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In a rush? Don’t have time to read detailed information about the best pilates ring? We have you covered. This short paragraph should offer sufficient information for you to make a smart choice. Pilates rings, also called Pilates magic circles, are a great option for those who want to get the desired workout, but without spending much. Ever since Pilates became one of the crazes of the fitness world, without showing signs of being forgotten anytime soon, accessories for this type of exercising have emerged. A good quality ring will help you get the best Pilates ring workout, which is why we want to help you by showing you the results of our intensive searches for the best products in this category. The STOTT PILATES Power Pack is our first recommendation, as it is the most popular and it scores high in both owners’ and experts’ reviews. You can enhance your Pilates training with this ring, by adding resistance to your regimen. Ideal for building strength, the ring will help you model your torso and upper body muscles with great ease. What you will surely love about this ring is that it comes with inner foam pads for extra comfort. Another model that is one of the best workout rings available right now is the Sisyama. If you cannot get the model mentioned above, this is a solid choice, as it allows you to sculpt your muscles and enhance your posture.



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A Pilates ring is an accessory that will serve you to easily find your center and also perform a wide range of Pilates exercises with better and faster results. Rumor has it that Joseph Pilates, the inventor of this type of physical exercise, made his first ring out of the circle of a keg. Luckily for current day practitioners of Pilates, there are more convenient options available. If you are looking for the best Pilates fitness ring, you will find the next buying guide helpful for your endeavor.1.Stott Pilates Fitness Circle Power Pack


As the name indicates, the Pilates ring, also informally called a “magic ring” is a circle of about 13 inches in diameter, usually made of metal or rubber. The ring has side pads that allow you to find a convenient solution for placing your palms or other parts of the body on it, when you want to perform different exercises.

What happens when you are using a Pilates ring is that you are adding resistance to your exercises. This means that the exercises you are doing will be more effective and you will spend less time developing muscles and strengthening your body. An interesting thing about using a Pilates ring is that it is not made to have you force it into submission, although you may feel tempted to do so. What a Pilates ring gives you is the ability to have your body deliver feedback in regards to what muscles are being used during an exercise.

Getting the right resistance for your magic ring is important. You have basically two options to choose from: a ring made of flexible metal or one made of rubber. There are Pilates practitioners who say that those made of rubber tend to be too soft and too fast to yield to any pressure, which basically means that you will not get much of them. Much more recommended are rings made of metal because they are offering you the right amount of muscular challenge for achieving the best results when exercising. However, if you are a beginner who does not need so much challenge right from the get go, you will discover that a rubber ring will work just fine for your needs.




The magic ring is one of the best Pilates accessories, because it can be taken along on trips. It usually weighs very little, it is fairly easy to have it lay flat inside a luggage and it does not bend or flex so that it becomes unusable when you are taking it out. When it comes to portability, rubber circles are somehow a little bit better than metal rings, because they are not as heavy, and they are also easy to accommodate inside your luggage. Nonetheless, metal rings are not heavy enough to justify a choice based on this single aspect only.




You are purchasing a Pilates ring to help you with exercising, so it serves to know that the one you intend to spend money on will not break anytime soon. The obvious choice, if durability is what you seek in a Pilates ring, is a metal ring. You will purchase such a ring for prolonged usage, and you will rest assured that the Pilates accessory will serve you for a long time.

Pilates rings are created by various manufacturers. If you still prefer a rubber model, your best bet is to go with one of the companies with a good standing in making Pilates gear. Their reputation will tell you what you need to know about how long you will be able to use your chosen ring.2.Sisyama Best Resistance

Pads: on the inside or on the outside?

The best Pilates exercise ring is the one that manages to serve the purpose it was created for. A bit earlier, it was mentioned that pads are usually located on the sides. Now, you should know that there are models that come with pads on the outside of the circle, while others have pads on the inside of the circle, besides having the traditional outside ones.

What happens when you pick a ring with pads on both the inside and the outside is that you will gain more versatility. Basically, you will be able to perform more complex exercise, while achieving the same desired effect of muscle feedback, so you know exactly how much pressure to apply.

Are you looking for the best Pilates rings around? The following models enjoy great feedback from users and they are very useful for a wide variety of Pilates exercises.



Top rated Pilates Rings in 2018


Before you go out on a wild hunt for the ultimate Pilates ring, you can first check out the best pilates ring reviews that have proliferated all over the web. I have found that reading them can be a huge pain in the butt, especially if you’re a beginner at Pilates. To help more people enjoy their Pilates experience, I have endeavored to go over as many reviews as I can, probably more than twenty of them. This is all to narrow down the choices to the only five that deserve to be in the ‘magic circle’, with great resistance, flexible material, plus versatile stabilizing pads on the outside and inside.



Stott Pilates Fitness Circle Power Pack


Best Pilates Ring ReviewsMat-based exercises can get a great upgrade as this best pilates ring in 2018 adds resistance to the whole Pilates workout. Users of this fitness circle can gain increased power, endurance and strength as it provides stability to the trunk and tones and sculpts specific muscles in the process. For extra comfort, the outer and inner foam pads serve as grips. The ring has a diameter of 14 inches, not too wide or too narrow for an energizing workout. It is of lightweight construction so it is perfect for beginners.



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Sisyama Best Resistance


The Sisyama Pilates ring has made it to the best pilates ring reviews because of several factors. It is made of sturdy long-lasting fiberglass that gives it great resistance for intense Pilates workouts. It is guaranteed never to get its shape altered in any way. The user can get a reshaped body with this magic circle. It is a pliable rubber ring without any sharp corners of edges. Unlike metal rings that can cause damage to the nerves, this resistance ring has a foam handle that fits perfectly against your torso.



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Stamina AeroPilates Magic Circle


This Pilates ring measures 14 ¾ inches in diameter. It has a professional grade, non-permeable molded padding for extra gripping power and comfort, aside from having resistance against moisture. The included instructional video can show you why this ring works as the top Pilates ring in 2018. The entire ring is rubber covered for better resistance so you can derive rapid and more focused toning and greatly enhanced muscle strength, especially in the thighs, the chest and the upper arms. You will get a progressively sculpted body when you use this high-resistance ring.



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ProSource Pilates Resistance Power


This exercise ring from ProSource has earned its place as the best Pilates ring in 2018 thanks to the fitness-enhancing power of the dual grip. The magic ring works hard to help you with flexibility, full body workout, core muscle toning and strength training. It also assists you at maintaining good alignment and balance for the body. You can power up your obliques and get resistance workouts for both your upper and lower body when you use this ring in your workouts and exercises. The ring has non-slip handles and foam-padded grips so you can optimize your exercise sessions.



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Gaiam Pilates Toning Ring Kit


This toning ring from Gaiam is ideal for all levels of fitness. It helps improve your Pilates sessions by providing a means of resistance training. It has body-contoured foam pads so you can hold it comfortably against your body. The foam-padded handles also allow you comfortable grip and control. You can use this ring kit to complete your total body workouts. An instructional DVD has been included in the package so you can learn how to maximize the effectiveness of this Gaiam ring. It is made of lightweight material for easy transportability.



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