDs can be found to be part of this deal, so you can use the tower even if you are a beginning Pilates practitioner. If this product is no longer available, perhaps you might at least enjoy using the ProSource Resistance Ring.



Buying Guide


The whole idea of the best equipment for Pilates might be confusing for one person or the next. On the one hand, the variety of choices available for sale is truly overwhelming, but on the other, one has to consider that not all such gear is made the same.

To make it a bit easier for you to get the right product for your specific needs, physical attributes, and preferences, we have compiled all of the crucial info you ought to bear in mind in a comprehensive buyer’s guide. Check it out below.

Just what kind of equipment are you looking for?

It’s difficult to give a straight definition to Pilates equipment because it’s terribly diverse. A reformer or a tower simply cannot be compared with a Pilates ball or exercise band. One can help you achieve something, while the other can assist you in doing something else.

Therefore, the first thing that you ought to do is take a step back and understand your requirements. Consider your budget, while you are at it, as some towers can be as expensive as three hundred or more, while reformers can cost just under seventy hundred.

Are you getting the equipment for yourself, or do you run a Pilates studio? It goes without saying that a significant expense makes sense if the machine is going to be used by several hundred people. It might be less logical for a person practicing Pilates at home.


Quality of build

Whether you’re looking for a very basic exercise ball, resistance ring, or anything else in this line, or you intend to spend your cents on something valuable like a reformer, the fact is that the quality of the product can ultimately influence your entire experience.

Products that aren’t made from resilient materials are not likely to withstand the test of time. Therefore, the purchase and your decision-making process might end up being useless if you opt for cheap pilates equipment made from cheap materials. One piece of advice that we can give you is to read as many consumer reports as possible so that you find out just how much time the item is going to last. If there are any complaints regarding the durability of the product, you best steer clear of it.


Convenience and ease of use

Something else you should bear in mind is that the features of such products aren’t identical, which is to say that some can offer you a degree of adjustability while others cannot. This rule applies in the case of reformers, where the straps have to be customizable so that they speak to the features of your body or you can make them to.

It stands to reason that it shouldn’t take you a complete Master’s Degree in Quantum Physics to learn how to master an exercise band, so usability is another factor that needs to be taken into consideration.


How much are you willing to spend?

As we were saying above, your budget matters quite a bit. While some exercise bands can cost under thirty bucks, reformers and towers are way less reasonably priced. Their price can go over several hundred dollars and can even reach several thousand.

Good Pilates equipment doesn’t have to be synonymous with pricey equipment. You just have to learn to understand your expectations from a financial standpoint and determine whether the expense makes sense for you.



Top Pilates Equipment in 2018


Because we are committed to the cause and genuinely want to help you get the right type of equipment, we’ve created a short selection of some of the most popular choices available nowadays. Take a peek at the following suggestions if you have the time.



Beverly Hills Fitness Supreme Toning Tower


If you’re in the market for a tower, perhaps you should consider this model as it has mostly received favorable feedback from those who have tried it out. On the one hand, it isn’t nearly as pricey as some of its competitors, which is an advantage in itself. Second, you ought to take into consideration that this model is made from resilient materials, what with the frame having been manufactured of steel and the barre having been constructed of wood.

Besides, it is worth noting that this product comes pre-assembled, which means that you can use it right after it was delivered. The tower can be folded conveniently and efficiently, which allows you to save a bit of space. If your studio or room isn’t all that spacious, this is a detail you should definitely be interested in.

Furthermore, there are two DVDs included in the purchase, one of which can help you learn how to use the equipment, and the other being able to motivate you to stick to your fitness routine. Seeing how it is considerably more affordable compared to other towers, we say that the Beverly Hills Fitness alternative is at least worth giving some thought to.

Buy from Amazon for ($249)




ProSource Resistance Ring


If simpler equipment is what you are after, maybe this resistance ring might do you some good. It’s been designed to create a gentle resistance for all of your body parts, so if you want to improve your core and strength on areas like your arms and legs, definitely check this product out.

The model has been equipped with dual grip handles that enable it to be easy to use. It boasts a durable design that will allow it to withstand the test of time, especially as it is made out of steel covered by rubber. You won’t feel uncomfortable while using this ring, and that’s for sure, especially judging by the feedback it has garnered in this sense.

It’s also worth noting that the handles are padded, so if you apply too much pressure on your fingers, you will not get hurt. The grip will be both comfortable and firm, thus allowing you to focus on your workout routine without having to worry about anything else. The ring will allow you to improve the shape and status of your muscles without you having to feel too much strain.

Because it can put up with a lot of abuse, this product can even be used on a daily basis.

Buy from Amazon for ($18.74)




Super Exercise Band Home Gym


There are several options to choose from if you want an exercise band and you decide to go for this product. The type of strength that every item can offer you is depicted by a certain color, so it will be easier for you to select just the right kind you need depending on your attributes and preferences if you take the time to read the product description.

Having been made out of latex, this band is resilient, versatile, and easy to use. Because it measures seven feet, it’s long enough for you to exercise your legs and arms. Also, it is worth noting that the consistency of the material that the band was manufactured of enables you to benefit from a solid grip. Of course, you can also tie a knot at the end of the band so that you grab it efficiently.

There are no accessories included with the purchase, but you can get them separately. A nice pair of band handles or door anchors can save you a lot of effort in the long run, especially if your strength isn’t what it used to be.

Customers describe this product as reliable and comfortable, as it can be used while you are in bed and by people who are disabled.

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