Best Plasma Cutters reviews

Top plasma cutters in 2018


There are certain phases of a big or small construction project that requires more attention than others, because it involves using specific tools. This is the reason so many people, professional woodworkers or carpenters, are searching for efficient plasma cutting technology that can precisely cut through steel and also other metals of various thickness. The plasma torch is highly efficient in cutting various metals with precision and without any restrictions. Reading the current best plasma cutters reviews represents an important step in discovering the most efficient model, capable of delivering quality results and keep your work flowing with no mishaps.


LT5000D Lotos


Best Plasma Cutters reviewsToday’s plasma cutters come with various advantages when it comes to safely cutting distinct materials that improve your capacity to develop the projects better. Today, more and more people are using with confidence LT5000D Lotos plasma cutter which delivers precise cutting actions against any type of material. The device was safely designed to withstand continuous use during various industrial construction projects. It is ideal for various home projects and redecoration work. The plasma cutter comes with a 50A dual voltage system of 110/220 vac Digital Inverter Plasma Cutter, cheaper than any other models currently available on the market.

“To cut through thick materials and metals I needed a reliable plasma cutter and through the LT5000D  Lotos I got just what I wanted. I used it extesively to this point and it has wokerd magnificently going through everything I throw at it.” – Mike Murphy

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Lotos technology LTP5000D


If you are searching for an efficient plasma cutter, always there for you to use on various projects then LTP5000D from Lotos technology, a model very popular in the US. This OME unit was designed with attention in order to cut rusty material or any other metal. Most of the current best plasma cutters reviews gave these model high marks, emphasizing on the aluminium cutting 1/4” cutting head. It features an automatic Dual voltage and also frequency system and more importantly the Robust Infineon IGBT made by Siemens, which ensures you, will be able to cut with precision during any action.

“I invested in this plasma cutter and after doing various jobs with it, I found it to be extremely reliable. I had no trouble whatsoever to cut any material of my choosing, quickly and precise. If you are looking for a plasma cutter than I recommend this to you.” – James Woods  

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Everlast SuperCut 50


Any reliable construction worker or manager wants to use a precise plasma cutter during various jobs. Today, a growing number of people are now using with confidence Everlast SuperCut 50 plasma cutter incorporating the adjustable Post Flow that allows you to control up to 60 seconds which maintains the torch life enhanced. The model features a precise front air pressure which allows you to adjust the pressure without any problems whatsoever. Furthermore this advanced plasma cutter features a front air pressure gauge that helps you verify the air pressure, thus knowing how to customize it better during the actions at hand.

“Doing various jobs led me to buy the Everlast SueprCut 50. I did some research before I bought it and most reviews said it was a solid plasma cutter. Didn’t have one problem with it untill now and hopefully I won’t ever. My advice is to get it if you want a plasm cutter.” – Steve Michaels

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Lotos LTP8000


Well, information can make the difference between using a high quality plasma cutter and one that simply will waste your time. Reading some of the current best plasma cutters reviews, written by pro users, underline the efficiency of Lotos LTP8000, a model used on thousands of construction yards. It has an operating voltage of 208/220vac and also 50/60HZ input Single Phase powered by an impressive 80 amp cut draws. 41 and 40 amp cut draws fast. It comes with a solid 5 years warranty and it is the ideal power tool for any cutting operating system, making any project seems a lot easier.

“The Lotos LTP8000 plasma cutter has been with me in different job sites and every time I counted on it, this device has done exactly what was expected of it. I find it easy to operate and always I get what I want from it because it is such a fine plasma cutter.” – Henry Thompson  

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Everlast PowerPlasma


Do you want to have in your toolkit a reliable and efficient plasma cutter? Well, if you do then you should consider Everlast PowerPlasma plasma cutter taking in your home. This powerful plasma cutter comes with an adjustable Post Flow that allows you to control around by up to 60 seconds in order to improve with greater precision the whole process. The model has a front air pressure adjustment system that allows you to control the pressure. It is powered by a strong 50 AMP motor, keeping the 220 volt 5060 Hz for powerful cutting precision process, every time you need to.

“My work demanded that I invest in a plasma cutter and after careful consideration I decided to go for this one from Everlast. Since I have been working with it I have managed to cut through the thickest steel with precision making me acknowledge the fact that it is a top plasma cutter.” – Rob Carey

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