Best Pilates Reformer Reviews

In the market for the best Pilates reformer? If that’s so, perhaps this paragraph will help you with finding the right model. Following our research that has involved going through hundreds of user reviews, reports, and surveys, we’ve concluded that the unit you should consider is the Stamina AeroPilates Pro 55-5557. Most of the components in this option can be adjusted to suit your physical attributes or preferences. What this means is that you can customize everything from the headrest to the straps and handgrips of the pilates reformer. Besides, the model is accompanied by a free-form cardio rebounder. From what we’ve gathered by the feedback acquired by this choice, it seems to be efficient and user-friendly, so you might want to give it a shot. If this model is no longer available, maybe you should try out the AeroPilates Reformer 287.



Buying Guide


Good Pilates reformers don’t come cheap, and that’s why you need to take a step back and realize what you are really searching for. If you’re feeling a bit confused as to whether you need one feature or the next, we’re here to give you a hand. The following buyer’s guide can help you separate the wheat from the chaff by letting you know what characteristics you should focus on.


When it comes to the way a quality pilates reformer has been constructed, you need to be on the lookout for several things. One of them deals with its maximum weight capacity. Normally, even the most affordable alternatives should be able to hold at least three hundred pounds.

The next thing to pay attention to is whether or not the model you have chosen is made from less resilient materials like plastic. If possible, steer clear of these alternatives as they won’t do you any good. In fact, they might pose a threat to your health by not being safe enough for you to utilize.

Even a budget pilates reformer has to feature as many parts made from metal as possible, or at least boast a good wood build.


Adjustability and ease of use

Let’s face it. Not all products in this line are made the same. Some are more customizable compared to others, and if you’re only starting out your pilates adventures, you need to be able to benefit from as much freedom as you possibly can. This is the reason why we recommend looking for adjustable components, whether they are the headrest, footrest, or anything else.

Keep in mind that the resistance of every user varies largely from one person to the next, so that’s why you need to make sure that the machine is able to meet your expectations in terms of customization and versatility.


Pick the right size

Generally, when it comes to online shopping, people make mistakes because they can’t look at the things they wish to get from an objective perspective. The point that we are trying to make is that sometimes, it really does pay off to look at your physical attributes and your own requirements before deciding to spend your cents on something that’s hardly usable.

The dimensions of the product are important for two reasons. For one, you need to make sure that it’s the right one for your body size. Secondly, you also have to take into account the fact that you need some place to store the reformer in. Unless you have unlimited space at your disposal, we are firmly suggesting checking out your space and measuring it out so that you can tell which product you need to get.


Do you need any extras?

Some pilates reformer reviews might try to convince you that the more things come with your initial purchase, the more value you’ll get. We won’t disagree, but we do have to emphasize that sometimes, extras relate to a lot of things. A DVD can be useful if you haven’t used a pilates machine before, but you should be aware of the fact that the internet is jam-packed with loads of videos of the same kind.

Therefore, we recommend looking for actual extras such as a rebounder, which can help you with your resistance training.



Top Pilates Reformers in 2018


From the plethora of choices available for sale these days, we have selected a few that might be of interest to you. They are versatile, easy to use, and some of them won’t even break the bank. If you have the time and if you haven’t decided on something else just yet, check them out.



Stamina AeroPilates Pro 55-5557


The Pro XP 557 is one of the most popular alternatives that we were able to track down. It seems to have the right dimension for most of the people who have purchased, what with its rails being about eight inches longer than those of standard Pilates reformers.

In addition to this, it is worth noting that the Stamina choice comes with adjustable components. So, whether you want to customize the length of the straps, the handgrips, or the headrest or footrest, you can definitely do so if you decide to go for this option. The shoulder pads are made from high-density foam that will withstand the test of time and will allow you to use the reformer comfortably.

Besides, since the reformer is elevated fifteen inches off the floor, you can make the most of it by using it for multiple types of exercises. The Cardio Rebounder that it is accompanied by will enable you to get a proper cardio workout especially as it functions much like a trampoline and bounces off when you use it.

One of the neatest things we have noticed in the feedback provided by those who have chosen the Stamina alternative is that it is appreciated even by folks who hate physical exercise. Apparently, the Pilates machine is so comfortable that they’ve learned to love their fitness routine.

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AeroPilates Reformer 287


If you do not need an overly complicated reformer and you’re in the market for something a bit more affordable than some of the other units we have stumbled upon, perhaps the AeroPilates option is just the right one to keep in mind. Unlike the Stamina one we have mentioned in our selection, the 287 is not elevated off the floor, which is why you can strictly use it for a limited number of exercises.

Nonetheless, the AeroPilates 287 does offer a series of benefits such as the fact that its frame is made from steel and can, therefore, put up with a lot of abuse. Besides, due to its compact design, the frame of this reformer can be folded with ease, which is why you can use the product for Pilates lessons, or anywhere you like.

What’s more, the foot bar of this model is padded, as is the platform and the shoulder pads. If you’re feeling a bit wary when it comes to ordering this product, maybe you might want to know that it comes with two instructional DVDs, one of which is destined for complete beginners.

All in all, the 287 model seems like a good choice for those who aren’t prepared to make a serious investment.

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Elina Pilates Wood


Given that it seems to cost a pretty penny especially when compared to the other models we have mentioned in the article, the Elena reformer is mostly destined for Pilates studios. Something that appears to set it aside from its competitors is the fact that it is made with the best quality wood. Besides, it includes the tower, which is an addition you might fail to find in more budget-friendly options.

Something else that makes the Elina unit stand out from the crowd is the fact that it is both stable and resistant, what with its metal pieces having been manufactured from steel and aluminum.

Most of the features of this choice are adjustable and can be set in accordance with your physical features and personal preferences. Also, the EVA foam padding enables you to make the most of the pilates machine by benefitting from a comfortable workout. Having been made with eco-friendly folks in mind, the Elina is a good option for all of those people who care about the environment and want to take their Pilates workout routine to a whole new level.

While some might argue that the price of this reformer is downright off-putting, others say that it does offer more than enough value if you want to use it professionally.

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