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Baseball is loved by millions of Americans, creating waves of excitement and joy with every moment of the game. To this extent we are not surprise to see so many young people trying to learn the game and one day becomes a great player. Still, in order to teach and learn the game with greater ease you need a professional pitching machine. The market offers a wide array of products, designed with attention in order to accommodate any player’s skill set. It is important to read some of the current best pitching machines reviews in order to identify the most efficient model, suited to your baseball projects.


Franklin MLB pitching machine


Best pitching machines under $100If you want a great pitching machine that can help warm up and significantly improve your batting average then you should use with confidence Franklin MLB. This powerful machine can deliver a ball every 7 seconds, giving you time to gear up for the next shot. It is considered one of the best pitching machines under $30, letting you adjust the pitch angle in order to create the right batter height shot. You just need to pay attention to the flashing red light which gives you a warning when the ball will be released. The model includes 6 Aero-Strike plastic baseballs and it requires only 4 D Alkaline batteries to properly run.

“I wanted to get my son into baseball, this great american pastime, and I managed to do just that with the help of the Franklin MLB pitching machine. I even signed him up for a little league team with which he trains and at home we train with this pitching machine.” – Matthew Jones

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Franklin Sports 14071 pitching machine


Baseball comes with hours of practice and hard work that is if you want to become a great player. Today’s one of the best pitching machines under $50, according to thousands of satisfied users, is Franklin Sports 14071. This MLP Super Star batter machine makes practice training complete, designed to challenge. You can adjust the angle in order to create the right pitching exercise sessions that can include soft pitch, ground balls, fast pitch and also pop flies. This advanced pitching machine features a solid tri-pod style base and also a stable ground stakes in order to prevent tipping.

“I was very pleased to see that this pitching machine was used so often by my son and in the time he has been using it you can see a big improvement in his game. This just goes to show that with practice comes improvement, plus quality equipment never hurts to be added in the mix.” – Henry Boyd

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SKLZ Lightning pitching machine


Today, more and more baseball teams try to upgrade their training sessions by adding professional exercise devices. One of the most used baseball exercise devices is SKLZ Lightning Bolt pitching machine, a model that manages to automatically pitch soft practice balls 25 feet at around 35 miles per hour, in order to challenge the user. The pitching machine has a 5 second delay between pitches in order to maintain a reliable repetition training session, every time you need to. The model includes 12 soft micro Bolt balls that come at a 5.125 inch circumference weighing only 0.2 ounce weight.

“The SKLZ Lightning pitching machine brings baseball to my home and with it I teach my son a few pointers about the game. It works really well, it is simple to use and all in all I believe it to be a very good pitching machine. The price I paid for it was also decent.” – George Franklyn

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SKLZ Catapult pitching machine


Every serious junior baseball team needs to be equipped with pro efficient pitching machine, designed to upgrade the existing batting skills. In order to get the most out of the boys it is important to use one of the best pitching machines under $100, SKLZ Catapult which can be used to work on the defensive and offensive moments of the actual game. The pitching machine can automatically pitch balls every 8 seconds, giving you time to prepare for the next hit. The model is highly adjustable, letting you customize the height and distance in order to enhance the training session. SKLZ pitching machine runs on 4 D batteries.

“My son is training hard beacause his dream is to become a professional baseball player and because I want him to be able to practice at home as well I got for him this top pitching machine from SKLZ. I works really well and by practicing at home he can up his game even more.” – Mark Edwards

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Franklin Sports 14948S11 pitching machine


Franklin Sports always managed to create high quality and advanced pitching machines, always ready to enhance any training session. To this particular extent 14948S11 being placed among the current best pitching machines under $100 comes as no surprise. This MLB Power pitcher delivers 3 pitch angle positions, and the red light will flash in order to indicate the release of the ball. The machine comes with 3 different speeds: 10 mph, 15 mph and 20 mph. It can hold around 9 foam balls and it pitches one ball every 5 seconds. The baseball pitching machine is great for backyard fun and excitement.

“This is a good pitching machine which my son uses on a regular basis so he does a bit of extra practice. To operate it is really simple and my son has a lot of fun with it as well. My advice to other parents which have sons into this game is to get this pitching machine.” – Luke Barton

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