Best play vehicle reviews


Top play vehicles in 2018


There are many play vehicles that children absolutely love to use. Toddlers love to create stories by using different toys. As a result we took the liberty of analysing some of the most efficient play vehicles in order to help parents discover the ideal product. We attentively tested over 30 top rated play vehicles, designed to help little boys and girls play. After one week of quality testes we managed to draft the best play vehicle reviews on five specially selected models. A good play vehicle needs to enhance a little one’s creative nature and be easy to maneuver.


Mattel Matchbox Big Boots Dino Adventure Squad Vehicle


Best play vehicle reviewsSome toy vehicles offer hours and hours of fun and excitement. Parents need to determine which product should be given to their little bundle of joy. We recommend the Mattel Matchbox Big Boots Dino Adventure vehicle, a high quality toy every child will adore. The vehicle has enough room to hold different toys and a “vicious” T-Rex. Children can launch the dinosaur through the catapult. The vehicle has 6 big wheels with multiple fun uses! Children will use the toy in order to create great stories. It comes with a T-Rex figure and 4 Big Boots figures for hours and hours of fun!

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Mattel Matchbox Big Boots Blaze Brigade Fire Truck Vehicle


Most of the current best play vehicle reviews underline the great construction of the Mattel Matchbox Big Boots Blaze truck. Children will absolutely love this truck which includes different launching points, 3 firefighting figurines and also unique “water” projectiles. Designed for boys that want to play the hero, the fire truck from Mattelcreates an adventure with endless rescue situations. This special truck has an exclusive catapult which boys can use to shoot firefighters right in the middle of action. The toy can safely hold up to 12 figures at once, ideal for big rescue operations. Every firefighting mission becomes a real delight to any boy!

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Mega Blocks Caterpillar Large Dump Truck


top rated play vehicle in 2018 comes from Mega Blocks, the Caterpillar Large Dump Truck. This high quality toy is loved by thousands of boys that dream of becoming a big rig driver. The dump truck has a visible CAT logo which children will recognize right away. It features a spacious rear bin which safely tilts back and dumps various contents without any problems whatsoever. The toy is recommended for children between the ages of 1 to 5! With its vibrant colors and heavy duty construction, the Caterpillar truck can become the child’s new favorite toy. This toy is the ideal Christmas or birthday gift!

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Bruder Toys Caterpillar Track-Type Tractor


There are only a handful of products on the market today that captivate the child’s gaming needs. One of the best play vehicle in 2018 was released by Bruder Toys, the Caterpillar Track-Type tractor. Made in Germany this beautiful tractor is capable of handling big jobs, flaring up a boy’s dreams of becoming a pro builder. The device features a front blade that can be angled slightly to the left or right or raised up and down. Children will be able to use the tractor in order to move dirt or sand from one place to another. It has an authentic look that can fool even the keenest of eyes.

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Green Toys Recycling Truck


A good truck can help children play and set the basis for wonderful playtime experiences. This is why so many parents want to find the best play vehicle in 2018. Now, we recommend the Green Toys Recycling Truck, a very popular toy among young boys. This toy comes with side recycling chutes, rear door which opens and closes and a unique recycling bed that tilts back! It incorporates all the necessary things that make a truck unique and efficient. Boys can use this toy for outdoor and indoor play, covering any type of surfacewith ease. Parents should also know that the truck is made of 100% recycled milk cartons!

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