Best Plunge Router with Dust Collection Reviews



Whether you’re in it for the money or just for personal fulfillment, woodworking can turn into a profitable enterprise if you have the right tools and equipment. Individuals who want more than just a simple machine that can carry out basic woodworking tasks need the best plunge router to help them achieve perfection in carrying out their work. With a good plunge router, one is assured of getting professional results that should easily make their workshop a definite buzzword in the business. Investing in a good machine can also ensure optimal use of your materials and your woodworking talents, making you better at your craft one project at a time.


What to look for when buying a plunge router?


Unbeatable Efficiency and Power

Your router should allow you to work with superb efficiency while generating less waste in your workshop. This means the results you get should be what you expect, so every project represents true commitment to excellent craftsmanship in every angle or line. With a great-performing machine, your production capability gets higher. Most buyers prefer machines with larger cutting tables because of their greater cost efficiency compared to standard routers. You also want your router to provide reliable precision control of its components, so you can effectively avoid making errors in your projects.

The motor should be robust enough to guarantee exceptional performance and power.


Seamless Repeatability

Using a machine with awesome efficiency leads to capability to manage flawless repeatability. You may get orders for identical pieces at a single time, so the router you get should help you achieve that kind of objective effortlessly. You may do all the thinking and control, but the tool should do most of the work. Working to produce a large number of identical pieces can cause operator burn-out but with a good machine in the right hands, results are consistent and can pass the quality control standards of your customer.


Easy Handling/Operation

The operator of the plunge router should have significant training in the use of the device, but the unit itself should not really take a rocket scientist to run. This will allow the user to gain sufficient expertise in a brief period. The machine should be engineered with features that ensure ease of use, including a built-in Constant Response Circuitry that helps you maintain a constant speed during the entire routing process. A soft start feature provides better handling and a smoother transition.


DeWalt DW616PK Fixed Base Plunge Router Combo Kit


1.DEWALT DW616PK 1-3-4 Horsepower Fixed Base Plunge Router Combo KitOutfitted with a powerful 1 ¾ HP 11-amp motor, the DeWalt DW616PK has the capability to route through the toughest hardwoods smoothly. This is a heavy-duty machine with both fixed and plunge bases, for versatility and customized use. It is built with a micro-fine adjustment that gives you precise depth modifications in 1/64-inch increments coupled with vertical adjustability, which results in high levels of repeatable accuracy for working with a large number of pieces. The adjustable, tool-free steel motor cam lock lets you carry out depth adjustment and base changes quickly and with solid locking.

The quick release motor latches conveniently, giving you fast and easy motor kit removal for effortless changes of the bit and base. The clear Lexan sub-base offers visibility plus the ability to accommodate standard template guide bushings. The supplied sub-base concentricity gauge offers greater accuracy thanks to how it helps maintain the bit’s central position. The long, -eight-slot collets are self-releasing, which ensures dependable bit retention. The special detachable cord set and switch configuration helps ensure easy servicing of the device by keeping the switch in your left or right hand.

The over-molded rubber handles offer comfort and control of the well-balanced body. For even more durability, the switch is dust-sealed.

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Porter-Cable 895PK Fixed and Plunge Base


2.PORTER-CABLE 895PK 12 Amp 2-1-4-Horsepower Fixed and Plunge BaseBuilt with a powerful 12-amp motor, the PORTER-CABLE 895PK is able to maintain motor speed even through the toughest applications thanks to the full-time electronic feedback. Made with a user-friendly design, the low-noise 2.25 HP motor ensures superior results. The onboard variable-speed control feature lets you select the bit speed that goes with the specific application, with options ranging between 10,000 to 23,000 RPM. The router also features a dust collection insert that helps keep the workspace clean while improving visibility.

The plunge base is geared with machined brass bushings plus steel guide rods that ensure a smooth, streamlined plunge stroke. The plunge base is also outfitted with through-the-column dust collection that provides reliably efficient dust removal along with better bit and cut-line visibility. Bit replacements can be carried out with one hand for greater convenience. The bypass control enables larger adjustments. The easy-to-use knob manages the tiniest, closest alterations with greater precision in 1/128-inch increments.

The PORTER-CABLE 895PK is made of durable die-cast aluminum. Making height adjustments and releasing of the motor from above are easy. The unit works with most 690 and 890 router models. The depth rod features a six-position adjustable turret that enables repeated or stepped plunge cuts.

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Bosch 1619EVS Plunge Router


3.Bosch 3.25 HP Plunge RouterDefinitely one of the most hardworking Bosch plunge routers on the market, this model offers versatility and power to handle a variety of woodworking tasks. The Bosch – 3.25 HP Plunge Router is outfitted with a very capable 15-amp motor that provides variable speed control ranging between 8,000 and 25,000 RPM so you can get the bit speed you need to tackle any project effortlessly. The motor offers micro-fine adjustments with a plunge depth of 2 ½ inches. The two-inch sub-base opening accepts large bits. The 3 ¾-inch base opening allows you to do nearly any routing task with ease.

The plunge base is geared with a soft-grip handle while the fixed base features wooden handles, both of which enable you to experience better control and comfort during operations. This versatile machine boasts a robust aluminum construction that ensures durability and resilience against rust. The dust collection system prevents debris from getting into the most vital components of the router. The Bosch – 3.25 HP Plunge Router provides repeatable accuracy so you can work on multiple identical pieces without worrying about inconsistent parameters.

The Bosch – 3.25 HP Plunge Router’s motor has a soft-start feature that ensures less torque at the onset, so you can commence work on the center of the stock with smooth transitions to the selected speed.

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Keep in mind that you need an efficient machine like the DEWALT DW616PK 1-3/4 Horsepower Fixed Base Plunge Router Combo Kit or the PORTER-CABLE 895PK 12 Amp 2-1/4-Horsepower Fixed and Plunge Base to ensure reliable efficiency, consistent quality of work, and the seamless craftsmanship that your customers expect in every project.